Recap Of Baddies ATL Reunion Part Two

I’m back to recap the reunion episodes of “Baddies ATL” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Baddies ATL fans you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the reunion episodes yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the reunion, part two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Baddies ATL Reunion Part Two

Tamar walked off from the reunion because of Sydney’s disrespectful behavior, she comes back and the two hosts explain that everyone will get a chance to talk that the ladies need to stop over talking each other…..Tamar and Jason say this while talking over each other, lol.

We finally get to see Mehgan James as Jason introduces her, despite Judi still trying to interrupt and steal the attention back, and Mehgan looks great. Tamar and Jason tell her she looks good, cause she does, and then Tamar what she has to say about this whole situation, meaning the reunion. Mehgan tells us she doesn’t care about anything she was really just drinking her drink and not paying attention to the reunion. She basically is unbothered, pretty much. When asked why she didn’t go to Sydney’s birthday party, Mehgan says she wasn’t really wanted there.

Jason points out that Judi and Sydney have on the same color and type of dress on for the reunion. He asked Mehgan if someone spit on you, the way Judi did Sydney would Mehgan forgive them…..that’s when Janelle interjects and lets us know that the night that we saw the scene where Judi spit on Sydney, the two slept in the same room and the SAME BED, that night……

Janelle tells us the beef between Sydney and Judi is fake in her opinion. Jason is over it. Tamar is confused. Sydney insists they are not friends and Judi actually locked her out the room that night. Jason wants to move over to discuss other guests and the storylines they had going on because he feels that Judi and Sydney are faking their beef for camera time.

Jason points out that Christina and Natalie had real beef. Sydney tries to interrupt and says she has real beef with Judi, but Jason thankfully shut her down. Finally! Somebody else will get some attention because we all know Sydney refuses to allow anyone to have any when she sees a camera. Judi also tries to interrupt to respond to Sydney but Jason also stops her while keeping the focus on Christina, whew!

Tamar asks Christina what sparked the beef between she and Natalie. Christina takes forever to answer so Jason tells production to roll the footage of how the fight between Christina and Natalie started, and finished in the Baddies house, over the guy doing Christina’s makeup then claiming she didn’t pay……

It’s stupid, but yes they revisited the fight over the glam, lol.

Christina says the fight took place because of the way Natalie was speaking to her and she couldn’t take it anymore so she punched her, and she will do it again. Tamar asks Natalie if she thought it was just a misunderstanding between she and Christina, and Jason mentions that Natalie called Christina a broke b****.

Natalie said she never had a problem with Christina but the makeup artist was very adamant that Christina did not pay him, so he wasn’t doing her makeup. She said she asked Christina if she paid the makeup artist. Natalie says it was Christina who started talking loud first and in her opinion that is what led to the fight.

They go on and on about the fight……and who did what to make the other person react. At some point Christina is standing while talking and the camera shows us that her feet are bare, but Christina seems to be more willing to talk, than she is ready to swing……she keeps talking to make her point……and Natalie keeps talking as well.

Tamar asks Natalie about a post she had on Instagram. I must admit I was going to type the post out, but its super duper long. It just goes to show how much energy was put into the wrong things. Rather that write a essay for the people on social media, Natalie and Christina should of talked things out.

Natalie says Christina said something about her child. Tamar and Jason both ask Christina if she said anything about Natalie’s daughter. Jason says that they have clip. It’s of Christina and she is ranting on social media about Natalie.

Yes, Christina threatens Natalie, and talks about her bad…..but doesn’t speak of her child.

When the clip ends, Natalie threatens to walk off the stage if production doesn’t lay the rest of the footage, where apparently Christina mentions her child……she walks off when no additional footage is cued up.

She leaves the reunion and Tamar asks Christina where she got the things she alleges in the video, such as Natalie is a prostitute in Dubai……Christina says it is common knowledge on the internet…..Seven says the rumor is on Google.

Tamar cant believe it.

Natalie says she doesn’t care and Christina is broke. She comes back to the stage still claiming Christina spoke about her daughter.  Natalie says she is mad. Tamar says. “well you should be because she accused you of cheating on your husband” and Natalie says she doesn’t care about that. She insists there is more to the audio……

When we finally hear what was said in regards to Natalie’s daughter? Christina said that Natalie’s daughter would not have anything to look up to in the future…….

That’s it. Giiiiirl!  This type of b.s. is the reason why this whole show needs to be revamped…..we just don’t care about the petty drama. They scream back and forth for a long while……

Christiana eventually apologizes to Natalie. She agrees to never bring up Natalie’s child again, all while Jason tries to tell Natalie not to accept the apology. Why? Because Christina brought up Natalie’s daughter.

Natalie says she doesn’t care what anyone is doing with their vaginas…..this is in response to the rumors that some of the Baddies may do certain things to fund their lifestyles……we don’t care, or believe it so move on…..Tanisha says she felt like Natalie was secretly sending her threatening emails…..Natalie denies this.

Tanisha seems genuinely hurt and seems to think that Natalie is not her real friend……

Tanisha feels where things went wrong for the decade long friendship is when she and Natalie were trying to come up with the concept of the show.

Jason asks why Judi feels she is on the level that Natalie and Tanisha is……of course Sydney cant wait to scream that she Judi isn’t.

Sigh…….this reunion is dragging along…….

Megan feels a lot of the girls are being fake. Mehgan says the girls are not expressing their true feelings. She said she heard rumors that people were going to be confronted at the reunion but she is seeing differently. Jason wants her to call out who said what so he can ask why they are not doing what they said they would do.

