Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion Part Two

I’m back to recap the reunion episodes of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the reunion episodes yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of part two. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a part three to the reunion. There was so much drama a lot of the ladies didn’t get to speak at all last time and there is still a lot to unpack. So without further ado are you guys ready for the last recap of the Atlanta cabaret? Ready?

Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion Part Two

The episode begins, and we see Mz Natural backstage and she wants the cameras out of her face…..remember Joseline had her leave the stage. Luenell is speaking on Mz Natural saying that she has issues….well don’t we all? Luenell says if everyone on the stage acted how they felt they would all be on stage having a hollering fit……good point, Luenell.

Joseline and Ballistic Beats return to the stage, because remember they walked off when Mz Natural did not get up and leave when Joseline ordered security to get her off the stage. Luenell says she see’s why there are no vases or flowers or ANY decorations on the stage with the entire ruckus going on….

But it is important for me to note there are two candelabras with candles in them sitting behind them. One candelabra is behind the seated hosts and one behind couch that seats Lucky, Sapphire and most importantly, behind Big Lex. Remember that, this will be a issue that comes up later in the reunion……

So Janeisha says she hopes Mz Natural can join them later on in the show….and now that Joseline is back the reunion continues. She says she wants everyone to speak their peace but she is directing it to the cast….but it really should be directed to Joseline who insists on shutting down the girls by over talking them. I feel some type of way about it because real talk, I wanted to hear what the women had to say, like Mz Natural.

They discuss Ballistic Beat’s music and he says he has some music he will be releasing to the fans. Joseline hopes that they get a Grammy for “Live Your Best Life” well it sure is a catchy tune….but outside of the cabaret fans I doubt that people heard it, although it is a song that is worthy of a Grammy, it’s just that infectious.

But let’s be real, in the age of the “Me Too” movement….ain’t no way in Hades the Grammy’s is about to deal with the controversy that move would bring…..I could be wrong, leave a comment and let’s discuss it. But I think Ballistic Beats is a talented producer and it’s amazing what he has been able to do with Joseline as an artist.

Janeisha next brings up some of the viral moments the show has had and she segues to the “double homicide” comment Big Lex directed to Aqua in response to her disclosing she had aborted twin’s right before coming onto the show.

Janeisha asks Aqua why she felt that it was okay to share that information with a group of ladies that were strangers to her, and Aqua said it came out naturally and she doesn’t regret saying it because a lot of women are silent on issues like abortion. And I agree. So many people do not speak up on their feelings about some issues because of the bullying, or judgments that come from speaking freely.

She had a lot of women reach out to her and she created a community where there is an open space to talk about these things…..good for you Aqua, if it helps someone then it was worth it right?

Janeisha asks Big Lex if now that she had time to process the moment, does she feel like maybe she could of handled things differently. Big Lex is unapologetic. Aqua basically says that Big Lex is showing her character by not apologizing.

I agree….Aqua should have watched the show, Big Lex said she owed her an apology but after they fought she didn’t give it. Big deal? She don’t eff with you, so she is not apologizing…’s petty but she always said she was petty!

Blue Face Barbie says that as a mother she sympathized with Aqua and her decision. Her point is, who is to say Aqua could afford to have two kids, or had the support it requires to take care of twins adequately.

Bosstec says she thought the comment was ignorant. And that’s when Big Lex starts to get defensive. Aqua says how she going to talk when she has kids she can’t take care of. Joseline reveals that it was Lucky who revealed the fact that Big Lex has a kid.

Lucky says Joseline is messy and Joseline says Lucky is being fake…… Bosstec says everyone is pressed about whether or not she has a kid or not.

Bosstec mentions about the frontal that Big Lex put in her crotch area…..

Big Lex says she is about to be Bob Marley in a minute…….referring to Bosstec’s choice of hairdo being snatched off her head again……

Good one Lex.

They go back and forth. Big Lex makes a good point. She didn’t tell any of her personal business…..she tells Bosstec her grown son and his friends will go see her shake her ass since he is old enough…..they keep bringing up Big Lex has a child…….

And Bosstec, it is true what Big Lex said. You do always insert yourself into drama. It’s annoying and screams desperation. The screaming goes on and on between the two and the insults.

Chanel Tso points out that she is not mad at anything because Bosstec keeps saying, yawl mad……If she hadn’t of said anything at that point I forgot she was there.

Blue Face Barbie points out that Chanel did flip flop between the two groups in an effort to remain neutral. They bring up that Sapphire threw treats at Chanel and that’s when Sapphire reveals Chanel came to her room with Blue Face Barbie to fight Lucky. Chanel denies she wanted to fight, but at least we have a reason why Sapphire threw the treats. She was mad that Chanel came to her room with Barbie.

Sapphire says that Chanel was there for her and it meant a lot. So apparently Chanel is not this fake person they are trying to portray her to be.

They next show clips of Lucky and Blue Face Barbie’s numerous fights or domestic violence relationship as Barbie called it. Joseline once again stated that when Lucky asked her, “may I?” she didn’t know what was going to follow would be the beat down we all witnessed. Luenell said she did lol.

Blue Face Barbie says she should have stayed in the house and if she is not a fighter, why was she trying to fight?

We were all wondering the same thing, lady!

Barbie she says she doesn’t play about her man’s money remember Lucky was suppose to pay her dude for his “management” services…….and it comes out Lucky was suppose to turn a trick but didn’t because Barbie and her man were drunk and she didn’t feel they would protect her if things went wrong.

Luenell asks the burning question to Barbie, “Are you the only one up here that has a pimp?” Barbie denies having a pimp……sigh.

