Recap Of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 Episode Four: “Going Ham at the Pajammy Jam”

I’m back to recap another episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season six.  But if you haven’t started watching the fourth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode four. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Four: “Going Ham at the Pajammy Jam”

When the episode begins we see Gizelle go to get styled and her hair done at the set of a photo shoot for the podcast she has with her best friend who she says is Robyn, and the podcast is called “Reasonably Shady”, lol. Gizelle says their work ethics a different so she doesn’t know how long this partnership is going to last…well why do it then Gizelle, if you are already planning for it to fall apart?

Robyn arrives with her outfit in hand ready to be styled as well…..and Gizelle admits she was trashing Robyn a little to the guy, Kal, that was helping her get ready…..yeah this is your best friend Robyn, no wonder you are depressed.

When Robyn goes to the back to get changed, Gizelle switches her topic of conversation with Kal to Jamal…..why are you talking to the stylist about your ex?


Gizelle needs to get a storyline because I refuse to recap her and Jamal’s fictional relationship without calling it out and its boring because it gets redundant, whew!

Gizelle mentions her daughter Grace is getting her learners permit but she keeps failing the test. Robyn comes from the back and she is dressed. The ladies discuss Mia and her argument with Wendy at Ashley’s Pamper Party, while Kal does Robyn’s hair. Gizelle tells Kal that Mia called Wendy simple minded. He is astounded. Not Wendy with all her college degrees!

Robyn says Wendy wouldn’t let Mia talk and once again they express the desire to get to know Mia outside of the presence of Karen who they feel has some sort of affect on Mia’s behavior when she is with the group. Gizelle texts Wendy to get together for drinks without Karen.

Gizelle seems to like Mia mainly because she seems like someone who she could be an ally with, I bet. Besides Robyn who is always down to kiss her fanny.

Lol. It’s true though!

They take the pictures for the podcast…….



Michael and a very pregnant Ashley go out for dinner….Ashley is so far along she is due to give birth any minute and here she is filming scenes for a reality show. This should show Bravo this woman is dedicated to this, because she looks happy but uncomfortable as all get out.

They sit down for dinner and conversation. Ashley lets us know once again, as if we give a care, she and Michael have not been having much sex but he is still romancing her. Good for you Ashley….you are happily married, we believe you so quit trying to convince us hun.

Michael let’s her know he wants to start another business. Despite having no experience he wants to start producing movies… I’m guessing, lol. Just kidding, but seriously…..

Ashley says it’s a lot of work, and he asks her if she doesn’t want him to do it. She is fine with it but has concerns, I mean she is having a baby soon and already has a toddler. She wants to be supportive, and I think Ashley does a least try to give her marriage her all and that’s admirable. She just doesn’t want to make a bad financial decision that will affect the financial well being of the whole family. They have to cut the dinner short because Ashley starts to feel physically uncomfortable sitting down…..she is due any minute….poor thing I remember those days!


Karen is at home cooking and he daughter calls her to video chat. Karen is proud of her daughter Rayvin who is living I New York working her first job and it’s in corporate America as an executive. Karen shares with her daughter she is being sworn I as an Ambassador to her home town, Surry, VA. Rayvin says Karen is an inspiration to herself and others….we like their relationship don’t we Potomac fans?

Karen wants to bring attention to rural America and bring her hometown access to fresh fruits and vegetables and Wi-Fi. Lack of these things is a problem that plagues many poor communities so we are glad Karen is giving back.

We also find out….Karen can’t cook worth a dam!



Mia goes strutting into one of her Chiropractic businesses and begins directing her staff. She tells us she is the Regional Director for a series of such offices with 14 offices over four states…..and she has three more under construction!


She is extremely busy and very involved in the running of her businesses it seems. Her oldest son calls while she is debriefing her staff, and she stops to take his video call.

She asks if he is going to practice and if was okay if her husband, G, takes him. Her husband interrupts and was like; I thought you were taking him. Mia runs down to him all of the things she has to do for her businesses. He reminds her that this is the third time she broke her promise to take him to practice but he doesn’t mind taking him.

