Recap Of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 Episode Five: “The Rumor Mill”

I’m back to recap another episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season six.  But if you haven’t started watching the fifth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode five. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Five: “The Rumor Mill”

When the episode begins we see Ashley and Michael coming home from the hospital with their two day old newborn son named Dylan. Ashley says she was worried about bringing another baby home but once her baby was born all her apprehension melted away.

We next see a happy Dean sitting with his baby brother. I’m kinda annoyed that Michael wasn’t supporting the baby’s head so it was flopping about, but they all look happy enough. Dean has a big grin on his face. He kisses the baby…..aaaw that was soooooo sweet!


Mia and Her husband G take her kids on a picnic at the park. They all settle down with the younger kids playing with bubbles. Mia and her hubby pour them some wine and  Mia mentions her husband telling her she works too much and then she asks her older son if she works too much. He agrees with the husband and says yes she works too much sometimes. She asks him if he knows why she works so hard and he says, so we can live in a good house.


She tells him that it is not just about the house. She says she works hard so they do not have to long for the things she didn’t have growing up…..but Mia, you didn’t have a mother growing up. Wouldn’t it be a shame if that is how your children end up feeling?

I’m not being trying to be judgmental. I’m one of those mother’s who worked like the new slave on the plantation to give my children an existence only to be reminded that there were times I wasn’t there.

It’s a delicate balance. I think when there are two parents it should be easier for mothers to not have to work so much if they choose to. It’s difficult because women still have career goals but it something has to suffer you would rather it be your career than your children, right? Some mothers do not have a choice whether they will work or not. It’s either they work or their children, starve! But even if Mia has options, it is still understandable why she feels the need to be a hard worker and achieve so many material things for her family. But Mia does realize her children need her. She tells her children that although her mother did the best she could but she had a hard time being a mother to her.

I kinda can relate to Mia except I had a grandmother who tried to be there for me, not a mother who came and went, so I didn’t go into the foster care system, but still have a lot of mommy issues. But the difference is, my mother stayed in my life when she was on and off drugs, and I don’t remember a day as an adult my mother didn’t get drunk everyday……she just couldn’t be a sober parent. I forgive but it still haunts me and my relationships, its hard to be a good mother when you haven’t a clue what that is……you just do your best, but feel really bad when you mess up, because you don’t have a strong example. I get it.

Mia says her mother doesn’t have the mothering instinct and she is confused why. Mia, maybe her drug use interrupted that bond…..she mentions she invited her mother but despite being only twenty minutes away she couldn’t make it. Mia doesn’t understand why her mother is distant. Mia says her mom says she is that way because she feels Mia really doesn’t need her help.

Her husband G says that maybe it is because the mother sees a lot of Mia’s dad in her and that may be why she is distant. Mia’s mother apparently still has carrying a touch for her dad, declaring he is the only man she ever loved and here it is 36 years later!

OMG. Really?

Mia says she never had lunch with her mom so she invited her out and she hopes this will be their opportunity to get to know each other. Mia says she doesn’t understand her mother’s thought process; she is nothing like her mother. G tells her she should just be open to seeing where it goes, and I think that is great advice.

Mia has a lot of emotion in her eyes……you can tell it’s real. Sigh.


Candiace is packing her suitcases for the girl’s trip she planned with the other ladies and her husband Chris brings her a hot cup of I think, coffee. She is hosting a trip in Williamsburg, Virginia she says it is a great place for all the women to enjoy one another and maybe fuss….because that is what they do!


Chris reminds her when she comes back she has two music videos she is shooting. Candiace is grateful she had Chris for her “husbanger” so she doesn’t have to remember those types of things when she is trying to have a social life as well as go to school but it’s hard because he stays in manager mode.


Chris asks if Candiace invited Ashley, she uses the excuse that Ashley just had a baby and she doesn’t know if she is leaving the house. Chris says that Candiace should call and check on her……Candiace isn’t feeling that idea by the look on her face, Ha! Candiace tells him so sweetly, “Oh you are so nice…..”


