Tami Roman Gives Her Unpopular Opinion On DaBaby And His Comments About Gay People , And I Decide To Weigh In Too!

Do you all remember Tami Roman of “Basketball Wives” fame? Well she has a YouTube channel called “Bonnet Chronicles” where she gives her unpopular opinion on popular topics. Have you checked it out? Well you should!

Tami is surprisingly funny and insightful and she has entertained us as she rises in the YouTube streets.  Of course I was just roaming through YouTube bored and searching for interesting content and I stumbled across her. I like her channel and her unpopular opinions are lit! She is currently at about 127,000 subscribers and she is hoping to gain some more…..well I am doing my part Ms. Roman to get you there, so pay me back with a shout out, ya dig? Am I saying I agree with everything Tami says…..nope.  But she is an outspoken woman who is super articulate, so I respect her opinions, and I think if you give her a watch, you will too.

So recently the popular rapper DaBaby performed at a concert called, “Rolling Loud” and he made some inflammatory comments while on stage and is currently receiving major backlash and Tami gave her opinion. Did you catch her video? Well no worries, here it is……..

(Posted on YouTube by Tami Roman)

So of course I have an opinion about the incident and here it is. DaBaby will not be cancelled. He has said and done many problematic things and has gone about his life basically unscathed. In one night he not only offended the terminally ill, and homosexual community, he also said some offensive things about female body parts, but no one seems very outraged about that.

DaBaby also brought Torey Lanez on stage as well and we all know he is allegedly the one who shot Meg Thee Stallion and DaBaby was supposed to be her friend…….Yawl will still support him so why all the hoop da la? He is a talented artist and I hope he continues to be successful but also takes his celebrity status more seriously. We shouldn’t cancel him because we don’t like what he says…….because he won’t be cancelled by the criticism. If you want to send a message it must be done another way.

Hey, I hope DaBaby just gains more respect for people in general. So many people are devastated by the HIV diagnosis, so why make fun of that on a public platform? Its unprofessional and insensitive but it deserves education and not punishment. No matter what you all think, he gave us a wonderful talking point.

Today I want to encourage anyone battling any illness, may you find the strength to prevail. I want to encourage the Gay community to continue to fight for equality. I want to encourage DaBaby to elevate his mindset and continue to be great.

Go support Tami Roman and send her some love for her unpopular opinions!

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