Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion Part One

I’m back to recap the reunion episodes of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the reunion episodes yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of part one. I’m so excited to see if the reunion lives up to all the anticipation the drama between the cast of ladies has drummed up. I am here to see the two hosts, the lovely Janeisha John and so ready to see the wonderful and funny comedienne, Luenell.

This reunion is about to be lit, huh cabaret fans? Ready? Let’s get started…….

Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion Part One

Remember when each episode this season started with a snippet of the video for Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life”? Well the reunion episode starts with a live performance from Joseline of the song….and Joseline looks good yawl! She is serving all that body in a fierce “Farrah Fawcett” hairdo…..GET IT JOSELINE!

And yes I couldn’t wait to sing along and shimmy, along with my geriatric twerk, “Aye!” Were you dancing cabaret fans?

“Do it like it’s your b-day, baybeee!”

I missed that song…. that is my jam!

So all the ladies are arriving and getting ready to appear on stage along with the Peurto Rican Princess for the reunion and we see production getting the stage ready. Backstage all of the ladies are getting “glammed” up.

The hosts arrive…..

In one of the dressing rooms getting ready we see, Blue Face Barbie getting her makeup done while talking to Bosstec and Mz Natural who is getting a platinum blonde wig curled and styled while she sits. They all say that Zeus is overdoing it trying to tape them every minute to get maximum footage. Barbie says security dropped a load in her bathroom and stunk up the place.


Barbie says once she left the house she was done with the show. But just like we all know, after watching the show, hurt feelings set in as she watched what was said behind her back. And she wants us to know that the show was edited in such a way that we didn’t get to see moments when she was winning the fights just when she was getting walked like a dog. Well what else happened? When did we miss the fight where you won?

Now that’s funny.

Well hopefully we get to see that wonderful bean footage….because yeah, Zeus Network only showed us, you being pulled like a poodle and stomped like a rabid pit bull, lol.

Bosstec said if she had to do it over….she would have avoided all the drama and just focused on the cabaret and the dancing.

Mz Natural says she didn’t sign up to be on Joseline’s Bad Girl Club. She is over it.

Bosstec seems to be campaigning to be on the next season, does anyone else think so? Well I wouldn’t mind if they brought her back but yes without all the shenanigans. We didn’t really get a chance to see her dancing abilities as much as her drinking and getting into dumb fights. She seems to sense she missed an opportunity to showcase her real talents. Well at least she gets it now.

Mz Natural says she thought it was going to be more focused more on activities like going to the dance studio but instead it was just nonstop drama. But Mz Natural, to be fair, how is that Joseline’s fault? Are you saying she made you ladies act a fool? I just want to be fair. Most of the time Joseline was making it appear to us that she wanted to move on past the drama but at several points it was the ladies of the cabaret who just were unwilling to do that. And that’s the way the show made it seem….did I get it wrong?

Mz Natural I like you but enough!

You also took part in drama ma’am. To say you just came to dance…..that is not how the show made it appear. It seemed to me you were creating a lot of drama for whatever reason too. So to sit here and act like all you came to do to dance is strange seeing that you would have done just that if it were completely true. And I do feel you were mistreated at times….but I want you to face up to making some mistakes as well.

Bosstec says the show gave her a lot of recognition in Atlanta. I could believe that. She said she got a lot of support. She said Chanel Tso turned out to be a fake friend….the type that will borrow then wear your clothes and turn her back on you when you need her support in return.

Allowing friends to borrow the clothes we love is major for some women. For some it really just depends….and to find out a person you rock with the long way is not your friend, makes some women regret letting you use items that are personal to them. I will not re-wear an item that a fake friend borrowed…..that’s just me. And now I lost a friend and a good piece of clothing……that’s all bad. But mainly, I don’t give a dam about clothes, but that’s me. I get it though.

Bosstec says Chanel talked behind her back to Sapphire even though Sapphire is the one who threw dog treats at her. Mz Natural sticks up for Chanel, but Bosstec is not having it. From what Bosstec say of Chanel Tso on the show…..she has made up her mind Chanel was a fake friend.

They go back and forth and Bosstec stands up Mz Natural who is sitting getting her hair curled, remember, was like, “Why you standing up?”

Yeah, I didn’t get that either. But I guess Bosstec didn’t want to be shut down. I didn’t care guys. But Mz Natural did bring up the time in the van when Bosstec was drunk and she cussed Chanel out……yawl remember that?

Bosstec we don’t care that you was drunk. You supposedly was Chanel friend and in front of everybody you cussed her out for no reason. You screaming, “But I was drunk, I was drunk” does not change the fact… did that to her when you say yawl were friends.

So why are you mad?

You kept saying yawl wasn’t friends but now you say you mad she was talking about you. I’m confused why you care if you weren’t friends? And if you were friends, you were the first to act funny bunny, it doesn’t matter if you were drunk. When everybody told you what you did, including Chanel you still refused to apologize…..remember that? She had to keep fishing for a well deserved apology and to me that was not friend behavior on your part, dear.

