Recap Of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 Episode Two: “Sing Sing For Your Supper”

I’m back to recap another episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season six.  But if you haven’t started watching the second episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Two: “Sing Sing For Your Supper”

When the episode begins we are back to the moment when Karen accuses Gizelle of going to “Sing Sing” and all of the women, and the viewing audience are left to ask the burning question, “What’s Sing Sing?” Karen is hilarious….isn’t Sing Sing a prison?


Robyn asks, “Is this like a Tik Tok thing?”

Sigh. See that’s why nobody will ever see it for you Robyn….

Gizelle is doing just fine without you chiming in, but you know Robyn is happy to regress to childhood and be Gizelle’s perfect mean girl sidekick.

Shhhhhhhh, Robyn, and just chuckle like the rest of us as we try to figure out what the hell Karen is talking about.

Wendy doesn’t miss a beat, it’s like she knew these women would come to her fancy dinner party and cut a fool, so she decided in advance to keep it moving. She has the women pause as the next offering from the chef is announced before being served to these uncultured heathens, ha!

“We have a Walnut, Bleu Cheese and Pomegranate Salad,” says Chef Tia and the women graciously thank her before the b.s starts again. I mean ladies, really? You can barely munch on lettuce between insults?

“What the f*** is Sing Sing?”

Gizelle, the ever so gracious former First Lady asks Karen, after swallowing her bite of the exquisite salad prepared by the chef…..really? Gizelle denies ever going to Sing Sing. She calls Karen a liar. Karen says she doesn’t start it she finishes it, and they begin to argue. They both call each other liars.

Mia interjects and says she loves Karen but she has also has noticed that Gizelle has a beautiful heart……shut up Mia. Wendy calls her out about being Karen’s guest, and friend, but sticking up for Gizelle who she just met.

Yeah Mia, what’s up with that?

Karen feels like she was the same way when she met Gizelle but over time she discovered that she was wrong. She feels Mia will eventually wise up….but Karen that is not the point. Mia was quick to dump you for Gizelle who apparently she felt was a better look for where she wants to go in this circle of friends. Basically she is coming off fake and like Mia will hop from friend to friend.

Karen brings up the comment Ray made about Gizelle needing to attract men before her looks faded and Gizelle response was that Ray would be dead before her looks faded. Ouch. Insensitive, but that is Gizelle’s truth, according to her…..

It was mean, but Karen has taken it to the extreme claiming Gizelle wished death on him. This is so petty and stupid and unbecoming of ladies this dang gone old! So they go back and forth with Robyn chiming in of course.

Wendy says that it should remain between Karen And Gizelle, so it’s not a “gang up on Karen”, moment. Robyn is upset because she doesn’t like being called out, and Karen brings up that Robyn despite being a fiancé has not  a chance in hell marrying Juan, Covid-19 or not.

Stop it Robyn.

You are miserable and it shows. But when Karen asks when she is getting married, Robyn blames the Covid-19 for the delay.

Yeah right.

Karen insinuates Robyn doesn’t have a real relationship, which she does it’s just not a fiancé situation in my opinion, and of course Gizelle presses the issue, “So now she doesn’t have a real relationship?”

We don’t get to explore that thought and thank God for Chef Tia announcing the next course. Robyn shouldn’t push that issue with Karen because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Juan just does not want to go there with Robyn.

The next course is announced and it is “Rainbow Trout with a Cajun Style Cream Sauce” and my does it look yummy. But nothing is going to derail crazy not even a delicious meal served on fine china….these women are determined to act up no matter how superior the event is and it is annoying and enthralling at the same time.

They try to start up again, but Wendy quickly reminds them why they are there…. by showing off her body one more time. She finally admits she got her butt done, and Mia says it is because she revealed that she had her done too….if you say so sis.

Either way she looks good. She gives them the cupcakes and instructs them to lick her nipple, and they lick the cupcake. She then tells them to bite her nipple, and they bite the cupcake and all tell her how “good she tastes” lol. She shows them the cake shaped like her boobs…..and basically the party is over. Wendy has had enough…..

Mia exchanges numbers with Gizelle despite Karen just having a big blow out with her as then everybody disperses from the diner party.



We get to see Mia in boss mode as she goes along conducting business. We also see her fabulous Penthouse with a view of the harbor and her husband Gordon, her oldest son by a previous husband, and her two children with Gordon.

So Gordon is a stay and home dad and apparently the roles are reversed, she used to do what he does now and now she is a mogul. Their issue is her work and motherhood balance. He wants her to be more attentive to the kids and I don’t think that is too much to ask.

