Blackground Records Releases A Commercial For An Upcoming Aaliyah Album And She Looks Like An Anime Character, Don’t You Think? (VIDEO)

It’s been twenty years since the world lost “The Princess of R&B” Aaliyah in a tragic airplane crash in the Bahamas. Immediately after her death the album “I Care 4 U” was released and we got new music from the fallen angel…..and while we did get music released posthumously, for a considerable time now, Aaliyah’s music has been mostly unavailable or difficult to find.

After years of blocking most of Aaliyah’s music her record label has finally decided to make her music widely available. Have you been missing the music of Aaliyah? Well Blackground Records, the record label she was signed to before she passed, has released a commercial teasing an upcoming Aaliyah album. I’m excited, because I am a big Aaliyah fan.

But what really surprised me was the commercial. Did you happen to see it? Well if you didn’t, no worries your girl got your back….

Here it is…..

(Posted on YouTube by Blackground Records 2.0)

Dope right? Aaliyah looks like she could be in a Hip Hop version of Anime right? This seems like something she would really have embraced. Do you miss Aaliyah, and her music? Will you be checking for a new Aaliyah project?

What are your thoughts?

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