Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Episode Five: “Tacos with Beef”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the fifth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode five. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Five: “Tacos with Beef

We are back where we were last week where Maurice left Kimmi to meet with Kiuwha and Xavier, by herself. And side note, last week I said that Kiuwha’s husband name was Dave but they were actually calling him, Xav which is short for Xavier, but anyway now that I have cleared that up, back to the recap.

Kimmi isn’t surprised that Maurice left her to deal with the meeting, about HIS son, alone. Well we are. You would of thought Maurice would have just met with the couple with Kimmi at a later time……

The couple was delayed because their flight made them late. They still rushed there and seem a little standoffish at first which is understandable because they notice only Kimmi is at the restaurant. The meeting starts off rocky with Kimmi doing, in my opinion, a great job of stating Maurice’s intentions and gratitude for the meeting.

Maurice knows how to pick them because by the end of the meeting the couple warmer and in agreement with Kimmi and an absent Maurice’s direction for Monster. Kiuwha is assured that she can count on Kimmi if she needs any information a mom would be there to see like, if his room is clean!

They spoke on Tiffany disclosing the information about Monster being caught in the bathroom at school vaping in front of her circle of friends. Kiuwha says another conversation about the matter will be had with Big Maurice and Little Maurice who is otherwise known as, Monster.

Well that went well, thanks to Kimmi.


Latisha is with Destiny at a car dealership. Latisha says even though Marsau gave her a watch as a graduation present for getting her second master’s degree, her real gift is a “Hot Girl Summer” car. So she is at the dealership to get a “work” truck, and the car and Destiny will help her pick it out since she is from Detroit and should know something about cars……

If you say so sis!

But Destiny is a good sport as they both are dressed in white fashionable tops and jeans, just like a Huntsville version of Thelma and Louise, lol.

When the salesman goes off to get the keys to the car so Latisha can test it out, Destiny reveals that she is now divorced and Latisha is shocked and apologetic.

Latisha tells her about the trip to Houston and mentions the lady in the red dress she feels was after Marsau. OMG, I wish Latisha would give it a rest. Or, maybe production is editing her to look really insecure because we as the viewing audience did not see any real evidence that anything inappropriate occurred for Latisha to feel the woman was after her husband in any way! Destiny reminds us in her confessional that everyone in their circle has heard rumors about Marsau cheating and their being possible side children…..


Melody calls Latisha on video chat and invites her and Melody to ladies night at her house. Destiny asks her if she will be asking Tiffany to attend as well. Destiny says she will fill her in. Destiny asks her to have some “Big Girl” drinks, and Melody says she will. They both agree to attend and Melody hangs up.

Destiny also takes the time to fill her in about her birthday brunch and the messy lady named Tiffany who made a big debut at it. Destiny says Tiffany brought her some ice cold “tea” about her ex husband and she had the nerve to do it at her birthday brunch in front of everybody.

Latisha is disturbed that despite even knowing Destiny, Tiffany would come to her with gossip about her personal life. Destiny says she needs to have a talk with Melody as well because it way suspicious that Tiffany brought that up and she wants to know if Melody knew about Tiffany’s plan to disclose that information, if there even was a plan. Destiny also brings up that Tiffany spilled the beans about Monster, and Latisha feels she already may not like Tiffany and she doesn’t know her.

The salesman brings out the car and the women take off in a sexy black convertible…. and Latisha hopes her wig doesn’t fly off.


Marsau and Latisha arrive in separate vehicles to an office building complex. He asks where they are going and she points to a door and says in here. Maybe he thought they might have been going on a date, or viewing a property, but tah dah…..they are here for the couple’s therapy Melody suggested to Latisha they should do to. It even involves the therapist that Melody and Martell used. Marsau is not pleased.

Martell says in his confessional if Latisha had of told him that he was coming to a therapy session he would not of come, well duh, that’s why she tricked you!

