Recap Of Food Wars 食糧戦争(Shokugeki no Soma): Season 1 Episode One “The Vast Wasteland”

I’m back to delight my Anime fans with a favorite of mine. Are you a fan of “Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma”? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season one. But if you haven’t started watching the first episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode One: “The Vast Wasteland”

The episode starts at the diner called, “Yukihira Japanese Eatery” with a fifteen year old third year middle school student named, Soma out back cooking on a small pot. He is apparently putting two disgusting ingredients together, squid tentacles and peanut butter, and tasting them. It seems he is on a mission to find the most gross tasting flavor combinations, and in this case he rocked it out….the end result is to his liking or should I say, his disliking.

His dad who is the owner, Joichiro, calls out to him that his friend has arrived at the diner. What happens next, Soma and enters the eatery and he and his father, Joichiro engage in an intense cook off battle to the delight to all the bystanders at the diner who are completely enthralled with the nights events as Soma and Joichiro do their thing.

Soma’s friend Mayu is the judge so when they are done they both invite her to taste their food. She has an orgasm when she bites into the rice. After a short deliberation, she picks Joichiro’s rice and no one is surprised because while Soma can cook he has never been able to beat his dad in a food competition at the diner, Joichiro is just that good. The crowd applauds both efforts but Soma is pissed because for all the praise he receives he can never beat his dad, and Joichiro gloats and playfully taunts his son’s loss to him saying he Soma still has some learning to do since he has lost to him almost 500 times!.

The patrons are eating while they go back on forth, and they are all enjoying the food…..having orgasms actually so yeah, they are, REALLY enjoying the food.

Mayu tires to comfort an upset Soma by insisting that his food was just a delicious but his dad had the edge. He asks her if she would like to try a brand new dish he created that day. She excitedly agrees only for him to tell her what it is, she tries to back away but he pops the disgusting squid and peanut butter combo into her mouth. She screams and cries because the taste is so gross. It is so offensive to her it’s like her body is being assaulted.

Soma is delighted he has Mayu shivering on the floor from the horrible taste of the food, but Joichiro brags that he has made worst, dried sardines with pureed strawberry jam….


And they begin to argue who has made the worst dishes ever, lol.


Soma is at the diner serving the customers, while Joichiro is cooking up the food. The patrons are leaving the diner full and satisfied. We see a woman in sunglasses roll down the window in a car parked outside, to listen to the patrons exit the establishment singing the praises of the food.

Back inside….

The diner is empty now and Soma is winding down for the night daydreaming about getting better so he can finally beat his dad in one of their cook off battles. The father and son duo is cleaning the restaurant and preparing for closing, when one last customer comes in. Soma is excited to serve one last customer until he recognizes who it is. It’s the lady, Yaeko, who was standing outside and she has a few of mean looking “flunkies” in black suits and sunglasses accompanying her.

Yaeko sarcastically apologizes for coming in while they were about to close. She takes off her sunglasses tells Soma it is good to see him again and pushes her cleavage out and more in his face and asks if he remembers her. Rather than be excited by her display, he is annoyed she has showed up to the diner, because she has been trying to force them to sell to her so she can put an upscale establishment in the place of the diner. But Soma and Joichiro have been refusing to sell despite her harassment.

Soma flatly tells her the specials of the day and asks her if she wants to order, but she tells him what she is really there for to get him to sell. He rejects her offer so she leaves her card in case he changes his mind. She says she understands that small business have it hard these days, she claims it is rough for businesses like the diner. But Soma lets her know their business is thriving and not in any trouble.

He assures her at Yukihira they give the customer what they want. Yaeko asks him, what if you couldn’t give the customer what they wanted. Soma said if that would happen he would then shut down the restaurant for good and then tosses her business card into the fire. All the while Joichiro stays in the kitchen working with his back, refusing to even acknowledge Yaeko and her men in black suits.

Yaeko ask him if she could take him at his word, and then says she will be back when he says yes. The father and son then scatter salt to rid the restaurant of her evil presence, lol.

The next day…

Soma leaves school, and goes and buys some breakfast items for the restaurant. Joichiro calls him while he is walking to the restaurant and tells him he is going on an errand but won’t tell him why or where. He says he will be gone for 24 hours so not to bother opening the restaurant, and Soma reluctantly agrees.

