Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Episode Two: “47 Problems but This Land Ain’t One”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is back for another season and are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the second episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Two: “47 Problems but This Land Ain’t One

Kimmi is at her husband Maurice’s office discussing her issues with Latisha with him. She brought up the conversation they had at the “surprise” party for Latisha. So now we see the whole season is going to be about the two sisters-in-law and the brewing troubles between them.

At the same time Latisha is discussing her issues with Kimmi with her husband Marsau. Latisha also brought up their was no drama at her party because her mother Wanda was not there and she thanked Marsau for having the party on a day she could not make it. Latisha brings up the conversation with Kimmi and how Kimmi feels nobody defended her when she was having her issues with Maurice’s ex-wife, Kiuwha.

Marsau says in his confessional that women’s friendships are very stressful. He seems to forget he has had a contemptuous relationship with Martell for some years now… who is he getting all preachy with?

When they switch to Maurice he is asking Kimmi if Latisha treats her like a sister or is that just a statement that she makes not really understanding who Kimmi is. We all can see Latisha just wants blind loyalty and that just is not who Kimmi is. Basically Latisha wants a follower not a peer…..its childish.

Marsau brings up to Latisha that her family was on a mission to check him at the gathering, and Latisha asks why. It is because there are rumors on social media that Marsau has an outside child. Latisha doesn’t believe it and lets us know it would be a big issue if it were true. When Marsau tries to say if the shoe were on the other foot he would forgive her for having another child…..Latisha shuts that down real fast. She wouldn’t do that and if he did and she had to find out about it on social media, she would take all his money in the divorce, if she didn’t murder him instead.

Martell goes to Melody’s house to pick up the kids. He comes to the door but she directs him to come with her outside so they can talk about the kids and Martell is already annoyed. Its about the disrespect he shows, and I think it is in reference to hi  posting that he ha another child besides theirs……

Martell you ain’t slick.

He tries to act apologetic because he understands the wounds are fresh, but flips the script with the “so what I have another child and you just going to have to get it”, attitude. She wants to set boundaries, but you already know he is not going for it. He wants there to be no limits on his behavior. She brings up that he says he cant get the kids but then she sees pictures of him out at events……..he points the finger back at her……

Dude, really? Martell is being a big baby.

I would of just had him meet me elsewhere because keep reading, he has no intention of being a grown up despite being the cause of all the friction. She suggests that they get someone to help them with co parenting. That’s a good idea and he agrees.

She goes back in to get the kids. He knocks on the door but this time Melody’s mom answers the door. Martell tries to hug her but he gets the cold shoulder. She brings up she doesn’t like the things being said but she knows he is there to pick up the kids so they could talk later….

Martell tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her about that and they go back on forth. Melody’s mother puts up her hand and says she is not going to go back and forth…..Martell calls up to his kids to come down because their grandmother is giving him the hand……why? Because he is petty loser who can’t stand that he looks bad…….but he doesn’t do better, to look better, because he has a shocking lack of character. He can’t do any better than a side chick. Who else would put up with his whining?

He found a way to make her respectful rebuff of him into disrespect. He goes to grand standing about he better leave before he does something because he is being disrespected……

Before you do what Martell? Make yourself look even worst? You mistreated this woman’s daughter and you expect her to say nothing? And when she comes at you respectfully, you play victim because you feel uncomfortable being called out on your bad actions!

It’s dumb and that’s why lesser women will go for the okie doke. Stick to the side chicks, Martell you are not ready for wife material. Because guess what, mothers feels some type of way about men who destroy their daughter’s self esteem after they have the audacity to marry them. You lucky, some mother’s would have bopped you upside your head for how you were acting…..Melody’s mom is a class act.


Maurice comes home to his son, Monster, playing hoops in the yard. They go inside have small talk with Kimmi about Monster’s plans for his future and he reveals he has made a decision on what school he is going to for the upcoming school year.  He is finishing middle school and going to high school so this is a big deal. Monster is growing up to e a handsome young man and they all should be proud.

They call his mother Kiuwha on a video call. Monster tells her the news and why he chose the school and Maurice chimes in about the school and the fact that Monster will be attending with people he knows.

Kimmi bobs he head into the view of the phone and addresses Kiuwha. She says in her confessional she feels she always has to insert herself into the conversations despite her being the step mom to Monster. But, let’s not forget there was a lot of drama between Maurice, Kimmi and Kiuwha. I think that the reason Maurice does not include her more in the conversations with Kiuwha, he might feel they may start to argue and then they will not be in the good place they seem to be in now. What do you guys think? Leave a comment.

Kimmi would like to through a party for Monster and his cousins who are also graduating from middle school and she would like Kiuwha to attend. That was a nice gesture.

