Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Episode Four: “Kimpossible Endeavor”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the fourth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode four. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Four: “Kimpossible Endeavor

We are back where we were last week Tiffany’s insensitive comment set Destiny running to the restroom to regroup and she could care less. She says in her confessional that Destiny was being too dramatic. Talk about an ice queen! Dang Tiffany it is her birthday!

Tiffany tells the table, she remembers the conversation because she felt really bad for mistaking Destiny for the woman she saw her husband out creeping with at his awards ceremony.

Well the way you threw it out there seems like you don’t feel bad at all Tiffany!

Tiffany’s heartless ass tries to downplay the incident by saying it was years ago but Kimmi assures her it wasn’t that long ago. Well excuse me who cares?! Its super rude to be invited by another guest, and then you insult the host, on her birthday nonetheless!

Destiny’s other party guest has gotten her composed enough to return to the table, thank goodness somebody was looking out for her on her birthday because the conversation went on at the table with Tiffany unapologetic.

Tacky, tsk, tsk.

Destiny asks Tiffany if she thought the other woman was her because they looked alike and Tiffany said yes. She once again downplays the incident by saying that men take other women out all the time in the business they are in.

So? Once again, why bring it up? I mean if the shoe were on the other foot you would feel differently, so why do this to another woman just for shock value? Melody asks Destiny if her ex husband were a cheater…..

Nunya! That’s what Destiny should of said but she politely says no. Destiny lets us know that it’s just one of those things that just didn’t work out because of the pressures of life added with the pandemic. I believe her, why wouldn’t I? I wonder why Melody kind of seems to believe it may be because of infidelity…..

Tiffany leaves the table to go to the restroom and Melody asks if the girls like her. Destiny takes a hard swallow of her drink and makes a face.


Kimmi says, yes. Melody remarks how close Kimmi and Destiny have become and she seems to like it as well as predicted it. Even Martell predicted they would hit it off as Kimmi and Destiny seem to have the same outgoing and direct personalities.

They bring out a chocolate birthday cake and Destiny cuts it while Tiffany hands out slices to the occupants of the table. They all make a joke about Jalen, when Destiny makes a remark about “birthday sex”. Tiffany says Jalen is not fully grown yet as Kimmi remarks her son is a grown ass man. I would agree. And Kimmi should know her son, lol.


Marsau arrives for the business trip where Latisha surprises him when opens up the hotel room. She is dressed in a sexy black lingerie outfit and heels. She sits on his lap as he tells her he like the surprise. There are no kids around so Latisha has plans to have some adult time but Marsau has other things on his mind like, business. After all they are on a business trip……

Really, Marsau?

He gives her a rundown of all the things he has to still do as if she is not seated on his lap ready to go. She brings up she talked to Jalen and checked on Blaque. Marsau tells Latisha he has back up checking on things as well. Latisha tells Marsau she went shopping with her friends. Marsau wants to call one of them to give them Latisha’s budget for the next shopping trip Latisha has planned. Latisha is like, absolutely not…..



Kimmi sits down with Maurice and tells him about Destiny’s birthday brunch she attended where a friend of Melody’s from the Chamber of commerce named Tiffany spilled the beans about Monster getting caught vaping in the bathroom.

Maurice is livid because he says he barely knows Tiffany and her husband and they should not be talking about a fourteen year old boy’s life…..we agree. Kimmi asks Maurice if he knew about the incident and he did. She isn’t surprise he didn’t share the information with her….well I am!

Kimmi says she didn’t know how to address it because she didn’t know anything about it and she wasn’t going to entertain it because she was at a table full of people. Despite calling his son, “Monster”, Maurice says that bringing up the mistake paints his son with a stigma. I agree. She shouldn’t have been gossiping about a child with a table full of adults in the manner in which she did. Tiffany is coming off as a bit reckless in my opinion.

As a mother, would she want anyone doing that to her child, especially an adult who should know better? This is a child that will come across the people in this circle and they could be prejudiced in some way against him even if it was just subconsciously. That’s a chance that seems a little reckless to take for the sake of some drama for a reality show if you ask me.

Maurice says that is why he wanted his son to come live with him in Huntsville so he could help with his upbringing. Kimmi says this is the time where Maurice should be spending time with Monster and talking about things before they happen. Kimmi thinks Maurice should make time with his son more of a priority over work. Maurice gets defensive by the suggestion that his work life is not being balanced with his home life.

He says he doesn’t want to work so hard but he has to go hard in order to be successful. Maurice also mentions that even though he told Monster’ about the incident, the decision on punishment was being left sole up to him. He told her he didn’t tell her about the incident because he promised his son it would be between them. That’s fair and Kimmi says she is used to being left out of the loop on some things and her input is not desired. Maurice disagrees…..Kimmi want s them all to be on the same page when it comes to the child rearing and Maurice wants to only do things her way despite saying Kimmi did a good job with Jalen.

Maurice says the problem isn’t him listening it’s that he is not doing things Kimmi’s way. Well Kiuwha is coming down with her husband and Maurice would like them all to sit down and meet and have dinner and talk and get on one accord.


Marsau and Latisha go out to eat dinner their final night in Houston, with his Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda. Remember Uncle Mike is a part of the construction of the new house Marsau and Latisha are having built.

Latisha says that they are approaching fifteen years of marriage. Aunt Linda asks if they are doing anything special, and Latisha says Marsau is always working but she is trying to get him on board with planning something to celebrate.

Marsau says the fifteenth year certifies a year of reflection where he reflects on times when they didn’t have much but each other ant their love so this year that’s what they will continue to have, their love and nothing else……

Uncle Mike laughs as if it was a clever thing to say and it was rather stupid if you ask me, not funny. Latisha says hopefully by year twenty they will be renewing their vows in a new home…..