They bring up the fight between Bosstec and Big Lex. It comes out, that after the “double homicide” comment to Aqua, Bosstec and Big Lex had words. That is why Big Lex is mad that Bosstec keeps acting like she doesn’t know why she ended up wanting to fight her.

Bosstec tells Big Lex she hope she gets her gapped teeth fixed and Big Lex tells her she looks like the grill cleaner…..I cracked up.

Aqua tells Big Lex she can’t be mad with the backlash because of the “double homicide” comment. Big Lex says she is not mad because she is that b***h. They go back and forth….with both Aqua and Bosstec coming for Big Lex. Bosstec says nobody knew Big Lex before Joseline’s Cabaret……

Joseline apologizes to Aqua and invites her to come back next season. I was flabbergasted. Joseline calls her wig dusty…..but otherwise says she was beautiful? I’m confused. Is she complementing Aqua or clowning her?

Janeisha asks about the way Aqua left and she admits she was going through a lot. Aqua says while she did put the food in Big Lex’s bed. She didn’t beat up the male assistant.

Joseline calls out Yummy P for being quiet. She says she shout of beat her ass for how she attacked Mz Natural. Yummy goes to explain and Joseline told her to speak in her regular voice, the one she uses when she is in the confessionals.  Yummy P insists she is using her real voice.

Joseline says when she picked Mz Natural over her, the face that Yummy P made was like that of a witch.

Big Lex interjects, “And? So what? She turned up on yo ass, so what?” Joseline tells her she is not talking to her. That leads to Joseline and Big Lex going back and forth because Big Lex refuses to let Joseline continue going at Yummy……

Joseline eventually stands up as things get more heated. She continues to go at Big Lex who does not back down. Joseline starts telling Big Lex to, “shut the f*** up”, repeatedly.

Ballistic Beats tries to intervene asking, “Big Lex what is all the rah rah for anyway?” But Joseline starts screaming that basically Big Lex is jealous of her. Big Lex keeps screaming over Joseline……Joseline insists that Big Lex’s mic should be cut off……when Big Lex keeps talking she orders someone to put tape on Big Lex’s mouth……Big Lex says if anyone tries to tape her mouth they will be taping Joseline up.

Whoa. This is getting out of hand.

Ballistic gets mad and starts telling Big Lex she is letting the little bit of fame she has go to her head. When she continues to talk…he tells he repeatedly to. “shut the f*** up”. He stands up…he starts walking towards her still barking, “shut the f*** up!” .

It was beyond cringe worthy when he called her stupid and of course kept telling her to “shut the f*** up”. No man should be losing control and being aggressive towards a woman in that manner. It was not a good look.

Joseline orders security to get Big Lex off the set. Joseline then jumps up and throws a candelabra at Big Lex. Only then does security grab of all people, Big Lex! What the heck was wrong with security? Since when is the person who gets attacked considered the threat?

Bosstec and Aqua also go after Big Lex…..why? Because they are some punks who needed to be beat down! Why would you go after Big Lex as she is being escorted off by security? This is a mess of epic proportions. We still haven’t heard much from Chanel and she is the one who won the dang gone prize!

Sapphire and Lucky go off stage to calm Big Lex who is now standing off stage. Ballistic is on stage telling everyone that Big Lex constantly ran her mouth. They take a much needed break.

They come back with the two hosts and all the girls on stage except Mz Natural and Big Lex. Joseline and Ballistic come back on stage. Joseline has changed into another outfit and some of the girls applaud. But now, my mood is flat. I’m over it. Normally I would of celebrated Joseline, but my mood is sour. I don’t feel uplifted and I thought I would. It’s so sad that this is how the season is ending.

Joseline says for all the criticism the girls had for how they were treated, they were able to be themselves. Lexi Blow agrees and Sapphire tells her to stop being such an ass kisser…….

Joseline goes on a tirade of insults about Big Lex who is not on the stage to respond. Is that the point? Joseline is able to say whatever she would like and the remaining girls just sit there. Joseline doesn’t want them to be able to talk anyway and that’s annoying. We would have liked to have had some dialogue not just the insults and temper tantrums.

She then moves on to speaking badly about Mz Natural who is also not on stage to respond as Joseline curses and insults her. Some of the girls laugh.

I can’t. I have never witnessed a reunion like this EVER. And the season was so great it’s unbelievable that they would produce a reunion show this bad.

Joseline calls Mz Natural an animal.

Sigh. Joseline stop it. You just threw a candelabra at an unarmed woman……I wouldn’t throw out names like animal if I were you.

A producer says he is going to allow the two ladies to come on the stage one by one and say their peace. Joseline bursts into a series of “f” bombs but to no avail they are going to be able to speak anyway.


I mean next season she should not have a reunion show, just a special where Joseline is able to talk the whole time. We literally barely heard from Lexi Blow or Yummy P. Nobody really got to say much.

Big Lex is interrupted when she says her peace. She calls the girls that clapped for Joseline fake and walks off the stage.

Mz Natural tried to thank Joseline for the opportunity but Joseline did not accept it graciously. Joseline interrupted her to berate Yummy and demand that she apologize to Mz Natural. It was just strange. I kept wondering if they were all drunk. Mz Natural is interrupted, insulted and escorted off when she says her peace. Not before Joseline puts her down for being a porn star and Mz Natural points out the fact that Joseline does not have a mother who loves her.


Sapphire tries to have a heart to heart moment with Joseline but they wrap up the reunion……

Janeisha says they have tapped interviews that you can see on the Zeus website so that the girls could get their final say.

Luenell said a prayer for all the girls. And I would like to extend some encouragement to all the women as well. This reunion was anything but empowering. They all clap for Chanel Tso, the forgotten winner and that’s all folks!

So did you check out part two? Will you be watching another season of the show if it comes back?

What are your thoughts?

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