Sydney wants Christina to molly whop Janelle……when Jason insinuates he wants the girls to get more confrontational…..Tamar takes issue with the show being viewed boring because the women aren’t fighting.

Tamar says that Black women are capable of talking over their issues without fighting for the entertainment of others. Mehgan says that she just likes for people to be real. She goes back and forth with Mehgan who shuts down because she is not able to make her point……sigh……Tamar tries to make an inspirational speech about the growth the ladies were showing by not fighting. Sydney acts like she is going to rush Judi to fight her, but then turns to go back to her seat and is like. “I’m just joking”. Tamar walks off stage again in disgust.

Judi accuses Natalie of hating her. Jason asks why.

Judi starts crying and says Natalie belittles her. Natalie basically says Judi is exhausting and its lie babysitting. She goes into a tirade about just how annoying and tiring. It’s sad. Judi is an only child who lost her parents. She wanted the room change because of her anxiety……

I have to admit, Natalie did appear a little heartless right here!

When Jason points out that Judi felt nobody cared that she had anxiety and had lost her parents, Natalie jumps up. She is upset that Judi didn’t acknowledge all the things she did to assist Judi because she knew that she was going through a lot when her parents died. Natalie begins to scream at Judi all the things she did for her. Natalie says Judi is lying and playing victim……

Seven says this screaming tirade Natalie is directing towards Judi `is an example of what Judi means when she says that Natalie hates her. Seven says Judi isn’t going to stand up for herself so why is Natalie acting this way towards her. Natalie says she is sick of being lied on.

Judi begins to cry and Tanisha feels bad and runs to comfort her. Jason asks Natalie is the crying Judi doing just for sympathy…..

Well she lost her parents, I think the tears Judi is real. Tanisha comforts her while Natalie keeps saying, “Judi does a lot.”

Fast Forward>>>>>>>>>

Judi keeps asking Sydney for a hug…..but remember they have been fighting the whole reunion…’s strange.

When Judi starts smiling and having a side conversation with Natalie while Jason tries to transition into asking some other ladies questions……Jason calls her out for just weeping about Natalie hating her… now she is chumming it up with her.

Despite letting everyone else walk all over her, Judi tries to get big and bad with Jason who puts her promptly in her place ……

Judi once again calls Sydney a man.

Sydney gets up and throws a pillow at Judi.

Judi and Sydney start arguing again, but remember not even a few seconds before, Jud was asking Sydney to hug her. It’s dumb.

Tanisha asks Judi why it is so hard for her to accept Sydney is a woman. Judi back tracks of course and she does accept Sidney is a woman despite not even a few seconds before calling her a man. It’s stupid as hell.

Judi gets excited while reminding us that Sydney called Janelle a tranny…….

Basically the reunion dissolves into a free for all of side conversations and random talking.

Judi tells Jason he is fired. Jason tells her if he is fired whoever dressed her is fired too……lol.

Mehgan announces that Janelle is not “selling p***y”, for some reason, lol. There are rumors that some may be turning tricks in Dubai. We don’t care but for some reason it keeps getting brought up.

We find out despite having a bomb ass body, Janelle doesn’t even like to have sex…..

Tamar comes back. Jason has the Baddies each say a final thought.

Mehgan just wants all the girls to continue to be successful in whtever they chose to do.

Janelle feels like she didn’t get to resolve an issue she had for the reunion so she tells Christina whatever she said in her interview about her drug use if it upset her she wished Christina would of contacted her if she was upset by it. She doesn’t want their beef to drag out.

Side note, don’t we wish that instead of focusing on the stupidity between Judi and Sydney the hosts would have focused on Janelle more?

Christina is still upset about what Janelle said about her but they agree to let it go for now.

Judi wishes everybody the very best.

Sydney apologizes to Tamar for her disrespect. Tamar accepts the apology and says some kind words to Sydney. Sydney says all she wanted this whole time was an apology from Judi. Judi apologizes and they hug.

Seven says she got the positives for her is she made friends with Janelle who she is now close with. She wishes the ladies the best and she reminds the ladies that they all are crazy.

Christina says she knew she and Natalie would fight in the house and she is proud of herself for not fighting at the reunion.

Yes, I am proud that the Baddies did not fist fight at the reunion.

Tanisha is disappointed at the outcome of the show. She said it was difficult being an executive producer and it was she and Natalie’s first time producing a show. She says she has been dealing with backlash from the fans and this is a new position for her to be in too, being that she has always been a fan favorite. She ends it by saying she is proud of how the Baddies acted at the reunion.

Natalie says even if the show wasn’t what the fans wanted the girls delivered. She thnks the ladies for doing the show without having any sureties being that Zeus is a new network they all took a chance on each other.

She once again says to Christina she doesn’t have beef with her and she thanks her for her help. She tells thanks Mehgan for coming. She tells Judi she cares about her and they hug. She thanks Janelle and compliments her. And she tells Sydney that she kept her promise to her to make her a “Bad Girl”. She tells   Seven that she is a great mom. She says Tanisha is the sister she never had and she loves her. She tells the women she is sorry if she hurt ay of them. She tells the girls she would like to do another season of Baddies.

Sydney wants to know from the two hosts who their favorite Baddie is. Jason says whoever signs the check…

Jason thanks everyone for having him. Tamar thanks Jason because apparently he is the reason she decided to host the reunion. Tamar reminds the girls that if they are ever in a moment and it becomes too much for them they should seek help…..

And I will end the recap there. So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy the reunion? Will you be watching another season of Baddies?


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