Kelly Clarkson Is Ordered To Pay Her Ex-Husband $200,000 A Month! Where Is The Outrage Like You Had For Dr. Dre’s Ex- Wife, Nicole Young?

I first want to send some love to Kelly Clarkson who has expressed how difficult times have been getting through her divorce. I for one never like to see a marriage end….I hope you, your ex, and your children thrive and survive this. Did you know Ms. Clarkson was divorced? She talks about it briefly in this video…..

(Posted on YouTube by The Kelly Clarkson Show)

This post is not so much about the divorce, but the support that the newly divorced will pay or receive. Kelly Clarkson has been ordered to pay her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock almost 200 bands per month. And, let me add, he was requesting over twice that amount, but it was denied. I personally don’t have a problem with this…..but I’m wondering where is the outrage I favor of Kelly Clarkson, the way there was outrage in favor of Dr. Dre when he was ordered to pay his ex-wife Nicole, 300 thousand dollars a month? And let’s not forget, Dr. Dre is supposedly a billionaire!

All I’m saying is fair is fair. What is good for the goose will be good for the gander on this site at least. So is it cheaper to keep him?

Well I say, so far they both seem to be focused o the children and moving on with their lives and to me that is the most important thing. Divorces are difficult, so the fact that the children will continue to be supported emotionally as well as  financially is always a good thing. Good luck to all parties involved…..

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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Kelly Clarkson Ordered to Pay Brandon Blackstock Nearly $200K a Month |


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