Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Ten: “All Bad Things Come To An End”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the finale episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode ten. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Ten: “All Bad Things Come To An End”

So after the intro,

We are back where we were last week. The Baddies are having a twerk competition and they are all splitting the money that Tanisha throws for them……Sidney is picking on Sarah talking about her body and they way she is dancing. So now they are trading insults.

Natalie convinces Tanisha who had no intentions of dancing to dance…..and it was hilarious, especially when she needed help getting up after breaking it down.


Sarah and Sidney continue to argue. Sidney says she looks better and Sarah is trashy Sarah wants Sidney to shut the f*** up and Tanisha wants them to have a dance battle…..he, he!

They do but its wack and lackluster, much like the episode, or better yet this whole dang gone season has been…..

But then they had a female stripper come in and dance. She did the absolute most. Then a short male stripper came in and Seven, Tanisha and Natalie ran from him….he apparently had a big member… Sidney enjoyed him though…..

Then three female strippers came in and a good time was had by all, especially Janelle. Tanisha thinks they need more money despite the piles of it on the floor…..

Round of applause….then two male strippers come in and Sidney and Janelle once again have a ball……Janelle’s response when the stripper slapped her on the behind was hilarious. She was like, “Who told you to do that? This is premium ass, I paid for this”, I cracked up!

So the strippers leave and they all toast to the good night, all except Sarah who sits pouting. They laugh when Natalie asks if everybody is good and Sarah just sits there, preparing to talk…..


Sarah once again goes on and on about her friendship with Natalie. Tanisha has enough because it literally goes on and on and on! Tanisha interrupts her eventually and demands that Natalie fix things. Natalie delivers an apology that it seems like she rehearsed. Sarah reluctantly accepts, they all hug and that is it for the night. Well it might have been a good time if only they would have just focused on having a good time, geez. Why would you have a heart to heart in the middle of a twerk competition?

The Next Morning……….

So the first thing we hear is Natalie yelling in the background and Sarah explaining to security that they got into an argument about toilet paper. Natalie asked Sarah for some because she was out, and Sarah apparently didn’t give Natalie the whole roll so she is mad.


Natalie is screaming that it wasn’t that she didn’t give her the whole roll, she barely gave her any off the roll……

I can’t. This is going to be quick because they didn’t give me much.

Sidney is egging Natalie on to fight Sarah. Sidney goes to Sarah’s room and starts trying to bully her……

OMG. Sidney why?

I promise you…..I can’t stand bullies. Just don’t bring Sidney back……she had her chance and this is what she chose to do with it. Despite being one of those women who should understand how it feels to be targeted…..Sidney chooses to bully other women because she is insecure. It’s not a good look, do not bring her back. If anyone did these things to her…..I would be livid. So what gives her the right to bully other women?


Sidney looks stupid bullying Sarah. She literally has to be pushed out of the room…..and it’s stupid. She stands I the hallway and throws water into Sarah’s room trying to get her wet, and get a rise out of her but Sarah just wants her to go away. Sidney is out of control.

They even show a flashback of an incident caught on Natalie’s live of Sarah and Sidney arguing……Sidney I’m not a fighter but I would of whooped your ass for the antics you pulled on Sarah. That bouncy wig would have been on the floor, dear. What is wrong with you?

Natalie is in the hallway on the phone screaming about toilet paper, with Sidney trying to get her to fight Sarah….and it goes on and on. Natalie says she won’t because Sarah will sue her. But why would you fight Sarah over toilet paper Natalie? It makes no sense. Sidney, shut up. Natalie, please stop this……but no, they all decided to go out like this and I am confused why? What is the point of fighting over toilet paper?

They argue back and forth in the hallway because security has them separated…’s clear the friendship is over. Tanisha come stopping into the house upset because someone called her and told her about the senseless fight over of all things, toilet paper. I’m with you Tanisha. Let me speed up this recap, shall I?

Tanisha wants to talk about the fight….but not with Sidney, who is like, WHY? Um maybe because this has nothing to do with you?

Sigh……quick recap……Tanisha is drained and over the show. All the stupid fights…..the unnecessary drama has turned the fans off….we are all ready for this to end. Tanisha says Sarah violated Girl Code…….we don’t know what she is talking about but we ARE OVER IT.

Tanisha thanks Janelle and Seven for being on the show and said she did her best to make the show a good thing…..and then here comes Sidney……Tanisha walks away to get away from Sidney, because she already told her annoying, bullying, ass she didn’t want to talk to her, but Sidney will not leave her be……Tanisha instructs security to keep Sidney away from her.