Blue Face Barbie, who has on a hot pink horror wig, says she feels some type of way about Chanel as well. She was sharing her belongings with Chanel and they shared a room but as soon as she left, Chanel told everybody she was glad she was gone.

Now she does have a point, and Barbie I did call Chanel out on that. We all saw her being cool with you, so I too was shocked when it seemed like she switched it up. You should feel some type of way because it was foul.

Sorry Chanel.

The show was edited to make you seem a certain type of way to the viewers. All of a sudden you distanced yourself from Barbie and it was shady.


Mz Natural says they are being petty. Maybe or maybe not because I also recall Mz Natural tripping over Yummy P smoking her weed and drinking her henny…….

Sigh. Yawl either all petty or have a point because you all are the same way. Either you are generous or stingy, which is it? Because letting a friend borrow clothes or partake in your goodies, is what friends do. OMG!

Mz Natural says none of them know how to be a sisterhood. She claims the show was not create for that.

Bosstec says no one was forced and any of them could have walked away and they didn’t have to be involved in the drama if they chose not to, and I agree. See Bosstec makes a lot of sense sometimes…..but her choices are the things that get her into calamity. But she is far from silly just silly acting at times.

Mz Natural felt Joseline belittled her…….

The producer asked their hopes for the reunion. Mz Natural says, “That I beat the f*** out of Yummy”.


Bosstec hopes that everyone gets seen in a positive light.

Barbie wants to get to say her peace, and I want her to be able to do that without having to be picked up off the floor. Okay, okay. That was a low blow. I don’t want to see you fight Barbie. I don’t want to see no woman have to fight to get her point across because in this situation your words will do.

Especially since you showed up, willing to talk and that in my opinion is a big step. Real talk, there is no reason for her to fight anyone especially now that we see she is not a fighter. She never had to, and that’s the crazy plot twist. It was bumping those gums and too big veneers that got her dog walked in the first place. If she just states the issue, without pushing the issue, she should remain upright, ya dig?


We now see Chanel Tso, and Aqua in makeup chairs getting their makeup done and talking to each other about the reunion show they are about to tape. Chanel asks Aqua what is going on with her. No much, she says and then asks Chanel how she is doing.

We are all interested too, Chanel. What have you been up to since you won the prize money and solidified your spot in the cabaret by winning the competition?

Chanel says life has been good and she is excited to be back. She asks Aqua if she is excited to see anybody….She thinks about it and says, “No.” Chanel laughs and so did I. Aqua feels like it was best that she left the house because her stay there was turbulent. Chanel tells Aqua that despite what may be being said about her, she doesn’t think she is a bad person and doesn’t have anything to defend or apologize for…..well excuse me Chanel, what about her beating the hell out of the assistant, or cursing out production?

Chanel brings up that she will have to see Yummy P again after attacking her and Mz Natural. Aqua is surprised that this occurred because she says she hasent watched the show since she left it abruptly.

Chanel hopes everybody keeps a level head and both women plan to sit pretty at the reunion. Good plan ladies because there really isn’t any need for fist to cuffs….even if Chanel Tso owes Yummy P a smack upside the head…..just kidding.


Luenell come out of her trailer and runs into Janeisha on set. Janeisha! I don’t care for shoulder pads, especially on a woman as slight as you…..but you look amazing in this yellow pants suit! It is everything with the short finger waves…..

The two host exchange pleasantries and respect……

Luenell says Mz Natural’s voice stood out to her and she feels she could better command a room with silence. Luenell asks Janeisha if she can fight just in case any of the ladies get crazy with them and Janeisha lets her know she is from the islands……

Enough said.

Luenell says basically if you give respect, you will get it. Oh yes, Cali is most definitely going to represent. She’s from the North but it don’t matter…..Cali is active, and we got an Island chick, let’s see if any of these ladies make Auntie Luenell or Neicey Janeisha beat their asses, shall we?


Joseline, after seeing all the negative things said about her on social media after the show stopped taping, decided to meet with the cast before the reunion taped and the meeting went left. I don’t get it. Why did Joseline want to meet with them, off stage? Why not save it for the reunion stage where we all could witness what she said?

Because next we see a series of scenes put together about an altercation between Sapphire and Joseline at this private meeting. Apparently, Sapphire’s father of her child was killed, and apparently Joseline said something insensitive and all of the ladies witnessed it, and some of them feel some type of way.

This caused Mz Natural and Sapphire get into an argument with Joseline and there is a big blow out with them screaming things at each other which was typical…..Mz Natural ends up consoling Sapphire who is outside screaming about how she felt the comment was undeserved because she really loves and was down for Joseline.

This is sad because Joseline and Sapphire were real friends outside of the show.

Lucky Hustla and Big Lex try to comfort Sapphire who is rightfully upset if Joseline really played Sapphire out. I cracked up when Big Lex dabs her eyes with tissue and Lucky goes to hug her, and Big Lex says, “I’m not crying”. They both laugh. Lucky is like, “B***h I thought we were having a moment”.

LOL. I cracked up, did you? Good one Lex.