Mia asks the question I was wondering….then why make her feel bad? More importantly, why bring it up now in front of the kid? Mia gets defensive when he says he wants her to be more balanced…..okay we see the work home life balance is going to be a part of Mia’s storyline.


Roby meets with her trainer, Ana to work out in the park and she looks like the park is freezing cold. She says she gained weight during the pandemic…..girl we all did! So she is getting back fit and she asks Askale and Wendy to join her. Askale shows up in a big fluffy fur coat. And Wendy doesn’t do much better with her fanciness and huge coat, ha! Really none of the ladies look like they came to work out….but after the work out they move on to the real reason they met up….


Candiace calls while they are walking a trail; she invites them to a pajama party in celebration of her moving out of her townhouse into her new abode. The three ladies are excited to be invited and when she hangs up they begin gossiping about Mia. Askale calls her “Messy Mia” and they all laugh…..I’m confused. When did they make this Askale chick a housewife?


Karen goes to visit “Messy Mia” at her home and despite being “friends” it is obviously the first time Karen ever been to her house. Bravo, yawl not slick!

She serves her a fabulous cheese, fruit and cracker tray and they sit down to gossip. They discuss the pamper party. Karen felt Mia was attacked because of her relationship with her. Karen’s problem with Robyn is that she does Gizelle’s bidding and is “up her bush”…..

Now Karen! That is no way for a Lady of the upper echelons of high society to talk!


Mia tells Karen about the invite to drinks through text, from Gizelle and mentions she was told “without Karen”. They both laugh hysterically.

When they switch back to Robyn in the park she is also telling Askale and Wendy about the text. She shows us a text that was Mia’s reply:

Hi Gizelle- Unless you want to discuss business there’s nothing I have time to “talk” to you about. Would you like for me to connect you with my Assistant to pencil you in this week?

Switch back to Mia, and her point is that Gizelle is not going to dictate what she does. She will bring Karen places if she would like to, who do Roby and Gizelle think they are telling her not to bring Karen to drinks?

Robyn says she texted back……

Hi Mia, I’m quite taken aback by your rude response. Was something done to you that we are not aware of? Is this how you treat people who are trying to get to know you? What am I missing?

Mia texts back……

@Gizelle since my message was directed to you. Forgive me if you think I’m being rude. I’m simply being direct.

Robyn says at this point she has nothing to reply back to her about…..ummmm Robyn, she @Gizelle not you! She didn’t even acknowledge you were the one texting and Gizelle was the one that paid the text dust……

Looks like Robyn is losing her spot…..Gizelle may not trust Mia….but given the chance, you could tell Mia thinks Gizelle is a good look….and Gizelle considers Mia more of a good look than Robyn who insists on being her underling. Robyn did well by bringing Askale on the show….just in case Gizelle ditches her for Mia, lol.

Karen is proud that Mia stood up to Gizelle and Robyn and doesn’t mind if one day down the road Mia decides to go have drinks that’s fine but don’t put stipulations on what she can do. Karen knows Mia is the type to align herself with the likes of Gizelle…..but she is playing this correctly. Gizelle ends up looking like a hater whenever Karen acts unbothered….but really they both hate on each other, in a way.


Candiace goes to the studio to record a track and I must admit. What I heard of the song sounds good. She says Chris is busy with other job and couldn’t be there with her. She misses her “husbanger” because he is her support. She says she doesn’t say thank you as often as she needs to. Well that is not cool Candiace. He will become resentful if he gives without feeling appreciated. It’s good that at least you recognize that you need to thank your husband more.

They show flashbacks of Candiace as a little girl, aaaaaaw! Candiace looks so cute. We are glad Candiace is working o her dreams, good for you Candiace.


Gizelle takes her twin daughters to wait for Grace to take her test. She fails again. I like that Gizelle despite being uncomfortable did at least try to be there for her daughter emotionally when she saw she was upset she failed.