Dylan is now a week old and Gizelle has come over to visit bringing a six pack of Coronas as a gift, he he!

Gizelle coos over the baby, because e let’s face it, he is adorable! Gizelle says her oldest daughter Grace was eighteen months when she brought home her twin daughters……could you imagine dealing with that? What a shock for everybody! Gizelle says Grace was sad about the twins for two weeks….but is mad to this day about their sudden appearance in her life, lol. Dean walks in accompanied by the nanny, and is happy to see his little brother of course.

Gizelle fills Ashley in on Candiace’s pajama party. In the middle of her gossip, little Dylan has an explosive bowel movement; you know the kind breastfeed babies have….lol. Ashley’s eyes get larger when she realizes she has poo on her hand from holding the baby…….

Gizelle is like, “Oh my God, I need to go……” She calls for help from the nanny.


When the nanny brings the baby back and hands him to Ashley freshly cleaned and swaddled, Gizelle and Ashley exchange stories of pooping while in labor with their babies…….


In her confessional a producer asks Gizelle if that was why she and Jamal divorced, because he witnessed her poop during delivery and it freaked him out. Gizelle laughs hysterically and says, “He couldn’t handle it. The man didn’t want to be with me anymore.”

Gizelle asks Ashley if she has been invited on Candiace’s girls trip…..Ashley is like, what trip?


In her confessional a producer asks Candiace who is rocking a fabulous turquoise head wrap, why didn’t she invite Ashley on the trip?

Candiace is like, “girl I forgot to invite Ashley. It just slipped my mind. My headwrap was too tight and I forgot”…..Lol.

Gizelle, being messy, invited Ashley on Candiace’s trip, lol.

Ashley is like, when is it. Gizelle says, next week. They both laugh. Now how the heck is a new mom, with another toddler, a husband, and hella short notice going to manage to get ready for a trip in a week?

Gizelle suggests she just come maybe for a day……

Gizelle then turns the gossip to Mia. She does an impression of Mia apologizing to her at the pajama party. She tells Ashley that she and Robyn plan to meet with Mia, and Ashley asks her what Gizelle hopes to get out of that future meet up.

Gizelle says she plans to get to know Mia and use her stripper background as an example to her daughter of what they should not do……

Whoa……Gizelle didn’t you accept Mia’s apology? Why are you planning to be mean? Ashley laughs. Well dam Ashley, why enable the mean girl antics and you are holding a precious bundle of joy?

Gizelle then says that Wendy arrived at the event literally wearing nothing…….but Gizelle what did it matter? If there had of been men there, it would have been inappropriate for a married woman, but it was a GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Wendy was cutting loose, and letting it all hang out!

Duh, that’s what women in committed relationships do! They cant wear sexy stuff for men other than their significant others, so they dress up for their girls to tell them they still got it. But, you a hater so you don’t want to compliment your friends and help them feel good about themselves. You rather make them feel bad for making you feel uncomfortable for being around another woman who is outshining you with her self confidence.

Gizelle seems jealous that Wendy is feeling herself, instead of proud that she is getting the confidence boost every woman needs sometimes. Wendy looks good and she acts like it, and Gizelle is ticked off about it.

Gizelle refers to her as the “new Wendy” as if getting surgery changed the fact that Wendy is the most educated and accomplished of the bunch…..and now her looks rival ALL of them and some are clearly bothered by it, ha!

Ashley says she noticed the change in Wendy……shhhhhh! Why the hell are you agreeing with this Ashley? We seen the outfits you have chosen to wear……why are you joining in on this topic of conversation?


Shut up Ashley. We don’t say nothing when your boobs are popping out of your dress while you are full of child… pipe down and just listen instead of playing yourself by looking like a follower, ok? Wendy looks dam good, just like you will look when you snap back. If you don’t go around in a turtleneck and skirt to your ankles, why should Wendy?

Shut up both of you.

Now Gizelle says Wendy’s husband Eddie has a girlfriend, according to the blogs……Gizelle says that Wendy is aware of the rumors and is overcompensating by getting surgery…….

