When This Woman Speaks About The Time Wendy Williams Interviewed Aretha Franklin (Video)

Our prayers go out to Wendy Williams, who I feel is one of the most influential women of modern times, as she battles illness and some deep personal issues. Unfortunately, Wendy Williams has postponed the start of her new season of her popular talk show due to health reasons. It has me wanting to send her some genuine love and support. I have also gotten a little nostalgic. I must admit, I have been missing Wendy. Have you?

Wendy Williams is known for her nationally syndicated television show, but there was a time when she was the Queen of Talk Radio. So when she made the jump to television, there were those who wondered if she could make that transition work. Well nothing solidified her position as The Queen of All Media more than her infamous interviews.

Well let’s go back to spring of 2011, when Wendy Williams interviewed The Queen of Soul herself, the legendary, Aretha Franklin……

In this video we get to see why Wendy Williams is one of the greatest celebrity interviewers of all time. Over a decade ago, Wendy was healthy and on top of her game. We want to send her some love and remind everybody why the world tunes in to see Wendy…….remember this interview she did with one of the greatest singers of all time?

We get to see a Wendy that is full of energy, and prepared. She shows her quirky personality throughout the whole interview and it is a joy to watch. It’s Wendy at her best, so I decided to remind anyone who may of lost their minds and forgot who and what Wendy Williams brings to the entertainment world.

Over a two day span, March 2, and 3rd of 2011, The Wendy Williams Show aired a segment with Aretha Franklin and Wendy Williams having tea and girl talk at a hotel in Detroit. This interview is now an important recording of two infamous women, one who is no longer here. The other needs some good vibes to come her way, so come take a journey with me as we watch these women grace us with a moment in history…

(Posted on YouTube by World News)

So what did you think of the interview?

My favorite part was when Wendy asks for Ms. Franklin to sign her magazine, and Ms. Franklin acts like she is going to take it, lol. “Ms. Franklin don’t play”. I also like the shade when she told Wendy, “You get stupid”. Yes, Aretha Franklin could hang with the best of them, and Wendy is still the best, don’t get it twisted.

It felt good to go on a much needed stroll back down memory lane. I hope everyone has been keeping safe, by socially distancing, washing their hands and please continue to wear your masks. Wendy Williams has reportedly contracted a “: breakthrough” case of the Covid-19, which means she has the disease despite being vaccinated. So stay safe guys.

I hope she is getting a lot of rest and love. And just I case you need a little more Wendy Williams until she is back, here you go!

Muah! I hope you start to feel better, and that show can just wait until you do!

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