The Truth About Larry Hoover Being Denied Release From Prison Will Make You Consider If He Is A Political Prisoner

Recently this year, Larry Hoover was denied release from prison, again, and I have been moved to speak about it. Some people believe that Larry Hoover is a political prisoner of the United States, and there are a lot of strong arguments in factor of this belief.

Because this may actually be true, it is my responsibility as an American Sociologist, albeit a bootleg one, to speak about Mr. Hoover who by all accounts, if it is left up to the federal government, will die incarcerated. Well, that is a tragedy that should never be agreed with because the American people should want Larry Hoover released.

In this post I want to highlight a important connection that has been overlooked. Some say, Chicago created the gang violence and purposely concentrated it in one area and denies this area services…but that’s just what some say. Does it have a ring of truth?

Ask yourself, why is it that extreme violence is allowed to occur in a concentrated area? The police, remember them? If Chicago is so violent…why don’t they die protecting the citizens? Seems like being a police officer in Chicago is a fairly safe job, don’t you agree? But they swear they are under manned, out gunned…blah blah blah.

Why wouldn’t a police force that is so “powerless” to do anything want someone to step in and do a job they can’t seem to do?

Once again it is for this reason, organizations that are for the people, and by the people of the communities are necessary. But in the hoods of Chicago, hidden away from the tourists and the fancy high-rises there is no protection for the people just harassment or neglect.

It was out of these circumstances Mr. Hoover began providing valuable information to the communities and organizing services to the under-served and forgotten…

The Influence of Larry Hoover

When Larry Hoover talks, people listen and that is why many believe he continues to sit in jail. The federal government knows that he has a major influence on the streets, how do we know this?

Their words, “Larry Hoover is renowned and celebrated to this day, by the Gangster Disciples” Those were the words of the federal judge who used this perceived influence as a reason to continue to hold him down! But you don’t get to have it both ways. I would agree with the federal government…Mr. Hoover does have influence and that is the main reason he should be free.

Mr. Hoover saw that his influence brought destruction to the hood……but he also sought to bring healing to the hood. When he was young, he contributed to the gang violence so who better to stop it?

So, he went about educating himself, and others. He implemented programs to help the youth and the people of Chicago. Not the part where the city focuses on…the part that no politician will visit without armed security…Larry Hoover is for the people that nobody is for.

And there are many who feel it’s at the very moment he sought to bring Chicago together is when he was hit with another indictment. And many believe it was because his views and the things he was trying to do for the hood were positive.

And without his leadership…Chicago became Chiraq…a group of disenfranchised men without a leader who understands that the violence in Chicago was orchestrated, and it continues because it is in the best interest of some that Black Men kill themselves.

Why else does the violence in Chicago persist if it wasn’t by design? How else do you explain, for example, a man being released and being shot in front of the police station over 60 times? How do you shoot a citizen in front of the police station? Explain how Chicago has a whole section of the city that is hell? But only a few miles away the city is relatively safe and affluent?

Mr. Hoover was helping the part of the city that the government doesn’t care about. If people were getting, “blicked”, “drilled” or murdered at the same rate in the affluent city? The violence would be curbed if not stopped. But night after night, young men are hunted down…how the hell do you have men known to kill multiple people just free to keep doing it?

They took away art, music programs, jobs and anything else positive for the youth, whereas Mr. Hoover was trying to bring these things back to the hood. He understands that he is a founder of an organization that could be used to destroy or build…the government just would like to stick with the narrative he only wants to destroy. Shame on America for essentially kidnapping, and incarcerating men because of their beliefs.

Is Larry Hoover An American Political Prisoner?

The definition of a political prisoner according to Wikipedia is,

“A political prisoner is someone imprisoned for their political activity. The political offense is not always the official reason for the prisoner’s detention. There is no internationally recognized legal definition of the concept, although numerous similar definitions have been proposed by various organizations and scholars, and there is a general consensus among scholars that “individuals have been sanctioned by legal systems and imprisoned by political regimes not for their violation of codified laws but for their thoughts and ideas that have fundamentally challenged existing power relations”. (Wikipedia)

So, using this definition many could say that Mr. Hoover who has been continuously detained by the government because of his association with what the government defines as a criminal enterprise is being held down by the powers that be.

But others would say, it is the influence that Mr. Hoover has that keeps him incarcerated. Al Profit did a video about Mr. Hoover and his plight…

(Posted on YouTube by Al Profit)

So, I believe Larry Hoover is in fact a political prisoner. And as much as politicians and law enforcement would like to portray criminal activity as belonging to a certain group of people in Chicago, the real crimes are committed by the government who receives taxes and denies a segment of the community benefits of those taxes, like a safe community for children and others to live and prosper.

Denied services, the residents of Chicago receive two separate experiences. One side lives lavish and another side lives rough. Larry Hoover was addressing the neglect. I believe if he is released, he would again address the neglect certain neighborhoods in Chicago are privy to. I believe there are some people in power who have an interest in keeping one side of Chicago neglected and unable to access services.

Free Larry Hoover. Pray for the people of Chicago…

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to, so I started a blog…

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Larry Hoover Being Denied Release From Prison Will Make You Consider If He Is A Political Prisoner

  1. You perpetuate a highly flawed lie. You’re making this about race and it’s not. Chicago has been run by democrats forever. You have a black mayor who has done nothing to make any of the community, much less, the black community safer. As for Larry Hoover, he was part of the same problem. A dope dealing gangster that preyed upon the black community. He was convicted of murder. Just because he became an activist doesn’t change the fact that he had someone killed. I would have no problem if the parole board released him. That is for them to decide, but to call him a political prisoner is ludicrous.


    1. Thanks for the comment. You repeatedly mentioned race seems like you are hung up on it. Ludicrous or not, you wrote a super long response to a ludicrous post. Hmmmm. Maybe you should write a blog so you can put out content you feel is true. But understand if you call someone Black it should be capitalized as well as Democrat. Have a great rest of your day.


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