The Curious Case of Lil Nas X And 4 Reasons People Might Have A Problem With Him

Love him or hate him, you just can’t seem to stop talking about him and I’m intrigued with Lil Nas X now. Say what you want about him, but Lil Nas X is trending again as he has chosen to respond to some comments made about him recently. I have got to thinking, “Why do so many people have a problem with Lil Nas X” and that has led me to make him another “curious case”.

I think I know a few reasons why so indulge me for a bit as I break down why I feel people may have a problem with this guy who I happen to think is a marketing genius. It’s just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own, may you always feel perfectly free to drop a comment because they are always welcome. Are you ready for my opinion on why some people have a problem with this dude? Well here it is…

1.He Is Gay.
I don’t care what anyone says. Gay people get hate from so many people for no other reason than they are gay! As the world changes and the younger generations become more tolerant, I am noticing many people of my generation and older pushing back, and this is them, resisting change.

I feel that one of the big problem people have with Lil Nas X is he is gay. So when he does things like kiss another man on a public stage, he gets a slew of outrage from so called “straight” people who simply hate homosexual men.

The crazy thing is so many “straight” men who have a problem with Lil Nas X, don’t seem to have a problem with lesbians. In fact, they promote women having sex with other women while they watch and or participate, but are highly offended if they have to see to men kiss. So let me get this straight……..being gay is only acceptable if its lesbians who want to sleep with men or if their sexual activities turn on men. That’s unacceptable. Lesbians are tired of being fetish sized and Gay men are not disgusting just because it doesn’t excite you to watch them!

2. He is A Troll
Lil Nas X recently responded to some of the hate he is receiving from some rappers that chose to attack him for seemingly no reason…..but he seems to forget it has come out that allegedly he is a major celebrity troll! They say he used to create fake pages and bully and harass celebrities…..but I’m confused why he feels bullied and harassed! If it is good enough for other’s it should be good enough for him. But it should most definitely stop. Nobody should be bullying Lil Nas X at this point.

But most importantly, maybe he has learned his lesson now that he is in the position he put others in. But no, it is not cool to be bullied or bully others. I don’t know why so many people think it is acceptable to troll and bully this young man.

3. He Is Not a “One Hit Wonder”
We all remember the viral hit, “Old Town Road” that made Lil Nas X a household name and when he came out as being gay, I feel a lot of people just assumed his career was over. But Lil Nas X has continued to grind, and come out with music that is still charting high and fueling a lasting career where others who we saw start music when he did have fell off the radar. He is still around and some people have a problem with this.

While he may have shot to fame seemingly overnight, he is still famous and many people seem to be disturbed that he didn’t go away just as fast as he seemed to show up. Lil Nas X has been working hard to promote himself and keep himself out there. People continue to speak his name and he is constantly trending, heck I’m even talking about him and I don’t listen to his music anymore.

You may as well get used to him because he seems like he is here to stay. I don’t have a problem with that but if you do, leave a comment and explain why. What did he do that so many people want him to go away?

4.He Is Pushing The Envelope
Lil Nas X is one of those performers that is “working an agenda” and people do not like it. The world is changing, and more gay men are becoming visible and some people do not like it despite being in a world where the heterosexual agenda is being worked constantly. We are comfortable with heterosexuality and some could argue that from the time we are born we are bombarded with the heterosexual agenda.

I feel Lil Nas X is one of those performers who are making the world comfortable with seeing displays of homosexuality and that thought alone has caused a lot of heterosexual people to lose their minds……

There is a fear that there will all of a sudden be a wave of children becoming homosexuals…..but that is simply not the way sexuality works! It’s a ignorant person who thinks just because a boy sees two men kiss, all of a sudden he will “turn” gay. If it were a choice many people would not chose that for themselves…..being straight is so much easier.

So those are four reasons I feel people have a problem with Lil Nas X. Agree or disagree with any of my points? I think all the hate is crazy and I don’t get why it goes so low. So people have the nerve to wish death on this young man and that is unbelievably cruel. Just leave him alone if your only reason for attacking him is that he is gay….shame on you. He is human just like the rest of us…..

I personally want him to continue to rise but understand his position in the industry. With so many issues plaguing his generation I wish he would do more to be a positive force to improve the world for them and himself.

I love that he can cause so much controversy…..why not use that power and do a lot of good for the youth who are supporting you? My advice you can take or leave….. But keep going yougun……why wouldn’t you?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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