Tanisha goes back to talk to Janelle and Seven and continue her talk with them, but she tells Sarah it would be a good thing for her to pack her things and leave. Tanisha quits the show but thanks Janelle and Seven for being the only one of the Baddies that were not a pain in the neck….whew!

She offers them to stay with her for the duration…but the show is basically over….THANK THE LORD.

She hugs them, but not Sarah, because although she wishes her the best, she is done with her. Well that was harsh, but true so, oh well. Sarah wasn’t treated the best, but she kind of didn’t demand to be treated better…….Do you all agree? Tanisha does at least say some really nice things about Sarah, as she should because let’s face it, Sarah is a boss. She just wasn’t strong enough to not give a dam about Natalie the way she clearly didn’t give a dam about her.  Say what you want Natalie but you handled Sarah wrong and it was cringy to watch.


Natalie has a conversation with Seven, Janelle, and Tanisha on the balcony about the show and the dissolution of the friendships especially between Natalie and Sarah. Natalie says despite squashing the beef it was Sarah that was the cause of the end of the friendship with all her drama, according to Natalie. She said Sarah started drama with Sidney that lasted until 6 in the morning…..hell naw, no wonder Tanisha wanted a separate residence. Ain’t no way in the world….but let me get back to this dang done recap because I promise you, I DON’TCARE. Do you?

She said Sarah was going against Girl Code……they don’t say it but it is alleged Sarah was sneaking around with…..well I don’t want to start a rumor, since they didn’t say it on the show……but a married man that is closely associated with the show…ALLEGEDLY, lol. And if she is, that’s her business and that man’s wife’s problem…..and the wife is known to have a mean left hook……..

So the friendship is over……the show is over…..toilet paper drama……and the toilet paper discussion goes on, and on, and on. It’s the principle of the thing for them…..we don’t care.

Tanisha regrets doing the project….well you all should because it was  a mess. So disappointing. And here comes Sidney….she says she wants to talk to Natalie… Tanisha rushes off the balcony….and I don’t blame her. Sidney go to Hades I wasted all my time giving you advice… what you don’t know me.

Your thirsty ass should have been looking for feedback from social media and came across my recaps. You did this to yourself…..hopefully you get another chance…..but for right now? Get the hell on.

If Sidney is back on Baddies?

I will not watch this mess if there is another season. Sorry, I like her, but no. She just refuses to do better. She had a wonderful chance to do it big for the trans-women and she just wanted to bully other women and it was stupid.

Tanisha and Natalie ponder on what went wrong with ALL the Baddies when they all sit down for a final meeting but Judi is not there. Tanisha is moved to tears because she is disappointed and she tried. She feels her time was wasted; all the time away from her son….she begins to weep. She wanted to do more of a business but it ended up being a hot mess.

Christina starts crying. Natalie asks her why and she reveals that she feels they all worked so very hard and it went left. And she was there from the beginning to try to get this to work. Sidney interjects, “ Can I say something?”


She says she is appreciative and blah, blah, blah…..I don’t care. She apologizes to Janelle for the bullying towards her. But we don’t care because we know she will do it again. Sigh, shut up.

Sarah once again whines about Natalie….that’s why it went wrong for her and we don’t care. They start arguing about their friendship AGAIN. Sarah starts screaming that Natalie got ass injections; Natalie denies it…..OMG.

Tanisha offers her apologies and regrets. Janelle feels that the wrong girls were picked because they didn’t all vibe. Natalie tells the girls Tanisha no longer wants to continue with the show….duh.

Tanisha says her goodbyes. Seven says she would not do it again……none of them express having a good experiences except Sidney of course. Lady, you ruined the show, straight up. I don’t know if that’s what you were trying to do. It wasn’t you alone, but you most definitely made it all about you. And you aren’t that fabulous……..

Natalie says there is one thing that they all do good, and Tanisha agrees. Well what is that Ms. Nunn? Party!

So Natalie tells them to get dressed so they can go out one last time. Sarah says she can’t because she is on her way to Miami….Natalie tells her, we don’t care so bye…

And that’s basically how the episode ends…..they go out and party one last time at the club, without Judi, and Sarah.

So all bad things must come to an end.

So we can’t wait to see what happens at the reunion are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of the reunion!

What are your thoughts?

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