Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Episode Three: “Here Comes the Tea-Fanny”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the third episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode three. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Three: “Here Comes the Tea-Fanny”

Melody is at home preparing for a visit from Latisha. They are moving their friendship along and rebuilding. I like that. If you have to be on the show together, why not be cool? Latisha brings her a nice bottle of champagne from her new business….

Go Latisha, you got several things going on and we like it!

She tells Melody all the things she and Marsau are doing in business and Melody is happy for her. Latisha then asks how things have been going in Melody’s equally busy life. Melody says she loves her alone time and finding time for herself in the midst of being so busy. Latisha is noticing Melody is acting more like she used to be and Melody agrees she is more spontaneous and fun now…..

Latisha says despite the pandemic she and Marsau are close but in the past six months Marsau has been very busy with work. She hopes on their upcoming business trip to Houston, she and Marsau can get some time alone to be more connected. They will be celebrating 15 years of marriage.  Melody gives her some supportive advice about balancing their work lives with the marriage life. That was nice of Melody. They share some laughs and girl talk….Latisha wants more romance with Marsau.


Martell goes to visit his mother and spread snake repellant for his mother in her yard. I have a question…..where is the mother’s man? She keeps saying things like, “Take care of your mama” and if the snakes come are you going to come back? It just gives me the energy that a woman gives a man she thinks is handy. Mama, why don’t you have you a handy man, lol? But Martell seems to revel in the role of dutiful son, and assures her that the snakes won’t come around, but if they do, he will be back.


He tells her about his encounter with Melody’s mother and how he felt disrespected, and that she wanted to have a conversation with him. Rather than hold Martell accountable, the mother actually is upset with Melody’s mom.


The comment she is making is giving me the impression she doesn’t hold him accountable, but makes excuses for him. No wonder he is running around acting like it is Melody’s fault things are not going well for him.

Where is the accountability?


Marsau meets with Kimmi’s son Jalen at his recently opened cigar lounge. Apparently Jalen is the unwilling manager and I wonder why? He says he is not a people person, and he is not being taught the business. Yet Marsau is critical of him and wants to hold him accountable…….he feels he needs more assistance.

Marsau if he doesn’t want to manage the lounge solely, why does everyone insist that he does? He is super young to be a General Manager and he has no experience. He complains about not having the support he was promised….I agree. So he is running the whole operation. If he has no experience he needs training! Rather than Marsau just hire a manager, he agrees to get a General Manager to assist Jalen.


Why not get a General Manager and have Jalen assist him?


Martell goes to meet with Melody’s mother Vanessa in the park to sit and discuss things. Martell brings up that Melody’s mother put her hand up when he was talking so she disrespected him.

Vanessa feels Martell continues to hurt Melody and even her by lying. Martell doesn’t want her to take sides, and his mother wants her to stay out of it, but she claims she was brought into the mess directly by Martell because he started a rumor she was keeping his kids from him.

She brings up that Melody has never disrespected his mother, but he has talked disrespectfully to her and she is hurt. She begins to cry as she speaks about what his affair did to her and the pain she sees her grandchildren in and Martell actually looks regretful and I feel sorry for both of them.

She tells him she forgives him for the pain he has caused. They agree to at least be cordial for the kid’s sake. Martell is defensive because he is not ready to accept sole responsibility for his actions. He once again brings up Melody being disrespectful and that’s one of the reasons he cheated.

And to be fair, I believe he genuinely may have valid points sometimes. It’s understandable that Melody may have played a part in the demise of the marriage.  Nobody is one hundred percent the cause of a marriage failing, but he refuses to hold himself accountable and wants someone to share blame in order to justify cheating.

It’s always, “yeah I cheated,” but…..

There is no but! You lied and cheated. That was wrong. You can’t justify your wrongs by saying she did something wrong. She has to take responsibility for her actions just like you do. But I think the reason she doesn’t take responsibility for the things you accuse her of is because they are not true. And the fact that you are being forced to take responsibility is making you act out.

In the end of the scene, they hug. And I was glad it didn’t get ugly. Martell did hear her out and he did not have to do that and he didn’t owe her that. But the fact that he did was big. And when he apologized to her I hoped he meant it because it was a nice gesture.


So we see Tiffany again but this time she is home with her husband Louis and their two teenage boys. Each boy belongs to the other biologically. They have been married for a year and she says they will last forever. She fills her husband in on her meeting with Melody. And says she will be meeting her circle at a party for Destiny that Melody invited her to.

Tiffany tells her husband she thinks she met Destiny before…..


Latisha arrives in Houston for “Cigar Week” she is going to get everything set up, and Marsau will arrive the next day after he stays behind to do some last minute things for their champagne business. They want to expand their cigar lounge brand and promote their champagne.

She lays across the hotel bed and video calls Marsau to let him know she made it safely and tell him about her hotel room and the fabulous view. She asks him how things are going. He says that someone messed up the labels o the bottles and he is upset. She says everything is good o her end. She has everything set up, meetings and what nots, so make sure he doesn’t miss his flight.

She says for the week they are away from the kids and she wants some romance time. He says, “Yeah we can have sex.”


She was like, “Oh my God.”

I cracked up. He said rather than have a romantic night out, why don’t they save some money and just have sex? She was aghast, and I chuckled.


Next we see another woman and Destiny arrive to the venue for her birthday brunch. Destiny looks great, and remember, she invited her circle so the woman with her must be a close friend. Melody arrives with a bob wig looking fabulous. She brings her a card from her mother and a thoughtful box of selected goodies. Their cocktails arrive and they sit at a table start drinking.

Melody tells Destiny that she invited her friend Tiffany and Destiny may know her from The Chambers of Commerce. More women arrive. Kimmi arrives and hugs Melody and Destiny. Melody questions if her and Destiny are close when she finds out that Destiny had a bad day but didn’t call her for comfort.

Destiny reveals she is divorced and Kimmi is shocked and offers her sympathies. Kimmi begins to cry. It’s always sad when people break up, I get it. More guests arrive, and Tiffany finally shows up, and keep reading, because she is also about to show out…..

Melody jumps up and hugs her and introduces her. Destiny even remarks how gorgeous Tiffany is….and she is. Did I mention that before?

Destiny and Tiffany both feel like they both look familiar. Tiffany thinks maybe they met at Melody’s house one time. Destiny says, maybe. They all congratulate Tiffany on her new marriage. According to Kimmi the wedding was extravagant and the wedding was a surprise.

No literally. Tiffany through her husband a surprise wedding…..


Tiffany immediately works the conversation towards Kimmi and we find out they know each other through the kids playing sports. Tiffany asks Kimmi about a rumor of Monster vaping in the bathroom. Dang, I thought I was going to like Tiffany but that’s beyond messy!

It is now revealed that Jalen has a crush on Destiny…. Kimmi is not amused, he he! Well he has good taste, lol! It was harmless when Destiny was married but now that she is divorced Kimmi no longer thinks his crush on Destiny is cute, lol.

Messy Tiffany says she didn’t know Destiny was married. Melody was not surprised. And then all of a sudden Tiffany remembers an incident where she caught LeBerrick with a woman that wasn’t Destiny……

OMG. Tiffany, really? It is Destiny’s birthday you ding bat.

How does the episode end?

Destiny gets up from the table to go into the bathroom and cry.

Way to go Tiffany.

So I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? How about the recaps? What do you think about Tiffany and her antics? Come back next week!

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