Gizelle tells us in her confessional she doesn’t like to discuss the rumors brought by social media……that’s laughable that she said that with a straight face. She did it to Karen, Monique, who else, leave the people’s names it in the comments. She is the Queen of spreading gossip from social media…….but hates if that is done to her, it’s so hypocritical, yet so Gizelle.

Ashley says Wendy seems too self assured to change her body just because of cheating rumors…..I agree. But Gizelle wants to paint this picture of Wendy for some reason.

For some reason Gizelle feels she needs to bring up to Wendy the change in personality…..and Ashley thinks this is a good idea.


Wendy is at home doing her duties as a professor from her home office. She is recording a lecture for a course while her children play nearby. Yet another one of the downfalls of being a working parent during the pandemic. She has to start recording again because of the noise. She is interrupted b her kids several times.

Sigh, we have all been there. I tried to work from home, and make sure my son logged in for classes when the pandemic was first I full swing……I ended up having to quit my job. Working from home and being a mom didn’t fit my lifestyle unfortunately and believe me my fortunes have suffered because of it.

Poor Wendy.

When she is done she come out of her home office to tell her husband and kids she could hear them having fun while she was in her office working. She sends the kids downstairs so she can talk to Eddie.

She tells him she is exhausted and he comes behind her and rubs her shoulders and tells her, “Well you look good”. Wendy says she always has to struggle with what she should wear as a professor. Wendy says she might be a professor but she listens to “trap music”. She says she doesn’t fit into the box the world tries to keep her in. She uses her candle business as an example of people not wanting her to move on from being a professor to a entrepreneur.

Same here Wendy. I am a highly educated woman with a couple of degrees. People think I am insane for wanting to write a blog. But you got to live your life for you Wendy!

Eddie says the thing is, she is not letting anything go off her plate, meaning she wants to still be a professor, commentator and now also a businesswoman. He says she has always done a lot but now is the time for her to stop doing so much.

Eddie makes a great point, if you are tired you cant give your family 100 percent of you, Wendy. Wendy becomes annoyed and announces she wants a cookie and walks to the kitchen.

When she gets her cookie he asks her if she is happy. She doesn’t answer him, she asks him the same question, are you happy, are you fulfilled. He says, no.


Wendy feels he can be hard on her a times. Eddie questions her about the candle business and she asks, “So you have to like register the name?” When he asks her if she even knows if the name she chose for her business is available…..

Really Wendy?

Wendy gets defensive when he points out how unprepared she is for the business she has chosen. He tells her she needs to think about how to finance her business so SHE is not paying out of her pocket all of the time. She tells him she will be paying out of HIS pocket.


Well he tell her his pockets are closed. Wendy admits she bit off more than she could chew but is not willing to give up on the business idea because it is her dream to be a business woman.

Good for you Wendy, just get prepared, whew!


Gizelle arrives at the bar prepared to meet Mia and Robyn for drinks.

Candiace’s Girl’s Trip

Robyn arrives and tells us her bodysuit is in her crotch but she is good……we don’t care about your crotch Robyn, eeeew!

They order drinks and appetizers and wait for Mia to arrive. She comes in happy to see them and apologizing for being late. She comes in a beautiful silver dress, but Robyn shades her in the confessional by wondering if this is one of the gowns she used to wear when she met her husband as a stripper…..

Shut up Robyn. At least she has a husband, dear.

Mia, Gizelle and Robyn all agree this meeting is their “clean slate” and they all order salads and set to getting to know each other better but it is Mia who is the one sharing about her life. And Gizelle is asking her ALL about her life story. Mia discloses she was in the foster care system and the difficulties she had as a child. She even told them about the physical scars she has from being thrown into a television by her dad when she was a kid and being removed when her friend noticed her injuries at school.

When I was a girl I was brave enough to tell an adult about my friend when I saw what her mother did to her. She begged me not to tell, but during the course of the day she was in so much pain…..I just had to tell a teacher. People really have been through things as children, Mia included. I’m sorry that happened to you.