Out of the blue he asks Soma what his plans the school year. Soma says to practice cooking with him at the diner, and Joichiro abruptly says, “I see” and hangs up on him and Soma what “errand” could make his dad close the diner…..

Soma arrives at the closed diner and it has been completely vandalized and ALL of the meat has been destroyed as well as the rest of the food. The outside sign is drenched and dripping in white paint. He is devastated.

On cue, Yaeko arrives to gloat saying the diner looks better than it did yesterday. She says she is in the mood for a big juicy steak. She walks into the diner with her flunkies following her, and sits down and smugly orders “A thick and juicy cut of meat.” She then gloats because she knows there is no meat and now Soma will have to keep her word and close the diner for good. She laughs hysterically reminding him he will have to clear out the restaurant.

Good plan, but Soma isn’t having it. He tells her he will cook her a dish like she requested but she protests reminding him it has to be made with meat……she knows she secretly destroyed all the meat in the restaurant. Soma tells her that he will make a meat dish……and when he does she will never come back to the restaurant again.

He begins dicing, chopping and cooking up a storm while Yaeko and her flunkies look on in amazement. Yaeko says she ordered a meat dish…..well her flunkies didn’t destroy the bacon that Soma had in his bag he uses it and he gives her a plate with what appears to have a pork roast on it.

Soma used the bacon to wrap some potatoes and make a “pseudo pork roast” that looks and smells so good, Yaeko and her group of men in black are truly astonished.

First he steamed the potatoes and once they were soft, he added mushrooms to soak up the fat. Then he added diced onion and wrapped in thick cut bacon and slowly cooked it in the oven until the bacon was crispy and the potatoes soaked up the pork flavor to make it like a pork roast. The cooking process made it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. He came up with the idea by mistake when he messed up an order causing the meat juices to run into the potato salad, resulting into a tasty meal.

Yaeko has a problem with the dish because she told him to make a meat dish not serve her potatoes, but technically it is a meat dish. She can resist the appetizing smell and takes a bite. She immediately has a food orgasm. The dish came from his failure.

Yaeko can’t stop eating.

She goes to take another bite put Soma takes the plate away. She has to promise to not come after the diner again in order to keep eating. She refuses, so he goes to throw the food away but she stops him with her repeated promises. She immediately begs him and promises not to bother the diner again. He gives the plate to she and her flunkies and they all have an explosive group orgasm.


The next day…

Soma vows not to let the diner close so Joichiro comes home to find Soma cleaning up the mess left by Yaeko and her flunkies by  scrubbing the diner’s outside sign while balancing on a ladder.

He wants to know what happened to the diner. Soma brushes off the mess by saying it was done by rude customers while he happily scrubs…..Joichiro drops a bombshell. He is closing the shop for a couple of years.

Soma is so surprised he falls off the ladder.

Joichiro says he will come back and open the diner again, but he needs to apologize to his regulars, but Soma feels he needs an apology because the diner was where he was honing his skills as an upcoming chef. But Joichiro says he will be busy working at an upscale restaurant as a favor for a friend for the time being and won’t be available……Soma is doubly surprised. Joichiro is leaving a soon as he can get packed. He says he will send money for expenses. Soma is devastated, he doesn’t want to lose the diner or his dad.

But his dad wants him to leave too, and come back when he has learned what he is made of.


We next see Soma walking with a map to a location for an Entrance exam to get into a cooking school and he is very displeased. He doesn’t understand why he needs to go to a cooking school. His dad seems to think this will be good practice for him, but he doesn’t.

He doesn’t need a bunch of has been’s blabbering about nothing, he was getting the best experience cooking with his dad at the diner, he muses as he looks for the location of the exam.

But as he walks along he sees students on their knees crying and shaking in despair. He sees a desperate wealthy father on his knees begging to pay a school official any amount of money, if they would just not expel his child….

And that’s when Soma notices the sign,” Educational Institute Tohtsuki Fine Dining Academy”. He listens to a voice message from his dad explaining that this was one of the best culinary schools in Japan and was highly elite with less than ten percent of the students going on to graduate”……Soma’s mouth hangs open as he listens and begins to understand, and he is speechless….

What has he gotten himself into? Well check back soon for the recap of episode two! Bye! See you soon…..

What are your thoughts?

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