Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Two: “Get Your House In Order”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the second episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Two: “Get Your House In Order”

The episode starts where it left off last week with Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz rushing into the bedroom where those demon sisters are, yelling that the sisters really did call some dudes to the hotel for them, and she tries to charge the sisters who she insists are lying on her.

Chance orders Rollie out of the room and she leaves partially because security is pushing her out, but the b.s. most certainly continues, lol.

Chance says that Rollie busting into the room scared him and he insists that he was about to have a heart attack. He insists he is looking for “love not a thug”, despite picking this group of misfits. Yeah, right Chance, we believe you, but notice at this point the two sisters are standing on the bed…why? They have no home training, who the heck comes to someone’s house that all these girls claim is so nice, and stands on the dog gone bed?

Have some class ladies…and I use that term very loosely.

Gabriella tells Chance, “It’s hard to love when you have a “psychotic b***h here”, referring to Rollie being in the house.

Ma’am may I remind you…YOU ARE STILL STANDING ON THE BED…I’m failing to see why the hell these two demon sisters think they are such hot stuff? Yes, I could see some dudes are really blowing smoke up their entitled behinds because their attitudes are out of control. Gabriella is entirely too old, and too big to be standing on anybody’s bed as if she wouldn’t break it.

This ain’t fat shaming either.

I happen to think she has a lot of things going for her, but she definitely uses her weight to push people around, and its anything but attractive. It’s like that girth is her weapon. I just wish she and her sister would sit down. I’m getting annoyed, beds aren’t cheap…

Gabriella says Rollie is old news and she wants Chance to get her out…

Chance says he is going to tell Rollie to calm down or she has to go. He finds her sitting in the corner tussling putting the wig back on…


Rollie reminds Chance that on last season he didn’t believe her when she tried to tell him about the girls on the first season….and she was right. She insists this time she is telling the truth. But here is what I want to know…

Why the hell is Rollie eating fried chicken wings while she insists, she has been wronged and is innocent? Are we supposed to take her serious? Are we supposed to take any of this seriously? Or is this a joke and we all laugh? I’m confused, why is Rollie eating chicken?


Chance says he trusts Rollie and he knows Rollie wouldn’t be starting mess I the house for no good reason and Rollie tells Chance that Gabriella pushed her onto the floor. Micah asks, “Now how is that possible?”

He, he… basically Micah is here to clown, right?

Rollie says, “That b***h is fat too, she ain’t f*****g  skinny!”

Did anyone else howl? Because I was rolling in the bed laughing because it was so ridiculous…..

Why does Rollie want to go out like this? Mind you, she is still munching on the chicken….I can’t.

Chance says he going to go to the other girls and sort this all out, but before he leaves he instructs Rollie to eat the rest of her chicken and her snacks and he shows her bags of chips, “eat your snacks”, he tells her. Micah says, “He making sure you eat, but are you going to make sure he eats?”

Rollie tells him, “He gonna eat this p***y that’s what he is going to eat, night night!”


This show is bananas, for real.

The two demon sisters are finally off of the beds lamenting on how the house is too much for them….

Well then leave!

But they have no intentions on leaving or behaving…..they actually plan on being the two bullies of the house and I am annoyed…..if this is how you two want to go out? So be it, but let me warn you, I don’t like bullies so you about to feel my wrath……you are triggering me with the B.S., stop it.


Chance asks Charisse, “How did you end up getting your nail broke?” She says she was trying to help Rollie by passing her the wig and she just started coming at her saying that she has “Botox p***y”……

What the heck is “Botox p***y”, yawl? Leave me a comment….can you really put Botox in vagina? Why in the hell would a woman do that?



We next see Rollie talking to the other girls, because she has been separated from the Charisse and the sisters, about what just happened….but she is wigless again. Rollie, why the hell is your wig off, why are you just twirling it in your hands while you gossip about those demons that you insist are lying?


She tells the other girls it’s not over between her and the sisters because they jumped her and the other girls are surprised. But despite being jumped Rollie tells the girls she beat up the sisters.

