Speak Up! Today Women Are Marching Across The Country In Protest Of Texas Abortion Laws; Are You Aware Of The Marches In Support Of Reproductive Rights?

Today, all across the United States people are marching in support of reproductive right women in the United States. Recently, especially in states like Texas, abortion laws have come under heavy scrutiny. Many people feel the wave of laws limiting women’s rights to abortion are a threat to abortion rights for women. Did you know that women were marching today?

Well I may not be there in body, but this post is me offering support to women today because I know how hard it is to protest against injustices, and yes, I believe that no woman should be forced to give birth to a child that was conceived from incest or sexual assault, and law makers shouldn’t force her to. The law in Texas limits abortion after the fetal heartbeat is detected…..this is a time when MOST women do not even suspect they are pregnant. So because the window is so narrow, many women in Texas will lose the legal right to abortion.

In Washington D.C. there will be a march that will go from the U.S. Capitol all the way to the Supreme Court. In a couple of months the justices will be hearing a ground breaking case from the State of Mississippi that is hailed as a threat to the famous abortion court case, Roe v. Wade, and in protest of the Texas abortion law limiting the time frame of women to seek an abortion.

Here is the thing, abortion has been legalized. Putting such restrictive measures in place is a way of getting around the law because so many women will be restricted from abortions. This could lead to a loss of life as some women will become desperate and do horrible things to abort a child when they could in fact have a safe and legal abortion as they have previously done before the restriction was put in place.

One could make the assumption that lawmakers know they can’t full out ban abortions so they are making it as difficult as possible thereby getting the results they want legally. So once again, women are protesting for reproductive rights in America.

So while many thought women would take the assaults against out rights lying down, we are speaking out. So were you aware of the marches?

What are your thoughts?

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Reproductive rights marches: What you need to know about the ‘Rally for Abortion Justice’ – CNN

Texas bill limiting abortion-inducing pills nearly law | The Texas Tribune

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