The Curious Case Of Coi Leray And 4 Reasons People May Have A Problem With Her

There are a lot of women rappers flooding the Hip Hop scene, but there are a few that have stepped out of the pack. One that has been getting a lot of attention is the lovely Coi Leray and despite being one of the hottest female rappers out here, she gets a whole lot of hate. This is something that makes me sad because this is a young woman who has yet to reach her full potential and it seems like a whole lot of women want to see her fail.

Of course, even though no one asks me, I think I have an idea why some women may have a problem with the rapper. Now remember these cases are just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own feel free to drop a comment. So if you want to read my opinion of why some people may have a problem with her, read on….

  1. She didn’t use her familial connection, yet she is in the industry.

Breaking into the music industry has never been easy to do. Historically if you have someone who you are related to already who is well known in the industry some artists will use that connection to help bring them into the industry. I mean you don’t have to be in the music industry to “call in a favor” or ask a relative to help you get a position in the company they work for.

But Coi separated herself from her close relative that was already established in Hip Hop before she was even born. Her father is Benzino who is a rapper himself and is well known for being the former owner of Source Magazine, and appearing on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Coi has chosen to try to further her career

But despite not riding the coat tail of her father’s fame, Coi Leray seems to have secured a spot in Hip Hop. I’m sure in a society where women often use who their know to their advantage, and I’m sure there are a lot of women like myself who respect the desire to make it off your own merit, it has to annoy some women that she flaunts her independence from nepotism. Coi was already an up and coming rapper when it finally became known that Benzino was her father when that would have been a way some women would have got onto the scene.

Just my opinion and it’s not my only on so let’s move on to another…..

  1. She seems to be booked and busy.

Even though Coi is not the most well known female rapper, she seems to be everywhere the other female rappers are, doing the same things the other female rappers are doing. Coi recently went viral for appearing in a scandalous outfit for “Fashion Week”. She also has gotten a lot of publicity for many other high profile public appearances. It can be said that a lot of people may not know her music, but they can recognize her face because she stays being discussed.

In my opinion, it can get under some people’s skin that Coi is often spotted I the same venues that it took other rappers years to be invited to. But Coi is that “it” girl and continues to do shows and show up at events. I mean that’s what she needs to do to keep herself out there, but her detractors act like they are irritated by seeing her. I say do your thing, Coi while people are still interested enough to support, but what do I know? It’s just opinions, and of course I have a couple more so keep reading…..

  1. She embraces her slender frame.

With so many female rappers being curvaceous, Leray has been criticized for her small body size and her critics often compare her to other female rappers who in some cases have turned to cosmetic means to get those curves. This is something that Coi hasent don’t even though she is dragged and harassed in social media for not having huge breasts and a huge butt.

There are many that have succumb to the pressures placed on women in the industry and it is admirable to me that Coi refuses to bow to that pressure. This is no critique of cosmetic procedures or surgeries, this post is actually a celebration of self love. So many women struggle with body image and it doesn’t help that more than ever women are bombarded with messages that urge them to strive to meet a specific body standard. This standard is often unobtainable to most.

But rather than be on the heavier side, Coi is lighter and she has been bullied for her size. The fact that she remains in her natural body is seemingly offensive to some people who wrongly deem her body their business or concern. I personally think Coi has a nice body and the confidence to sport it.

And that leads me into my final opinion……..

  1. She has kept going in the face of hate

Coi has at times been welcomed as a new artist and at other times her talent has come under immense criticism for her music. What I like most about this young lady is she keeps going and keeps striving to elevate herself in spite of those that would like to see her fail. This should be seen as inspirational to some, but there are those who are pushing for her to quit. I hope she keeps going so I’m putting out some energy that may keep the good times going for Coi Leray……

So while you may have thought by the title of this post I was going to down this young lady as she rises, I had no intention of riding the Coi Leray “hate train”. I think she is refreshing……will she stay interesting, challenging and trend setting, only time will tell, but I for one wish her future success…..why wouldn’t I?

What are your thoughts?

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