Diamond says the sisters had it coming.

Rollie says the sisters were out with the dudes so they were worried that Rollie would expose them so the sisters were trying to suck up to her all day saying they loved her because she was the “Queen of the show”, but now they are being disrespectful. She says they are clout casing, basically and they are mad with her for letting Chance know that.


Even though nobody asked her, Meeko is saying the sisters got to go. Rollie goes on and on about the sisters and how they are hoes.

Charisse is in the kitchen with the sisters and a few other girls, and they can hear Rollie talking with the others. Basically, the house is starting to divide. Now remember, yawl coo coo birds just got there. You don’t even know each other, so why clique up? And if you really here for Chance, why be so invested in another girl who is competition? It’s stupid, but okay.

Charisse starts throwing fried chicken from the kitchen, into the living room in Rollie’s direction.

Really, so yawl already about to act like some punks and throw objects instead of running up? Sigh, so these are the women you pick Chance.

Security rushes in, because the other girls are upset, as anyone would be. If you throw something, and it hits me instead of the intended target……ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. You have been warned, and I’m not even a fighter! But I have this rule, my body is all I got. You may not value it but I do. So, if you value your own body….leave me alone, ya dig? So I wasn’t surprised some of the other girls were pissed. Louisa who seems very chill, was the main one aggravated. Don’t mess with humble people, we don’t play with disrespectful people because they always mistake our humbleness for a weakness. Humble is a choice, idiots.

Charisse who is very assured that the big ole security guards have her back is sitting prettily talking mess when the girls from the living room come into the kitchen upset that she is throwing chicken.

So, this is what you like Chance huh?


I bet Micah was cracking up. You really should of let Micah pick at least three of the girls…..not Jackie Long or Michael Blackson because they was getting their clown on….but yes Micah would of done better. I mean it doesn’t make you classy to throw objects instead of hands and then be protected by security and still antagonize the situation.

This is crazy.

There are ladies standing watching as some of the ladies really show out…..well this is what the casting call was for right? Not women looking for love….but ladies looking to make their unforgettable mark and maybe be the next Joseline Hernandez, Natalie Nunn or Tiffany Pollard…..well say so then and stop with the fake love search, ha!

Well how good did they do with the cast? Let’s grab some popcorn, piping hot tea, or Hot Cheetos, because we have some breakouts amongst the pack of eighteen who did the absolute most, don’t believe me keep reading……

The drama in the kitchen that takes over MOST of the show…..

Tokyo says Rollie is her “dog” so she is the main one screaming at Charisse in defense of Rollie. Didn’t you all just meet, but okay. The sisters are screaming at them too….I couldn’t really tell much so I can’t really tell what the heck was going on most of the time.

Side note…..HEY ZEUS, what is up with production?

It’s like you have given up on hiding the mics, cameras, and anything else the viewing public should not see, why is that? It’s a hassle because there is a lot to take in with all the fighting, and the editing needs to be improved, just in case you wanted some critiques from someone who cares…..I’m helping you with some free help, so send me some subscribers……but back to this recap, whew!

There is a lot of yelling and then things begin to be thrown again. Gabriella throws something at Rollie who throws something back. That gets items to flying……And remember there are eighteen girls, production and security all crammed into the kitchen and that is an extremely unsafe situation going on.

Notice I never really mention Maria, who it seems is just there to back up her sister. With all the items being thrown by various girls back and forth, in the melee, Tokyo gets hit in the face with a glass bowl throw by Gabriella.


Several girls have to be restrained by security because the situation is escalating with liquor, glass and candles being thrown by various girls. Tokyo’s boobs even come out of her shirt at one point during the tussle.

And side note again…..wasn’t one of the security guards a contestant on Tokyo Toni’s show where she was finding love? I swear this network…..never mind back to the recap, lol.

Sonya tells Gabriella that she should just have squared up with the Tokyo, but of course Gabriella stays put beside her sister, and behind security…..