The fall out threatened to derail the reunion according to Janeisha. Joseline and Ballistic meet with Luenell. They all sip champagne and exchange pleasantries. They toast to making the best reunion show in history they clink glasses.

Well okay then, let’s get to the best reunion in history……

All Of The Ladies of The Cabaret Enter And Sit On The Reunion Stage………

Janeisha struts onto the stage and the ladies clap. She asks how they are feeling they all say, good. They exchange pleasantries. She starts the reunion by introducing herself, and thanking us for tuning in reminds us of the season and promises us we will have a great show, basically. She introduces Luenell and they all clap and cheer for her as she struts out on her cane. I have for love Luenell.

Luenell speaks to all the ladies they speak back. Well so far so good. She starts by commending Joseline and then shading the girls by saying a year ago nobody knew who the f*** the girls were……

Wait….what? I don’t understand why Luenell is speaking to the girls like this…..what did production leave out? It seems like Luenell is sticking up for Joseline…..I hope she has a reason not to be objective….this energy makes no sense.

After Luenell is introduced to the girls they bring out Ballistic Beats. He speaks to all the ladies, and they speak back. Janeisha pays him a compliment and asks how he has been since filming the show. He says things have been good.

Luenell tells him his love for Joseline must be strong to ward off the temptations of the women of the cabaret. And he says that Joseline is amazing. That’s why everybody loves him for Joseline; he always has her back and is supportive.

Luenell introduces Joseline and she comes out being carried by three men on a palanquin. What a unique way to enter a reunion stage and rather “bad ass” if I can say myself.

Some of the ladies clap and some of the ladies roll their eyes. She postures and poses after getting off the palanquin, and sits and starts to clap. The hosts, Ballistic and some of the ladies clap along with her and some just sit there looking constipated or upset.


Joseline accuse some of the women of hating on her. Luenell lets out a chuckle. Then Joseline goes into a tirade that lasts almost the rest of the show……Joseline points to the loveseat containing Lucky Hustla, Sapphire and Big Lex and calls them the “mad couch”.

They all deny it as she continues to rant that they all wouldn’t have been on t.v. and she gave them an opportunity and she is the name, nobody knew them before she….blah….blah….blah.


Why is Joseline berating them? What did I miss? Its like she doesn’t want them to speak…but she gets to say anything she wants. I’m confused as she trades words with Big Lex and Sapphire and anybody else who happens to object to the insults she is yelling…..

YES IT IS INSULTING TO BE CALLED A HOE. What the hell is going on? I don’t get why it’s going down this way.

Joseline tells Sapphire she shouldn’t even be at the reunion because of the issue of the murder of her child’s father…..

Whoa….this is going waaaaaay left. Sapphire stands her ground and tells her that the reunion is exactly where she needs to be.

Joseline’s issue is the ladies feel a way about her….but she gave them an opportunity. I agree. But you didn’t make them Joseline….why are you being so harsh in your delivery….

We all agree Joseline deserves respect, but the ladies shouldn’t be disrespected and that is the way it is coming off…..from the time Joseline hit the stage it’s been mainly negativity.


You won, you have the number one show on the network and you are doing well. I don’t understand why the season is ending with you not trying to be as positive as you can. Im confused because the show was so good.

Big Lex brings up that it was not just Joseline that people tuned in to see them and I agree. We tuned in because we wanted to see Joseline AND the ladies were entertaining. I for one think you all made a great show. It’s sad yawl are not celebrating the success, just tearing each other down. It’s a drag……

They show highlights of the season the ladies clap and agree they made good TV. but the energy barely changes.

Joseline reveals Big Lex has a daughter that she doesn’t take care of…….


And Mz Natural begins to scream at Joseline in defense of Big Lex…..Now Joseline and Mz Natural begin to argue and Joseline shoots a lot of low blows her way. Joseline refuses to be on stage with Mz Natural and orders security to put her off…..

To be fair it is her show and she should have who she wants of course. She feels nobody respects that she is the creator, so yes we get it but, dang!

This is bananas. Joseline says if Mz Natural doesn’t get off the stage there won’t be a reunion. Security goes over to Mz Natural who has remained seated, and they begin to talk to her. Joseline gets mad…..I guess she wanted her dragged out by her hair, lol. I mean it seemed to me security was trying to tell Mz Natural to leave but it wasn’t fast enough for Joseline who exits the stage and calls Mz Natural the b-word as she leaves.


Mz Natural angrily leaves the stage because Joseline keeps insisting…..and security insists…..she go….

Mz Natural gets her things and leaves. Luenell tells the girls that it’s a cabaret show not therapy…..Luenell says Mz Natural has a lot of mouth and she needs therapy, Janeisha low key agrees….I do too. WE ALL NEED IT DON’T WE?

How does Part One end?

Mz Natural is leaving without getting to say what she came to say in my opinion. I wanted to hear it even if Joseline didn’t. Did you cabaret fans?

So join me next week for Part Two of the reunion and I cant hardly wait! Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks a bunch and stay safe yawl…..

What are your thoughts?

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