Recap Of Baddies ATL Reunion Part One

I’m back to recap the reunion episodes of “Baddies ATL” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Baddies ATL fans you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the reunion episodes yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the reunion, part one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Baddies ATL Reunion Part One

So we see all of the Baddies arrive for the reunion. We also see Jason Lee arrive in a Black SUV for the reunion. Jason says he has been keeping up with all of the drama online that has been taking place between the Baddies.  We all know Jason from his popular podcast, “Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee” and we can expect that he will get all of the gossip and “tea” for us along with Tamar Braxton.

Christina is in the chair getting her hair pressed for the reunion, while she talks to Sidney. Sidney asks Christina what she is thinking about the reunion, who is she coming for? Christina says the first person she saw the night before when arriving in town was of course, Natalie with cornrows going back in her hair…..

They switch to Tanisha who has a bonnet in her hair while she is getting prepared for the reunion. She is video chatting with Amber “Cookie” Meade, of BGC Season 3 fame about the Baddies ATL Reunion. Apparently she is showing us that they are really friends in their real lives not just acquainted from the now defunct Bad Girls Club franchise. Tanisha is saying Natalie arrived in hospital scrubs apparently fresh from battling strep throat…….

We next see Natalie hugging Jason Lee as she is preparing to go to the reunion as well. He arrives to her trailer and is offered champagne. Jason welcomes the gesture. “Yes, I need a drink” he assures Natalie. Natalie asks him is he ready for all the craziness sure to come on this reunion? Jason says he only wants to have one glass because he already knows it’s going down tonight.

We next see Seven in a makeup chair getting her face done for the reunion. Janelle is in another chair getting her hair done. They are talking about Sarah, who is being referred to as “Sarah Palin” which is an interesting woman to be compared to……as we find out Sarah dropped the “receipts” on a very shady Natalie.

And Jason brings up that everyone is talking about Natalie on social media.

We see now Judy, because there is a lot of switching around between the cast as we watch them get ready, and gives us some background for the reunion. This is genius of production. Because just in case they over talk each other, as we all know they have a tendency to do, we will get some indication of why everybody is so hyped up. Judi is telling Tanisha that she loves her and Natalie but as executive producer they sucked… you all agree? Did Tanisha and Natalie fumble the ball as the coaches of this all star team? Leave a comment below…….

Seven says that the reason Natalie can’t keep friends is that she doesn’t love or like herself…..Janelle says she can’t be a friend…..because apparently Sarah leaked a voice recording of Natalie talking about the Baddies behind their backs and it was trending on social media….are you surprised?

Jason asks Natalie if she feels she betrayed the girls….she announces that they are not her friends…..well excuse us! You certainly portrayed a couple of these girls as your friends. But okay, according to Natalie the girls are just coworkers.

Sydney says she is hurt behind hearing the things Natalie had to say behind her back because she considered her a friend. Christina has a problem with Natalie showing up with her hair braided back as if she is coming to fight.

Tamar arrives and meets Jason in his trailer. The two hosts share their expectations for the reunion. Tamar is nervous and she feels a fight coming on between the girls and that is not what she is here for. Well Jason is.


Jason’s plan is to get them to spill all the tea because that is what is expected of him because that is what he does best. Well Tamar’s plan is to get the girls to work out their issues so that they can give the fans a Season two and apparently she is a fan of the show.

Jason says he may or may not have promised Natalie he would not talk about certain things but he most certainly plans to get right to it whether she likes it or not.


Finally someone with that plans on getting to the root of the problems! So, both of the hosts agree that if a fight breaks out from them getting to the issues, they will both just run back stage. Let’s get to the reunion shall we?

Introducing the pink stage…….

So the two hosts look fabulous seated on a pink couch. And we are graced with a performance of the theme song by the artist Matt Cash. The performance was innovative…..all the girls walked out to him rapping to them. I was confused why Natalie was the only one wearing regular street clothes, twerking and yelling for each girl as they came out……

Lol. Why was she doing that?

All the girls looked nice, but like I said, Natalie showed up in tennis shoes, and a regular outfit and home girl energy……

They clap for all the Baddies. Jason tells everyone they look good, and Tamar asks Natalie how she is feeling and asks why she is dressed without heels on. She says she is giving “Baddies”… if you say so sis! Everybody else is glammed up so what are they giving? I’m confused was there a dress code and everybody else missed they were supposed to come looking like they were coming ready to rumble?

Stop it Natalie you are already starting stuff but acting coy.

Jason comments on how Tanisha is dressed in all black….and she hits us with some befitting Lil Kim lyrics, lol. Tanisha looks good, they all do.