Martell wonders why they are trying to fix their marriage and it’s not broken…..and he proceeds to stall the therapy process by twisting Latisha’s words.

He seems to think that he works hard and she spends all of the money…..despite not wanting her to work! He is not comfortable disclosing his stress to his wife, and expects her not to share her stresses with him. He basically says he works hard so she doesn’t have any real problems so she complains…..the therapist, Latisha and we, were all shocked. Marsau is an ass sometimes.

At some point Marsau asks Latisha, “What do I need to do?” She says she wants them to spend more time together as a couple and as a family. He asks her what day and time works good for her and when he takes out his phone and says, “ Hey Siri, remind me Thursdays at 8 o’clock for date night”.

The therapist is appalled. Latisha replies happily, “Thank you”. The therapist leans over to Marsau and says he doesn’t have to ask Siri to remind him of anything important to him, and that it was like Marsau was scheduling an appointment with Latisha. He asks Latisha who just moments ago thanked Marsau for making the appointment, if she was happy being an appointment and she says no.

Sigh. Latisha, which is it? Are you thankful? But now that the therapist pointed out you are more like a chore that a blessing, you are indignant? I can’t with the Bimbo act. This woman has two master’s degrees for God’s sake! He gives her a line of bull about her being important and this marriage being his priority, blah, blah.

Marsau is not receptive to counseling but reluctantly agrees to come back, or maybe he doesn’t I’m not sure it seems like maybe Latisha mainly ordered him to come back and he went along with it after making some dumb jokes about it.

Latisha seems to think the session went well but Marsau felt ganged up on. He tells her that she needs to be accountable for some of the problems which led to her becoming defensive. She eventually says, maybe we don’t even need to do the counseling at all and walks off from him. Wasn’t that what he really wanted? Leave a comment……


Maurice, Kiuwha and Monster are at the Space and Rocket Center museum having some family time and then they all sit down to talk about the vaping incident. Kiuwha asks Monster why did he do that, and he just sat there looking uncomfortable. This is unfortunate. His parents say this is the worst thing he has ever done…..well its good that they are taking it serious. Monster is no different from any other kid who experiments, so its messed up Tiffany chose to put his mistake out for the entire world to see as if he is any different from most teens.

Maurice wants him to understand that as a Black man he must understand how he is viewed… maybe this is a good talking point that will help some parents be able to show an incident to their children to open up dialogue. So if it ends up helping someone maybe this is a good thing. Too bad it had to embarrass a child to make a point. Black boys make mistakes and that can make them be viewed in a negative light and now Monster will be more considerate of his actions.

Then Maurice spills the tea that back in Michigan Monster has a girl that he likes and that is why he is so pressed to go visit. Wow, Monster is being embarrassed all around…

Maurice asks Monster if sex is on his mind all the time and they will keep the lines of communication open when it comes to future sexual activity and condoms and such. But no need to worry, although he thinks about sex time to time, Monster assures his parents he will remain a virgin until he has graduated from college, is twenty four and in a happy marriage.

If you say so Monster……but he seems like a great kid nonetheless. Kiuwha, Maurice and the supporting cast of parental figures are doing well so far.


We now see Tiffany at home talking to her husband Luis while getting ready to attend Melody’s ladies night shin dig. He asks he who all will be attending “Taco Tuesday” and when she tells who will be in attendance, he asks her if she and the other women are getting along. She gets him to remember the incident where she mistook Destiny for the other woman her husband had brought to an event.

Why her husband, Luis remembers that, your guess is as good as mine. Usually you have to tell a bunch of details and even then it is a gamble if a man will remember women’s gossip, but Luis remembers the night clearly.

It’s odd. They are odd to me. Luis seems happy to gossip and is smiling when he finds out Destiny is not with her ex anymore. He asks how Destiny reacted to the info being brought up again and Tiffany recalls the incident. He asks if it was the right time to bring it up.

