Zeus Network Has Released The Official Trailer For One Mo’ Chance: Season 2, Will You Be Watching The New Season? (Official Trailer Included)

So I just recently saw that Zeus Network has released the official trailer for the new season of One Mo’ Chance. Did you happen to catch it? Well if you didn’t, no worries, your girl got your back! Here it is……..

(Posted on YouTube by Zeus Network)

OMG, this season is going to be absolutely bananas! We have Mangina, Yummy, Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz, and Yodela returning for the new season, and of course Micah will be by Chance’s side. It seems like there will be sisters, a mother and daughter duo, and a bunch of crazy hotties….and we all know Chance likes them crazy!

So, you already know I’m a fan, so you know what this means…yes, if you will be watching, I will be recapping the show!

So leave a comment and tell me if you will be watching Season 2 and, will you be reading my recaps, because I will be watching every week and highlighting the antics. So, stay tuned for more, and thanks for the support.

The new season starts September 19, 2021…see you soon!

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One Mo’ Chance: Season 2 – Zeus (thezeusnetwork.com)

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