Christina says she is ready. Judy says she is the Bad Girls Club. So? I thought tonight yawl was Baddies?

Judi tells the hosts that she  loves them and Sidney interrupts and asks. “But do they love you tho?”

And this leads to a back and forth that mainly consumes the whole reunion. Really most of the reunion was a back and forth between Judi and Sidney and it made the reunion somewhat chaotic.

Both of the women came in dresses that were hot pink claiming the other wants to be them and accusing each of hating on the other. It was a disgusting display of over talking and low blows. My head began to hurt after awhile.  Jason tells Sidney it is nice to see her again. Judy keeps interrupting.

We don’t care.

Tamar swings the conversation to Seven and then Janelle. When Tamar compliments Janelle, Sydney insults Janelle for no reason. It was so stupid and screams of insecurity.

Shut up Sidney.

Janelle looks great as always and you are just hating on her, AS ALWAYS! When Jason compliments Janelle’s behind, Sidney screams out that its fake…..

Shut up Sidney.

Sidney reminds us that she is the first transgendered Bad Girl and Baddies, and girl if this is how the next will act, we will pass on them from now on. Whew! Sidney gives me a pain in my neck for real!

Judi starts to “boo” and I swear I was over this already. Ten minutes in and the disrespect is annoying the mess out of me just like the show did. We find out despite the fights they two are really friends.

What! Yes these two characters are really friends this whole time! Then I was really annoyed. All the ploys for attention started getting to me.

They show clips from the season. And we are taking on a trip along with the others, down memory lane. Tamar’s facial expressions while watching the clips told it all. The show was a disaster, lol.

Jason brings up that Sarah is not at reunion. Tamar asks how does the girls feel about Sarah not being at the reunion, and Sydney says Sarah is a coward because she put out the voice recording of Natalie and then didn’t show her face to deal with the fall out.

What do you all think….is Sarah a coward for not coming to the reunion after dropping the receipts on Natalie?

Everybody felt she should have been there and Natalie agrees with Sidney that Sarah not showing up was a cowardly move. Sarah told the girls she was going to drop the audio but none of them believed she really had audio.

Christina doesn’t think Sarah is a coward for not showing up but doesn’t like the way things were handled. The girls are upset with Natalie talking about them but still showed up and Janelle feels Sarah should of at least showed up to clear up things and say her side.

Natalie offers an apology that turns out to be an excuse for why she did what she did. Tamar tries to hold her to it, but Natalie rather play the victim that own that she can be hurtful and that also contributed to the breakdown of the season. But Natalie says Sarah was also telling her what was being said about her behind her back and that’s what prompted her to vent to Sarah.

Christina doesn’t want an apology because she knows it won’t be genuine and she feels if Natalie is willing to expose other she should also expose her life as well. Christina did share a lot about her life by revealing she was batting a drug addiction and she feels Natalie was not as transparent.

Natalie tells Christina that it was Sarah that told her about her life.

While they are talking…..Judi’s goofy ass gets ups and walks over to the coffee table and picks up Jason Lee’s champagne glass and downs the contents like the goofball she is. Tamar looks at her shocked and is like, “I know you lying!” Judi then tries to hug Jason. He is fed up and pulls away like, “It is Covid out here right now!”

Yawl, what is wrong with Judi? She tips back to her seat on the couch as if she has no idea why everybody is appalled.  Ma’am, in the middle of a conversation you picked up another person’s drink and drank it. You are disgusting. You wanted attention so you are getting it and it’s very annoying.

Sidney starts berating Judi. Jason swings the focus back to Christina. While Christina is talking, Judi is rudely making comments and smart remarks. It’s to the point Christina as to call her out just so she could finish her statement uninterrupted.

Seven is upset Natalie mentioned her child. Seven says these women will fight and then get around each other and act like they are cool but she is not like that so she had to let Natalie know she is not with the fake behavior. Sidney says her feelings were hurt because she never talks about Natalie behind her back.

Judi says that Natalie also told Sarah to call Sidney a man. Sidney says that Natalie also told people that Sidney wasn’t coming for a season two. We hope not! No offense to any community but Sidney is bad for this franchise.

Tamar asks Natalie if she at least feels she was disloyal to Sidney. Natalie says she fought to have Sidney on the show. Judi interrupts to throw a jab at Sidney, and now Sidney and Judi begin arguing right in the middle of Natalie trying to answer Tamar’s question.

Sigh. Really?

Judi threatens to get her brother on Sidney……Jason asks if Judi has had problems wit Sidney because she is transsexual. Judi says she is bisexual and STILL friends with Sidney so their issues are not because of her being trans.

I can’t. Why the hell are we giving this energy if these two knuckleheads are FRIENDS? This is stupid.