Tiffany asks her husband for advice on how to handle it if Destiny is still salty about Tiffany bringing up the incident. He says it should be understandable because she basically didn’t mean to offend. He says all that matters is how she conducts herself moving forward. And they proceed to flirt….and it was awkward.

Taco Bout A Party………

So we see Melody at her home finishing up the food for her “Taco Tuesday” ladies night. Latisha arrives first to help set up because she and Latisha are working on their friendship so they need a little extra bonding time. So Latisha is organizing the fixings for the tacos while she and Melody catch up on things.

Latisha tells Melody she did go and meet with Dr. Francis because she did not like the negative changes she was starting to see in her personality due to all the stresses in her life from being overwhelmed with responsibilities. She says she drug Marsau along….Melody was shocked Latisha did not tell him before hand. She tells Melody how the session went and how she was glad she had someone to point out his behaviors to Marsau and she was glad they went.

Latisha asks what was going on with this Tiffany chick she has been hearing about. Melody doesn’t think Tiffany is out to start any trouble…..what do you guys think? Is Tiffany a pot stirrer?

Latisha brings up that Destiny was wondering if Melody knew about Tiffany’s desire to bring up the information at the brunch beforehand. Why, because Latisha is messy! Latisha brings up that Tiffany brought up that Monster was vaping…..

In her confessional Melody reveals it is rubbing her the wrong way the things Latisha is bringing to her that Destiny said behind her back. She says she though she and Destiny were closer than that and felt Latisha would reach out if she was bothered by something she did, not tell Latisha.

Melody plans to bring it up at the event tonight, Latisha hopes it doesn’t lead to an argument, but Melody says it is al in how someone chooses to take it. Melody wants Destiny to hurry up and get there so she can find out exactly why she is upset with her.

See what you started Latisha?!

Tiffany is at the door and Melody greets her with an enthusiastic hug. She puts on a sombrero, did I mention everyone is wearing a sombrero that they receive when they arrive to go along with a taco theme.


Latisha is drinking her margarita when Tiffany walks in and surprise surprise, Latisha knows her from the Chambers of Commerce. Messy Latisha tells Tiffany she has been hearing about a girl name Tiffany that likes to stir the pot. Latisha likes Tiffany but doesn’t like that she was stirring up mess at Destiny’s brunch.

Kimmi arrives. The ladies all pile their plates full of food then adjourn outside to a beautifully set table. Destiny arrives but has to call Melody on the phone to be let in. The ladies are already seated with drinks and food when she comes to the table with her plate and margarita. Destiny is already annoyed because she didn’t want to attend the party because of Tiffany’s presence.

Destiny gives Tiffany an icy reception at the table and Melody remarks that Latisha remembered that she already knows Tiffany from the Chambers of Commerce. Melody tells Destiny that Latisha told her she has something she wanted to talk to her about. Destiny says she just wants to drink her drink and eat before she has any conversations. Destiny keeps putting off the conversation but Melody keeps bringing it up, with Latisha chiming in, insisting the conversation be had in front of everyone. Destiny wants to have the conversation in private, but Melody keeps pushing the issue.

How does the episode end?

Destiny brings up the “cold tea”, a.k.a. gossip that Tiffany served at her birthday brunch. Tiffany acts like she doesn’t know what she is referring to. Tiffany says she didn’t bring the tea and Destiny insists she did. Melody asks if Destiny thought that Tiffany intentionally came to her brunch with some tea. Destiny says she doesn’t know. Melody asks Destiny why not ask her if she invited Tiffany with that intention of spilling tea, and Destiny asks Melody to “pipe it down, bring it down, I will ask you I have no problem but give me a second”…and the two proceed to have words with Melody insisting she be told the problem and Destiny assuring she will talk to her later. Melody asks what was wrong with the tea.

Destiny tells Tiffany, “you told me something that was not relevant”…..and shoots Tiffany a look.

So I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? How about the recaps?

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