She tells them about her mother being off drugs for ten years but them still not having a relationship. Mia, why are you sharing this with THEM?

But Robyn does share that her fiancé Juan’s parents passed away from AIDS from heroine use. This was nice, because here Mia was telling all her personal business with nobody else sharing anything!

Mia says that her dad passed away from AIDS from heroine use as well…..

So did you catch the show? I can’t wait to see the drama next week how about you? Leave a comment and subscribe for more recaps, bye for now!

Gizelle congratulates Mia for being able to sit there and be the woman she is today because she has been through so much. Gizelle says she and Robyn love this Mia and not the Mia that they see with the other girls…..but so far they seem to be off to a good start…..we will see……


Karen is talking to her cousin David on video call telling him she is excited to be going on Candiace’s girl’s trip. Karen is also ambassador to her home town Surrey, so she is planning to be sworn it by leaving the trip briefly and coming back.


Gizelle is with her three girls, Grace, Angel and Adore, packing for the trip. When she is asked if she wanted to go on the trip, she tells her girls she is going to have a swimming water aerobics class with the girls in Williamsburg.

Grace cracks up, and the twins sat in unison, “But you don’t know how to swim!”. Gizelle tells them she can swim.



Robyn needs to get orders out for her business and has recruited the unwilling help of her son Corey who after doing a few orders is over it like any other teenage boy, lol.


Wendy is trying to get her three kids to help her pack, lol. Her youngest is dragging one of her suitcases to the door……she is the same age as little Dean.



Chris helps Candiace pull her fifty million boxes and suitcases to the porch to await the arrival of a chartered bus for the trip. She hops in and its one of those party bus situations with the stripper pole and bright light inside….this looks like the girls are really going to have a girls trip. She gets the Lysol and gets to wiping down the pole with disinfectant……

Now some may say Candiace may be being a little dramatic…..but we are in the middle of a pandemic….you can never be too careful, for real, for real, ya dig?

Leave a comment, would you have disinfected a stripper pole before you decided to slide up and down it? I’m just asking……..Gizelle gets out of a Black SUV and boards the bus. Candiace is already on the microphone located in the bus, clowning already!

She welcomes her. Next comes Mia. She sees the bus and seems excited for the trip just as Gizelle was. Wendy comes and the ladies say she looks like a different person, but she looks nice.

Correction….WENDY LOOKS FABULOUS. They got eyes but refuse to see, lol.

Wendy has on a outfit only a woman with a snatched body can pull off and the women notice her and take it all in……yes Wendy aint playing around with the girls trip…..she is the trip, lol! The bodysuit is everything……

Robyn comes looking like she is going to the supermarket, not the girl’s trip…..

Really Robyn? No wonder you be hatin!

Karen arrives and is warmly greeted by Mia. Gizelle sits stone faced. If looks could kill Karen would of burst into flames from the ice in Gizelle’s eyes…..Karen tells us Gizelle is in time out, good one Karen.

Askale, Robyn’s overbearing friend arrives lastly…..why? I guess she is one of the girls now…..we don’t care but okay.

The question is asked, who is missing. Candiace says Ashley and she is not coming, but Gizelle tells her she invited her…

Candiace is like, huh?


Gizelle says, just for one day. Candiace is annoyed but lets it go because Gizelle assures them Ashley won’t be spending the night.

The ladies all take turn on the stripper pole. Gizelle and Robyn are purposely boring…..but when Mia turns up, just like everybody else, they make comments about her knowing her way around the pole despite repeatedly saying she never worked the pole, and I was annoyed that Mia didn’t catch the shade. It was funny that despite being dressed the sexiest, Wendy would starve if stripping were her profession, lol. Stick to professoring Wendy, is that a word?



Mia asks Candiace what they will be doing on this girl’s trip. Candiace tells them there is a main house but there are only four rooms the other rooms are in a cottage……I smell some b.s. brewing… you?

The main house will consist of Candiace, Mia, Robyn, and Gizelle. The four women clap like they are among middle school friends……lol.