Judi wants to clear up the issue of her being transphobic. She adamantly denies it and Sidney verifies that she doesn’t feel Judi is hates trans people. We see clips of Judi disrespecting Sidney and making several rude comments in reguards to her being trans.

Um it seems like they conveniently left out all of the times Sidney purposely bullied Judi…..of course Judi appears trans-phobic then you leave out the shenanigans Sidney brought her way. So does Sidney hate natural born women?

Jason says based on the clips it seems like Judi was being trans-phobic and Tamar disagreed. Jason says that because Tamar is straight she didn’t catch all of the tea, but I disagree. If we use the logic Jason wants us to use then Sidney is natural  born woman phobic which should be a hate crime.

Jason asks did Sidney feel Judi was being transphobic towards her and Sideny said no because they used to hang out everyday.

Tamar is like, “well what is all this?” And she means the animosity. It’s like these two never even liked each other let alone are STILL FRIENDS. This is so dam stupid.

Natalie says this is why she doesn’t feel disloyal by putting the two in a room together. She explains that Sidney was the wild card and she gave her the opportunity but basically it will be up to Sidney if the fans like her enough to keep her around.

Well I vote HELL NO!. Sidney most definitely needs to go!

Sidney keeps interrupting Natalie as she speaks and it is annoying. Judi keeps interrupting Natalie as she speaks and it’s annoying. No wonder these two tacky weirdo’s in pink are such good friends.

While Natalie and the hosts are talking, and Judi keeps making digs at Sidney…….Sidney pulls a bag of “Lucky Charms” cereal from behind a couch cushion. She clumsily bursts open the bag in an effort to hurridly open the cereals and makes a mess running over to throw whats left on Judi.

Sigh. Nice try Sidney. It was supposed to be her serving Judi “breakfast on the couch” the way Judi served Pricilla “breakfast in bed” on her season of Bad Girls Club.

Sidney gets on my nerves trying to recreate BGC as if this is not a whole completely different show. So now cereal is all over the floor and when Sidney tries to kick cereal onto to Judi she slips and falls. That’s what she gets for being extra as all get out.

Sidney makes a big production of yelling at Judi and playing victim. Judi keeps yelling corny insults at Sidney in defense of herself and its all very pathetic. Jason has had enough and he checks them for their unruly behavior. Judi and Sidney are heathens.

Sidney goes into a speech about her and Judi’s friendship. WE DON’T CARE. Judi gets upset because Sidney once again says Judi is the reason she wasn’t cast on season nine of BGC because she is trans. WE DON’T CARE. Judi threatens to get her brother to throw bullets at Sidney’s head. Jason goes to check Judi about the comment but Judi plays victim. She starts crying because she says she had to room with Sidney and Natalie yells what we all are thinking, but you are friends with her!

This is stupid.

Tamar asks why Judi is hurt. Judi says Sidney’s words hurt her as well. Then she was labeled homophobic and accused of blocking Sidney from an opportunity because she is trans and that is a lie. Tanisha tries to stick up for Judi and gets into it with Sidney. Tanisha says she understands Judi is crazy but Sidney is ruining her name with lies, according to Tanisha.


Sidney says she has proof and makes a big production of pulling up text messages that don’t prove anything. It was so dumb. She had no proof just her word and at this point we are all over it including Janelle who says the screenshots are not proof.

Judi says you keep bullying natural born women and when we snap back at you, you want to label us “trans-phobic” and I agree, do you? Judi brings up the fact that Sidney called Janelle names and Sidney proceeds to call Janelle more names. She pulls out a picture of a female Gremlin and says it’s an old picture of Janelle.

Tamar gets irritated as Sidney prances around with the picture taunting Janelle. As Jason tries to gain control of the reunion and Sidney runs around to show the picture to everyone, her face shows Tamar’s frustration.

Sidney goes to sit the picture next to Janelle who knocks it off the couch and tells Sidney to stop trying her. Jason keeps asking if he could say something, but Sidney pulls out another picture which she says is of Janelle. Its juvenile and even Jason Lee says Janelle is clearly beautiful and looks nothing like the stupid pictures Sidney brought.

Well duh. Sidney is a hater! Jason calls her out for seeking attention. Duh again! Jason also calls her out for acting a fool and making a mess of the set with her shenanigans. Tamar calls Sidney out for being disrespectful and wanting respect in return and walks off the stage……Sidney call out to her. “But Tamar you don’t know what those girls did to me…..”

Tamar says she doesn’t care and keeps walking……..

So we can’t wait for next week…….will Tamar cuss out Sidney again? Check me out for Part Two and thank you for the support and continue to stay safe and wear your masks!

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