When This Woman Speaks About The Allegations FTN Bae Is Making About OTF Doodie Lo Abusing Her Five Year Old Son, What If She Lied?

Recently female rapper FTN Bae made some strong allegations against her ex-boyfriend who is rapper OTF Doodie Lo. These allegations are coming out at the worst possible time for Doodie Lo who is set to release an album soon. But FTN Bae says she wants to tell everyone what has happened.

She alleges that her five year old son told her that Doodie Lo sexually abused him. The story about the horrific allegations has gone viral with several videos painting a certain narrative. Here is one of the videos where she speaks about her anguish from finding out about the unbelievable abuse she claims happened to her son. She seems genuinely distressed. She also details the abuse and suffering she claims her son endured……

(Posted on YouTube by 4thQuarterTV)

There was also a video of her son crying while she asks him to tell his story of what happened to him. Initially, because her allegations were so shocking and the fact no one wants to hear a child cry telling such a story, public opinion was going in a negative way towards OTF Doodie Lo.

I would like to point out; it disturbs me that despite not having hardcore evidence, many believed FTN Bae. She never produced evidence that a doctor verified the abuse. She never showed proof that she went to the police either. She insists that she took him to the hospital and made a police report but we only have her word. That does not mean she is lying but maybe the rush to condemn is not justified.

But more than anything I do believe that her son was abused. That does not mean I believe Doodie Lo did it automatically, just because he is the one being accused. I feel there is so much conflicting “evidence” with much of it being speculative. And when we are talking about abuse of a child, I want to be sure the appropriate person receives their just due.

Well after the allegations came out, Doodie Lo began releasing text messages that some say prove that FTN Bae was still in contact with him despite her alleging he was abusing her son. There was also a video released of her in conflict with another of her ex-boyfriends which some say proves she is vindictive towards her ex. This is relevant because some people are saying her motivation for lying about the abuse is getting revenge on Doodie Lo for no longer wanting to be in a relationship with her.

The allegation of the abuse of the child is one that Doodie Lo not only denies, but he has procured a lawyer to help him combat the backlash. He says he has been harassed due to the allegations which he says is untrue. He called in and had a interview with on the YouTube Channel “ISSMOKEHIPHOP LIVE” where he professes his innocence and gives us some interesting insight that may sway public opinion towards him being innocent. If you didn’t catch the interview, no worries, you know I go your back! Here it is…..

(Posted on YouTube by IsmokeHiphop Live)

So after hearing Doodie Lo, some people are now questioning the credibility of FTN Bae. I must admit…..she gets the side eye for not bugging the authorities to arrest her son’s attacker, since she claims it is Doodie Lo.

I think because of the lack of medical evidence, because if what is alleged to have happened would have some, and the lack of police intervention, I will have to say the allegations seem baseless. The internet is not the police, but she ran to social media to plead her case. This gives me pause and has made me want to reserve my final judgment until more information comes out.

But I would like to say if FTN Bae is lying, then her son should be removed from her care. It is alleged that the videos posted where the boy is telling his side of the story are actually evidence of her coaching the boy to lie. If that is true the she is an abusive mother for sure. As far as Doodie Lo he should pursue all avenues to clear his name. He says he is willing to take a lie detector test. Is she willing to do the same?

And, if FTN Bae is telling the truth, I hope they put OTF Doodie under the jail. This is a mess.

Either way this child will be affected if the allegations are true or false. So let’s hope he gets some help with this because his personal business is out there for the world to see. I think it was inappropriate to do that.

What do you guys think?

What are your thoughts?

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OTF Rapper Doodie Lo Produces Video To Contest Sexually Abusing Ex-Girlfriend’s Five-Year-Old Son – AllHipHop

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