Mind you, there are girls who are not in the altercation who are getting things thrown at them just because there is literally a bunch of people in the way… why throw things?

Rollie is screaming out obscenities and Yodela says in her confessional that she wishes Rollie would just be quiet because this is her second chance….but obviously Rollie is here for her moment. And I hope she gets something out of this because I like Rollie, but this is a mess…..

The arguing goes on, and on, and on…..Rollie wants to fight, the sisters want to stay behind security and yell, so it continues. I was so irritated….THROW HANDS ALREADY OR SHUT IT.

Tokyo points at Gabriella and vows to beat her ass. Security has her I a bear hug to keep her from crossing over to the side where the demon sisters sit running their hands threw their wigs while she screams her threats….. they are completely unbothered because security go this, lol.

Really Chance, this is your type? And they hail from New York too so I thought they would give us that East Coast confidence……but it’s so sad they need each other to be bullies…..dam New York, this is corny.

Chance comes down and says he was trying to roll a blunt when the commotion made him run down to see what was going on. Some of the girls start screaming their sides of the story…..this is a mess.

Security is trying to get the girls to be quiet… o avail, lol. So the melee continues.

Chance asks Gabriella why she threw the glass bowl she says she is sorry it hit Tokyo but she didn’t mean for it to hit her. Chance says somebody is going to have to go right now. He says he needs peace and if another glass is thrown the girls will have to go because that is cowardly behavior…..well excuse me did you forget, YOU PICKED THEM? He says he needs everybody to be kept safe so the behaviors they are doing need to stop.

He says he was trying to roll a blunt so he could find names to call the girls for the naming ceremony that was supposed to take place that night, but there is too much going on right now.

He ordered to women to their rooms so he could get the house cleaned up and think about what just took place.

The ladies start to disperse but Tokyo is still upset threatening to beat up Gabriella, so Chance goes to see what she is yelling about. Chance assures her that there won’t be any more throwing due to her being hit in the face. He says one more incident and girls will have to leave that night, but Tokyo wants Gabriella gone immediately and could you blame her?

Tokyo figures both of the sisters may as well go home, due to them being a package deal, and I would agree.

Chance wants to think about things and says if he is disturbed one more time he is sending at least three girls home. Stormi tells Chance that the sisters should be made to leave for the glass throwing. He tells her, “You just mad at me for calling you bird’s nest”

And once again he disrespects her choice to rock her natural hair, but I like the way she stood up for herself, good for you Stormi. You look beautiful no matter what is said, and your hair is gorgeous. Chance basically wants the ladies to know its only jokes. But Stormi doesn’t think him dissing her is funny and neither do I. Its childish especially when he has the same type of hair that she does. But we all know Chance likes to joke around, but Stormi protests. He doesn’t like it because he expects her to laugh it off.


Chance goes upstairs with Micah. Chance doesn’t know if he wants to give the ladies names at the ceremony that night because of all the Chaos. Micah brings up that Rollie was smack dab I the middle of it all after being let back for a second season. Micah says she is a candidate to go. Excuse me Micah, what about the demon twins? What about Charisse throwing chicken, lol.


Chance wants to go to sleep for the night and name the women in the morning…..remember this is still the first day, all this happened when they were picking rooms, smdh.

Micah says before they go to bed they need to give the ladies the house rules…..

So they go outside and gather all the ladies to tell them the rules, I guess. He tells them due to their behavior he will ot be giving out names because he doesn’t want to be disrespectful because of the fowl mood their behavior has put him in.

He pointed out that half of them don’t seem to want or deserve to be there but, dude, YOU PICKED THEM.

He calls the sisters “Uno” and “Dos” lol. He calls them out for their behavior, and the fact that they feed off of each other because they have each other’s back. He calls out Rollie for having bogus evidence and acting out despite this being her second chance.

She interrupts him and Rollie she was attacked but when they roll the footage, she swung first….but back to the recap because that’s not neither here nor there…..


She also defended her evidence……we don’t care.

