Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta: Luenell Spills The Tea About Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion And Zeus Network Confronts Her (VIDEO Included)


Did anyone catch the explosive reunion of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta? After the reunion of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Part One aired, comedienne Luenell received major backlash. Well “Auntie” Luenell decided to respond on her Instagram to clear a few things up. Are yawl mad at Tee Tee? Well maybe you will have a second opinion after you catch this video.

And surprise, Zeus Network popped onto her Live…..did any of you all catch it? Well no worries, I found a video………

(Posted on YouTube by RealiTea TV)

Okay, now that you have seen Luenell side, does Zeus have a point? More importantly, did you change your mind about Luenell’s performance on the reunion?

Well I still love you Luenell! Thank you for clearing a few things up for us, because I didn’t quite understand everything that went down but now I have a better understanding, whew!

What are your thoughts?

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