I get it. I’m that person who understands struggles with being emotionally available….. I really think Gizelle show her other side when she is with her daughters and it’s beautiful to watch. Her twins feel bad for their big sis, but giggle anyway…..Try again young lady you will eventually do it. Gizelle has great kids.

Candiace’s Pajama Party

Candiace is in her condo she recently sold…..this is the location for her party, but its bittersweet because it is a send off of sorts….a goodbye to her younger self. She spent years I the condo, and has a lot of memories there. We get to see some flashbacks….and yes they show her argument with Ashley where she famously waved the butter knife, lol.

Bravo is messy!

The camera sweeps the trays of food….OMG! Candiace has a spread laid out for the ladies.

Karen is the first to arrive in her designer pink robe. Candiace hands her a glass and says everyone who enters must take a shot of Fireball. Karen sips half of the shot and feigns like she can’t drink the rest.

She got Candiace’s number….she is tired of being called the lush of the group….she rather get some of the food first, lol.

Yawl Ashley is trying her best to be a great mom. You rock Ashley… delivery to you and your baby boy.

Karen brings up her renewal ceremony and shades Roby because she says she will be getting married after the pandemic…..yeah sure Robyn, we believe you, wink wink.

Side note, in her confessional Roby looked beautiful! She had her hair pulled up into a top bun with cute parted bangs….why can’t you do this always ma’am you look fantastic in your yellow. Now if you had of worn this look for last season’s reunion…..but anyway back to the recap!

Gizelle arrives and takes her shot of Fireball….and calls Karen a hater….lol. Karen rolls her eyes.

The ladies arrive in lingerie or pajamas, except for Ashley who Candiace conveniently forgot to invite….lol.

Meanwhile Ashley is in labor on the way to deliver anyway! We see a touching scene where Ashley is crying. Not only because she is dealing with the stresses of labor but because she will be away from Little Dean and when she comes back she will have another baby he will have to compete with for attention and she will not be there to help him transition into the change.

Askale and Wendy join in on the gossip and the nice spread because let’s face it the food looks good!

Mia hasn’t arrived yet. Karen brings up the text….and her and Gizelle argue over semantics. Gizelle said “without Karen” not “Don’t bring Karen” lol.

Mia arrives just in time…but what she had on didn’t look like pajamas…but it was nice either way, lol. Mia girl, who wears heels to a pajama party, he he!

Karen tells Mia they were discussing the text….as soon as Mia walks in from taking her shot of Fireball at the door….well dam! Let a girl take off her coat before you start in on the b.s., but Mia jumps right into the swing of things as if she came ready……

Karen says they came to the conclusion the choice of words was improper. Her issue is the words, “Not Karen” well when did she say that?


How many variations of “don’t bring the bane of my existence to a festive occasion I invited you to” will we get in one conversation? The point is Gizelle wanted to get to know Mia without Karen or Wendy there. She shouldn’t have mentioned Karen in my opinion because it is a given Karen wasn’t showing up……but it sure is bothering Karen isn’t it? If you agree leave a comment.

This is stupid and hilarious at the same time…well it is a pajama party why not entertain childish things, right ladies? So the petty most certainly continues…..Gizelle pushes the issue and she has a point. Karen wasn’t invited and she said so ahead of time….but like I said….KAREN WASN’T GOING TO SHOW UP IF YOU PAID HER SO WHY BRING HER UP?

Sorry I had to yell. I wish these ladies would hear me….dang! We don’t care so move on! Askale butts in for some reason…..

{Record Scratch}


Ma’am….who are you, simmer down we barely met you! Why the hell is Askale butting in? I mean just cause you there? We see you ma’am you should just wait a sec you will have your opportunity….if you keep creating them at the wrong time I’m going to have to possibly drag you if you keep getting on my nerves….so pipe down.

Askale, you look good and you obviously belong in the circle….don’t make the Aquarius in me get ticked off Askale….I want to like you sooooo bad! Relax and look fabulous and just make faces. The camera will pick them up and we will feel like you are one of us. That will make you relatable….no woman who just got into a circle of women acts like you are acting if they really are unbiased.