I guess the cottage are for the step children of the bunch, Wendy, Askale, and Karen. They keep saying that Mia is with the “cool people” after Mia remarks that she “made it” to the main house.

We don’t care.

It looks like the other two are just happy to be included, Karen knows she is just making up to Candiace, and Askale is a tag a long,  but Wendy has a look on her face…..she is visibly upset. Candiace banished her to the “lesser” house……

Poor Wendy.

Gizelle brings up the meeting with Robyn and Mia over drinks, it was a great night  and the slate is wiped clean between the three ladies.

Candiace also mentions Karen will have jaunt off to her swearing in ceremony to become Ambassador to Surrey County, Virginia. She says because of the pandemic attendance is limited and she is only inviting Mia and Wendy…….

In her confessional Gizelle mentions that last year, Karen and Wendy didn’t get along and now they are the best of friends. It’s called being grown women Gizelle. Maybe it would serve you well to let things go as well so you wouldn’t act so mean……


The women arrive in Williamsburg and are met with a fabulous main house at the estate for the trip. The each get a glass of champagne as they exit the bus….and enter a grand home with a spectacular view!

They go choose their rooms. One of which was once occupied by President Obama….Wow. Candiace did well picking the location, the house is absolutely spectacular.

They all go downstairs to partake in a wonderful spread awaiting them. The food looks good and Gizelle is the first to notice the grub and snatch up a plate and got to selecting…….the fruit looked bright. OMG the food on a buffet table of fine linen, looked very tasty…..I had to take a break and grab a snack from my dingy looking kitchen to eat in my bathrobe on my comforter that smells of Gain, lol.

The women already chose rooms, but Gizelle whispers to Robyn that she wished she was upstairs with her, so Robyn kicked Mia out of the room and told her she was now going to take her room instead.

WHAT THE HELL? It was typical mean girl behavior, the things we are used to from Gizelle and her sidekick Robyn, but it was still triggering. I wish Wendy had not tried to be these women friend…..its like she is being set up to be picked on….and these soulless trolls have all of her issues to use against her….like ABNDONEMENT and OSTRACISM…….Wendy is being taken back in time to when females were childish, petty and bullied you because they were unhappy.


But Mia took it in stride. Candiace points out to Mia that she just got bullied, but she continues eating her food. She is unbothered and smacking away. That’s it Mia, never let the mean girls see you sweat…….she tells Robyn, if you want the view you can have it…..she says as long as she is in the main house…..

Sigh. This is some b.s.

Gizelle has gotten her energy from Robyn’s relational aggressive move towards Wendy. She says she wants this trip to be nice and fun……we bet you do, Gizelle.

She asks if anyone would like to apologize to anybody else before the trip gets started…….

Nobody speaks but the newbie Askale who by now I wonder why she keeps inserting herself……she asks if apologies are due? Girl, wasn’t nobody talking to you….You see nobody else said anything…….but here is Askale piping in just in case we forgot she was there.

Karen eventually looks up from her food and asks Gizelle, “Are you talking to me?” When she notices Robyn and Gizelle watching her chew…..waiting….lol.

Karen says she is waiting for an apology from Gizelle and I cracked up. You already know that is not happening. Gizelle wants an apology for Karen lying about her and her family, namely Jamal and his cheating rumors. Karen says if Gizelle really wanted to have a conversation it would be in private for resolution sake.

They argue…….Karen wants Gizelle held accountable for wishing death on Ray, which we all know she did not. But Karen has no intention of letting this bogus excuse go….Robyn sticks up yet again for Gizelle which was unneeded but typical.

How does the episode end?

Gizelle clarifies her position on Karen’s husband for the group, just in case we keep mixing up her words or intentions. She did not wish death on Ray. She says. “I want Ray to live” She also adds, “I want Ray to pay his bills…….”

I cracked up…

Come back for my recap of episode six shortly….

I got a little behind so I’m pushing them out fast, did you see my recaps for the Baddies ATL Reunion episodes?

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