The Truth About Domestic Violence Will Have You Rethinking If The Authorities Should Have Considered Zac Stacy A Threat And Protected Kristen Evans

By now we have all saw the video, where former NFL Player Zac Stacy horrifically abused his ex in front of their infant son, then ran from authorities. The former running back delivered several blows to Ms. Evans and slammed her into the television which fell on top of her. Zac was not done and at one point picked up his ex girl friend and mother of his child and slammed her down on a  baby “bouncy” seat that was for their son. The seat was destroyed when his victim was violently slammed down onto it. He didn’t even check to see if he had left her incapacitated, he fled the scene, according to reports he left the state.

Thank goodness Zac is now has been arrested and let’s hope he will be accountable for his crime. Yes, it is a crime to do what he did. The truth is, Kristen says she has been a victim of Zac for awhile now, with his abuse towards her becoming worst. She was even scared at times he would knock her unconscious….but remember this is the new mother of a baby, who speaks of being afraid the father of her child will knock her out and leave her unable to care for their infant son!

Today, it is being reported, even before this latest incident, Kristen Evans was already suffering abuse at the hands of Zac Stacy. Apparently weeks before he was caught on video delivering quite the thrashing to his ex, she reported to the police he hit her in the face with mail. Some people will be surprised that despite her reports, Zac Stacy was still free. Kristen had set up surveillance equipment in the hopes that she would catch Zac on video so she would have evidence to give to authorities to bolster her claims of ongoing abuse.

(Posted on YouTube by NBC News)

Kristen says in this video I have included in this post that she felt like she was falling through the cracks of the legal system in Florida. She feels like the state does not take domestic violence as serious as they should. Kristen also said that no one should have to live in fear of their life. And I would agree whole heartedly. Zac Stacy also went on the run, leaving Kristen to live for a time in fear that he may come back and kill her. I think that this video is very informative about this incident so I have put it here for anyone who may want to view it.

That is a very real fear that has some truth behind it. 40% of female murder victims are killed by intimate partners, so the truth is, there is a real danger involved in a woman being abused physically in a relationship. Remember, the last thing Zac did before he walked out of that house was slam Kristen into the baby furniture which I think was a blow so devastating he could assume he caused some serious damage to her.  Despite this predictable assumption he still left her alone with their infant son. He didn’t know if she was able to get up and care for him. I am very disturbed that people were not more outraged that the child was left with a mother who had just been tossed around her apartment like a rag doll.

This leads me to point out one of the “truths” of domestic violence. Violence will escalate overtime for many victims. Kristen Evans has made a video where she states that his abuse towards her had been escalating. According to her, he had started abusing her when she was pregnant. Domestic violence is a sad reality for women even when they are pregnant. And rather than leave, a woman will stay with her abuser even after she has given birth.

Kristen recorded her abuse in an effort to force the authorities to prosecute Zac Stacy. She believed that eventually he would kill her. When you watch the video, after slamming her that final time, he could have very well had of killed her. He left her there with their infant son, and he didn’t know if he had actually caused her severe damage.

“Escalation is often a glaring red flag that indicates a survivor’s life is at risk”, according to Their website has a lot of information about domestic violence and signs that the violence is escalating so that a victim will know when to get out of the situation before it becomes a relationship that turns deadly.

The Daily Mail, a popular new source, obtained police reports of domestic violence incidents that took place and were reported to the police in August and September, and Kristen speaks of at least three incidents she reported. Why was Mr. Stacy still able to assault Ms. Evans in this latest incident that was serious enough to send her to the hospital?

This is an ex football player, who was clearly in shape. What chance did his victim have against him? So she calls the police, but they do not apprehend him. According to the victim, the police did not take her complaints seriously, hence the reason Zac Stacy was still assaulting her months later. This is unacceptable.

The authorities should have considered this man a threat……don’t you think?

What are your thoughts?

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