In other words…..Shhhhhh! And when you get the right chance, let your personality shine! Right now you are coming off as a sh** starter and I don’t like those, ya dig?

Yawl, Askale is giving me “crazy” vibes…..she should maybe cool it, lol.

Mia says she doesn’t let people dictate her life…..when Askale interrupts….Mia asks her how many businesses does she own? The point Mia was trying to make was that, she is too busy being a boss to be bossed around, but the ladies interrupted wanting to know why Mia would ask such a question. And that is the reason all of the over talking, and interrupting is pointless….and it’s hard to recap these type of reality shows and keep up with who said what or even what point they are trying to make!

I personally don’t like how Wendy, Robyn, Askale all jumped in against Mia….but she held her own, and you got to give it to her, she didn’t back down. I’m starting to see Mia will never back down if you come for her. She will be good for TV. but I’m not sure you want to go down this road often traveled Mia……

Candiace stands on her counter in an effort to get the ladies attention. Why not put them out? But it’s a show so we will just pretend that people allow women to cut a fool in their houses…..

She says it won’t be solved for the night so the ladies should meet up individually to work things out, but……ON WITH THE PARTY!

I actually loved how Candiace handled that….it was like a perfect hostess would…..but I would of just handed them “to go” boxes, told them to grab some food and exit the place before I commence to whooping some tail for disrespecting my event….but I guess that’s why I don’t have upscale friends like these….I would never act this way, I hope, lol.

Well I hope I wouldn’t on T.V. At least, ha!

They play “Prose co Pong”, an upscale version of the party game “Beer Pong”. During the game Wendy goes to Gizelle while the others play to talk. Robyn happens to be right by Gizelle, but Gizelle is the only one she seems to want to work anything out with, lol.

She says they got off on the wrong foot and Gizelle checks her. She says they didn’t get off on the wrong foot that she was nice to her and wanted to get to know her.

Mia….have you seen the show? Gizelle gave you the gift she hasn’t given any newbie! She actually was giving you a chance. You just keep bouncing between cliques like you are in high school….you want to be in the popular clique don’t you Mia? But you can’t decide which route will be best for you to social climb through, huh? We see you! If you agree or don’t, leave a comment!

Mia apologizes to Gizelle as Robyn wanders back to the group to play the party game and she would want to because Mia doesn’t even try to reconcile anything with Robyn……I hope Robyn see’s this and doesn’t try to build jack with Mia who doesn’t seem interested in an acquaintance-ship let alone friendship with Robyn.

It’s not that she is saying it, but she is acting like Robyn is insignificant in the equation and its Gizelle who she should be trying to get in good with. It’s kind of pathetic if she really is like this. Who the hell is Gizelle, Mia that you make it seem like you are kissing her ass? Nobody to gravel to like this…..

Mia says she will try to do better with the way she delivers things. Gizelle says don’t send her that s**t again, and we are to assume she means texts like the ones they exchanged. Mia agrees and I guess they will now move on.

Sigh. Really Mia? You gonna tell us you a boss….then tell us you not gonna let nobody boss you….then let Gizelle boss you?


Go play “Prose co Pong” because you like bouncing back and forth like a bobble head…..Mia you are starting to get on my nerves……Gizelle ain’t nobody’s friend and you will see…..

The strays rejoin the group. They all do a Congo line into the living room… continue playing party games.


They play “never have I ever”….

So if you have done the thing mentioned….you must drink… know the game!

Karen drinks….she has done the drug ecstasy before. Mia drinks…..she has had her clit done…….

She clarifies she has a vaginal rejuvenation surgery…..the girls al exchange looks…Lol. Mia shut up! These ladies keep shading you about your over-sharing but you just can’t find a clue!

Mia drinks she has had a threesome with her current husband, G. Nobody is surprised. She didn’t have sex with the woman but happily watched her husband…..some of the ladies all secretly judge, even the ones who don’t have husbands, lol.

So did you catch the show? I can’t wait to see the drama next week how about you? Leave a comment and subscribe for more recaps, bye for now!

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