Uncle Mike catches the shade and says well hopefully the new home will come before year twenty. The table erupts in fake laughter at the passive aggressiveness of it all.  Uncle Mike calls them out for the delays by adding amenities like a two story closet and things like an extra big garage.

Aunt Linda asks if Maurice and Kimmi will be building on Scott Manor, Latisha says they will be building somewhere but she is not sure it will be on Scott Manor. Latisha thinks they will be utilizing the services of Uncle Mike. Latisha tells him he can’t reveal any of their building play they don’t plans to her in laws. He assures her he won’t…..why?

Latisha is childish; she literally has the childishness bug. She wonders why Kimmi doesn’t want to live right by her she might catch it, he he!

She claims Maurice wants to still their plans so that he and Kimmi can out do theirs….Marsau just sits there eating his food. Uncle Mike says there won’t be an issue with him being discreet…..


Jalen has closed on his condominium and he and Kimmi have gone into business rehabbing homes. This is something Jalen has wanted to do since he has graduated from college…..well Jalen really is a nice, well mannered, young man. They are together in one of their homes going on the work that needs to be done as they talk over his time that he puts in at Blaque working for Marsau and Latisha.

Jalen says he has told Marsau he works too much at Blaque and he needs to have some time off sometimes Marsau is not receptive to this. He feels overworked and unheard. He says he can do the work but it is frustrating because he is always at the cigar lounge working.

Kimmi says his compensation for his time was not explained correctly and Jalen agrees he didn’t understand that in exchange for part ownership in the company he would have so many duties and tasks to perform. It’s not fair to him in his opinion because he is not heard or supported by the true owner, Latisha and Marsau.

Jalen also says he is micromanaged by them while they are off doing other things, which is annoying because he is often left alone to do the work and then basically nagged as if he is not the one responsible anyway!

Kimmi says she is not surprised Marsau did not give Jalen much training. Jalen says despite not getting training he is blamed for everything that goes wrong……Kimmi feels Jalen was being set up to fail.

Jalen expresses that Latisha and Marsau are not on the same page so when he goes to them for help he gets conflicting directions. Kimmi says she still feels Jalen has done very well in the position of General Manager without having much support. Kimmi says Jalen needs to work harder on his communication with Latisha and Marsau. Jalen says he thinks it will help that Marsau finally decided to hire an assistant for Jalen that has experience being a GM. This is a move that Kimmi feels should have been made from the beginning and I agree. What do you all think, should Jalen have had help from someone with experience from the get go? Leave a comment…

Jalen already knows the person that was hired because he worked for her before. Kimmi brings up Destiny noticing him and Jalen chuckles. Kimmi continues by telling him that Destiny said he has a crush on her……

The smile immediately left Jalen’s face. He seems confused so Kimmi says that she guess it was the way that he was interacting with him at the opening of Blaque……Jalen says Destiny is beautiful but not his type.

Well he sure cleared that up! He says they call him the “cougar tamer”……shut up Jalen.


Next we see guest arriving at Blaque for Latisha and Marsau to launch, “Chocolate in a Bottle” their new line of champagne. They are trying to get honest feedback from the Houston market….the party looks black tie and fancy enough with a few celebrity guests like Nephew Tommy from “Ready to Love” a relationship show that also plays on Own Network and a few of the cast members from the show are also in attendance.

Latisha and Marsau both walk around the room greeting and schmoozing with guests and there is a nice turnout with a great response to the product. Marsau gets on the microphone and thanks everyone for coming out to the event and they are appreciative of all the love and support Houston has given them and their business endeavors. They all grab a glass of the new champagne and toast to excellence and the launch of the new brand. Marsau says it’s the best champagne he has ever tasted, and I must admit I am curious to try some!

They both continue to work the room when Latisha noticing Marsau talking to an attractive party guest in a red dress named Kyra….she is immediately disturbed that they are talking. Latisha takes him onto the balcony and he recalls how nice the night has been going. And rather than reflect on how wonderful the night is going Latisha confronts him about speaking to Kyra who she claims was eyeing him.

Marsau denies any wrong doing. He says he was only trying to make sure everyone was having a good time. But Latisha seems to think otherwise. She thinks the lady was coming on to Marsau and she gets tearful about it.

Oh brother, Latisha, you cannot be this insecure?!

Marsau compliments her by telling her she is beautiful but she still looks tight……


Kimmi and Maurice arrive at the restaurant to meet Kiuwha and her husband Dave to discuss their shared responsibility to Monster. The two are flying in to attend Monster’s middle school graduation.

Now that they are all together Maurice and Kimmi are hopeful they can all get on the same page. Kimmi and Kiuwha haven’t always gotten along in the past but now they are in a better place. Maurice says he helped foster that relationship and Kimmi is shocked. “Did you?” She asks him.

Kimmi says he didn’t he just did things to appease Kiuwha so that he could get Monster full time. They receive their drink orders and put in their dinner orders and their guest have still not arrived.

Maurice says he has an important meeting he needs to attend. He hints that he needs to leave, and Kimmi tells him she is not going to speak for him. Their food orders are brought out and their other party has yet to show up. Kimmi tells him they need to reschedule the meeting with Kiuwha. But Maurice plans on leaving if they don’t show up shortly.  And then he leaves Kimmi and goes to the meeting.

How does the episode end?

Kimmi is boxing up Maurice’s food while thinking she is not the priority in her relationship as Kiuwha and her husband arrive for the meeting.


So I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? How about the recaps?

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