Chance calls Sonya, Meeko and Sashanna out for their shenanigans. Sonya starts talking to explain her side…..Chance’s reaction was hilarious….. “Hold up Mama you are coming at me kinda rough….”

Whoooooooop! I cracked up.

She says Sashanna came for Meeko so she had to back her daughter up……if you say so ma…..

Meeko says Sashanna has a bad attitude so she had to hold her own……Meeko do you have a bad attitude? I’m just wondering……

I just Sashanna stood up for herself against your hazing ma’am and your mama backed up the b.s……but carry on, lol. Micah calls Rosie out for going number two in his bathroom…..yuck, shut up Micah.

Micah accuses her of leaving stains, and I liked how she didn’t get offended and just laughed it off……okay Rosie, we see you.

She said she had to go pee and his was the first room she came across.

Chance instructs all the girls to stay away from Micah’s room……wonder why the girls always end up seeking it out, he is fine! But just like Chance he can take the joke too far, but I digress….

Chance calls Louisa out for being quiet……Well thank God she is, we get a chance to hear, lol. Louisa seems like she is there for Chance, but Micah doesn’t seem to think so.

Chance wants the girls to get along and show more each other more love. Charisse says she will show him more love not the girls. Micah thinks Charisse is “bougie”.

He calls Stormi “Nest” and they once again have a back and forth about her hair…..


He says he is not belittling her, but won’t let it go, DANG!

In the end, Chance lets the ladies know, there will not be a naming ceremony tonight they are all going to bed…..

The next day……

Dominique, Dani, Rosie and Diamond are all sitting outside talking about the night before. Charisse come outside with Nadia and they have cocktails in hand. They talk about how they are feeling so far. They ask Charisse about throwing the chicken at Rollie and she says that Rollie needed that for speaking about her vagina.

Diamond says she knows one of the guys that Rollie saw the demon sisters with and she confirms that the sisters are not there for Chance. Nadia thinks the sisters will be the first to be eliminated by Chance at the first elimination ceremony. Charisse asks if the women were excited to get their names at the upcoming naming ceremony….

Rosie is scared of what name Chance might give her because he booty is little, lol.


Sashanna, Khadijah, Louisa, Stoney, Maria, Gabriella and Yodela are playing what looks like Jumanji….they look like they are having a decent time.

The conversation goes onto how the girls are feeling about the previous night and they agree it was a lot. Stoney is upset about the liquor and things being thrown by Louisa who apologizes. I hope this is the last we hear of it because Stoney accepted.

Sashanna points out that most people would react to things being thrown and she direct this to Gabriella. The girls start telling her to calm down. Eventually she and Yodela go back and forth for a loooooooong while about nothing, with some of the girls being disrespectful to her calling her names because she is skinny. But if she were large, it would be body shamming and that’s not right. Women are beautiful in all shapes and colors, but I digress…..

It goes on so long all the girls wander off because Yodela and Sashanna don’t fight they just sit there arguing. Eventually only Louisa, Yodela and Sashanna are left. Yodela FINALLY decides to walk off too but she is arguing with Sashanna on her way out. Sashanna tells Yodela to go off to her minions. That prompted Yodela to call the other girls back into the room to argue with Sashanna again about being called minions!


After they all go back and forth calling each other names Yodela and her crew leave out the room.

Sashanna tries to get it started with Louisa but she is too chill for the ruckus like behaviors. She suggests they just go smoke instead of talk mess and that was that. I like Louisa don’t yawl? The episode was like a filler episode, not much happened but fighting.


So, all the girls are chilling, some are inside the kitchen, others are outside kicking back when Rollie claims she hears the sisters talking about her child. She comes into the house where they are with some of the other girls and starts throwing things at them.

Sigh. Here we go again!

Rollie picks up a chair and tries to throw it at the sisters but security grabs her first. Security is retraining Rollie and the episode ends.

So we will have to see what happens next week ……. What names do you think Chance will have for the girls at the naming ceremony?

What are your thoughts?

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