Well Kiuwha would like to meet up with them to talk to Kimmi and hopefully move forward. I am happy that they seem to be working thing out I their blended family. So they will be meeting to talk and mend any hurt feelings in the future. Good for them.


So we see Melody at her office and he friend, Tiffany comes to visit. They met seven years ago when they were both a part of the Chamber of Commerce on the women’s business counsel. Well Tiffany does business consulting and apparently is a good friend of Melody so she is getting advice on her business affairs from her. They are also talking about their lives.

Tiffany just got re-married, and Melody tells us it was beautiful. Tiffany asks about Melody and she fills her in on how she is learning and having fun finding herself after divorce and Tiffany shares her experience when she was a divorcee. But she is divorce and remarried and happy now and she encourages Melody.

Melody says that Tiffany should meet her friend Destiny and that they would hit it off. So she invites her to a future event so the two can meet.


Martell pays a visit to Chris to confront him about offering Melody a chance to develop houses. Chris invites him over to talk and Martell shows up.We see the flashback of when Melody and Martell were at Chris’s house being entertained by he and his wife….and Martell tells Melody the other woman was satisfying him and she wasn’t….and Melody threw the glass……

They make small talk before Martell gets to the issue. The 47 acres has finally been sold after over a year of them waiting for it to close. Chris reveals his conversation with Melody about building on the land because out of the three: Chris is studying for his building license, Martell failed the test for the license more than once, and Melody is the only one with the license to build. It makes sense why he came to her with the offer but of course Martell has a problem with that.


The real reason, I my opinion, he is mad because Melody can build and he can’t. It has always been his dream and she will live it without him. So if you can’t be a part of the dream, hate. And Martell has every intention of hating on Melody despite her having his children to support.

Martell felt he should have been consulted before the deal was taken to Melody based on the friendship. Does he have a valid point? Martell has connections in the building industry. Martell says he can build through a third party despite not having a license so it is conceivable that the deal could have been brought to him first. But Chris points out that the client asked for Melody because she has the license….was Martell stabbed in the back because according to him he put the deal to sell the land together and brought it to the table?


Melody meets with Martell for a session to discuss their co parent issues and help their children. Ms. Price seems highly professional.  He felt the previous counselor they had to help them with their marital issues was not relatable, why, because he was happily married for over forty years…….

Martell is hilarious.

He has the nerve to reveal he doesn’t feel their kids need counseling….newsflash, counseling would help! Melody notices changes in the children. Martell, they went from being in a two parent household to being children of divorced parents, why wouldn’t counseling be at least an option for them, Martell? Martell seems like he just doesn’t want to have to hear how the kids feel about what his actions did to their lives….do you agree?

Martell also reveals that he has fallen on hard times and this prevents him from being with the kids as much and in the ways he used to. Melody starts to cry. She may be divorced from him but she still doesn’t want to see Martell doing bad, even if it is his own doing. Martell tries to find tissue for her….but when he continues to talk he gets choked up. Melody tries to touch his shoulder to console him and he gets mad and shrugs her shoulder off……What the hell? He tells her to back up….we get it. It’s strange to be comforted by the woman you dogged out, but dang! Martell is an ass so I don’t know why Melody continues to try.

Melody brings up the fact that Martell five children and Martell gets defensive. But remember he is the one saying he is going to claim all of his children, so why get mad when the other child is brought up? Because he does it to hut Melody, but other than his pettiness towards her, he is ashamed of his behavior and the circumstances on which the child was conceived. So if anyone else brings it up and it’s not going to cause Melody hurt, but him shame, he gets mad.

He doesn’t want to talk about the other baby, well too bad chump. Melody wants them to tell the children about the outside baby…..Martell doesn’t want that but eventually the counselor gets him to agree. Bruh, man up and face what you did. The goal should be not to stick it to your ex, but incorporate your children into each other’s lives. Ms. Price, the co-parenting expert, is the truth eve sharing a powerful story of how she personally co-parented with an ex.

The counselor is awesome; she tells them they need to be a team. Great co-parenting session, but the episode doesn’t end there…….They are leaving out and they get into an argument about Melody building on the 47 acres. Think they wouldn’t?

Melody is still considering building on the land which has Martell pissed but he tells Melody he is mad that he was not considered even though he acknowledges Melody asked Chris to let him know she was offered the deal.

It’s so transparent that he is really mad that Melody has not only moved on but is able to make moves he cannot make. When she tries to reason with hi he plays victims and once again declares he is being disrespected. It’s comical and sad at the same time. We see right through you, Martell so boo hoo!

How does the episode end?

When Martell asks her if she was still going to build and she says she is still considering it he makes a dig at her……and she shoots daggers back. And they get in their vehicles and leave the session. Whew!

So I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? How about the recaps?

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