The Curious Case Of Sidney Starr And 4 Reasons People May Have A Problem With Her

Sidney Starr is a beautiful woman. Beautiful women always get a lot of attention but there are many ways that a beautiful trans-woman would peak the curiosity of some people. Has anyone seen the viral story about Sidney Starr and Darius McCrary?

I’m confused, why are so many people up and arms about these two flirting and kissing in a video? I know in the past I have been hard on Sidney Starr and yes, she is yet another problematic person that has gone viral, but I feel she is misunderstood. Rather than just be a person desperate for attention, I also think Sidney is more complex than that, so I have made her a curious case.

Of course, even though no one asks me, I think I have an idea why some people may have a problem with Ms. Starr. Now remember these cases are just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own feel free to drop a comment. I am going to try to give four reasons that may explain some of the backlash. I’m curious who will agree with my opinions.

Unlike the people I have highlighted in the past I want to stress that trans-women are special to me because they are under attack and being murdered at alarming rates.

Sidney has a knack for keeping her name out there, so how about I help her out and give another narrative to her story? So if you are interested in reading my opinion of why some people may have a problem with the “Transgendered Diva”, Sidney, read on….

  1. She is beautiful.

So like I previously stated, a beautiful trans-woman can be threatening to men and other women. Trans-women are special, but women none the less so I’m not surprise that there is some tension. Women are often catty towards women who intimidate them. A beautiful woman intimidates some insecure women. I feel some women have a problem with Sidney, just because she is attractive. She wouldn’t be the first high profile women to get hate slung her way because she made them feel unattractive.

Some insecure men would also have a problem with how attractive Sidney is for fear that she would attract them. Some men feel threatened when they are attracted to trans-women for fear that this attraction makes them somehow gay. That’s not really how attraction works though.

A heterosexual man will be attracted to a trans-woman because she is triggering his attraction. Why? Because she is a woman and if a heterosexual man is attracted to her then he is heterosexual. But society has made some men question their sexuality to the point that some men are hostile if they are attracted to women such as Sidney Starr for fear they will be labeled anything other than “straight”.

You can agree or disagree but if you disagree leave a respectful comment explaining why? But I do have another reason…..

  1. She lied in the past.

When I say I have been hard on Sidney in the past, I mean I have called her out for being rather thirsty for attention and sometimes in the quest for attention Sidney has gone to some extreme measures and people will not be quick to forget it. Sidney once lied on the St. Louis rapper, Chingy and said they were in a relationship. The damage to Chingy’s reputation was devastating because he claims Sidney’s false allegations cost him his rap career as the industry closed him out due to Hip Hop not being ready to embrace a rapper who is considered gay. He says he lost a record deal and everything.

Sidney has admitted she lied. She has also expressed her remorse for lying on Chingy and says she is trying to change. That brings us to her latest situation with Darius. They both insist that they are just friends. Darius insists that he has a fiancé and is not in a relationship with Sidney, they are sleeping together.

So now some people are saying Sidney is lying about her relationship with Darius. It seems to me she can’t win for losing with the public. And its because she has told such a huge lie in the past.  Sidney says she is no longer that person. What do you all think? Does she deserve the benefit of the doubt?

  1. She can be extra.

Sidney can be a lot to handle. If you read any of my Baddies ATL recaps, you will see in the past that was my biggest critique of her. She does too much sometimes and it can be a big reason people have a problem with her. She can be a lot. We have seen her in more than a few beefs and situations that have left many to believe she is just drama.

But, Sidney also has shown us a sensitive side. She draws you in with her puppy dog eyes and you get to see her sensitive soul. I just wish that Sidney would calm down and realize that she doesn’t have to do so much. She is enough without all the desperate ploys for attention. She will not be overlooked because her personality will captivate even close minded people…..she has that certain something, and the potential to be a real star. She is extremely likable, until she starts over-talking, and acting out.

I suspect that when Sidney is acting out it comes from a place of insecurity, and every woman has her share of them. And that leads me to my final point I would like to say about Sidney…..

  1. She has kept going in the face of hate.

There is a lot of hate that is slung Sidney’s way, and some is simply because she is transsexual. Some people just do not understand that she is a woman just one in need of different considerations, but still a woman. And like it or not, she is keeping her name out there. She has been on reality shows and has recently done her round of videos promoting herself. People just hate that she is out in the world continuing to thrive.

I personally would like to encourage Sidney to continue to remain positive and open and honest. I hope she has truly turned away from lying on people and being overly dramatic for attention.  Please watch it in the comments, I will not suffer ignorant foolishness and if you happen to be bigoted against the Trans or Gay community this is not the post for you to comment on.

If Sidney has turned over a new leaf, are you willing to give her a chance? Either way seems to me Sidney Starr is here to stay.

What are your thoughts?

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