While Mia, Gordon and their young daughter were preparing breakfast Mia takes a phone call and begins ignoring her daughter. Gordon calls her out and Mia is upset…..Mia it’s one thing to be a boss….but you were actively IGNORING you daughter… could do one or the other was the point Gordon was trying to make. I did not get the idea he doesn’t want you to work, just don’t bring your work into the home……your daughter deserves time with you separate from your job, maybe?

Not sure why she gave her husband so much attitude. Let’s move on because motherhood is hard….


We get to see Candiace as she is on set shooting a Pilot episode for a show she is hoping to get picked up by a Network.


Candiace is mutli-talented and extremely busy making moves to model, sing and act….as well as pursue her master’s…..good for you Candiace. I have heard good thing about her acting too so I hope it takes off.

She calls Chris when she is on a break, and he fills her in on the kids, which reminds Candiace of all the things she has o her plate now because remember she is also a bonus mom as well as being newly married and newly moved into a home, whew!

She is also recording and album and Chris is her manager or as Candiace calls him, her “husband-ger”. This is going to be interesting because they seem to clash.


Karen goes to visit a very pregnant Ashley who is caring for a adorable little Dean when Karen shows up for a Ashley’s mom Sheila shows up for a visit. I would recap this part…but Ashley reveals more information about Michael and her sex relationship. So rather than re the conversation Ashley had with her mom…..let’s move on. Ashley has a  nanny and she trusts Michael so the mom should just mid her business but she is more of a friend than a mother as they start talking about things that usually make mother’s cringe if their daughters want to discuss these things. Ashley is overwhelmed by some of the news of motherhood and marriage but they are all solid and living with the spirit of cooperation. Good for you all.


Robyn goes to visit Gizelle and view the finished “West Wing” of the house that Gizelle has completed on her renovated home. We get to see the home….which has a beautiful bathroom, closet and glam area. In her confessional Robyn calls the exterior of the house horrible.

They have a conversation about Gizelle’s sex life over cupcakes…..she reveals she and Jamal are falling apart…..we don’t care. Roby is not shocked they are breaking up……nobody is.

Gizelle and Robyn call Candiace on video call to check o her and tell her about Wendy’s new body and the party. They tell her about Mia and the argument between Gizelle and Karen. Candiace is interested but has to go back to class so she ends the call and the two other women continue to gossip about Karen.

Gizelle says until Karen apologizes she doesn’t want to be around Karen. Well that’s a good idea. Robyn is upset Karen brought up Juan…….I’m sure you are Robyn. We all know that should be a touchy subject and its surely has you depressed and stressed, doesn’t it? Let it go then!


Karen as home with a new bed and Ray is helping her make it up….their interactions is hilarious and cute. He doesn’t know why they have so many decorative pillows on the bed. We see a flashback where Karen reveals why the pillows and the bed stay wet…

Karen tells Ray about the dinner party and the argument between she and Gizelle. She says she is not proud of her part……well you shouldn’t be it was harsh!

Karen says Gizelle is not dealing with her hurt so she has targeted her…….Karen is throwing a party and she hopes Gizelle will come and it’s a couple’s party but she hopes that a man-less Gizelle will get inspiration from being around other happy women and their mates……knock it off Karen. Gizelle will see through your shameless plot to make her feel like dirt because she is the only single lady in the bunch. We see you Karen.

Candiace is also invited……


Wendy has her family over, to be with her, her kids and husband , and eat traditional Nigerian food of her heritage.  Wendy has a wonderful and loving family. Let me say, Wendy’s mother is hilarious. She tells Wendy, Wendy’s Sister and Eddie she needs a boob job and they are going to pay for it!


I cracked up. They were like… “Whhhhhaaaaaaaat!” She says she will give them to the end of the year to come up with the money or she will sue them, ha!


Wendy is starting a line of candles……she wants to branch off from being a Professor. Her family is supportive and so are we…..but Eddie doesn’t seem ecstatic and she needs twenty thousand to start the new venture. Maybe that’s why he is not all that hype. What do you guys think? Leave a comment.


Ashley, who is on a phone call about the process of her eating her own placenta after she gives birth, and gets a visit from Karen. Karen invites Ashley and Michael to the luncheon party to celebrate love. We see flashbacks of the hiccups in their friendship and thy are glad they are better.

She finally gets to ask Karen what Sing Sing was……And Karen just though it went well with the hot box comment. So Karen just threw it out there.


Dean wakes up cranky from his nap so Karen runs from the apartment. I cracked up when Ashley was like, you don’t have to run from a baby. Karen was like, yes I do.


When Candiace gets her invitation she ponders if she will go to the event Karen is giving and she see flashbacks of the difficulties between the two.


Gizelle has a conversation with her daughters about boys….and they hilariously get her all the way together by telling her she has horrible choice in men and they are the ones that need to be giving her advice.

No lies were told, lol.

Karen’s Love Lunch…..

Mia and Gordon arrive. Ray seems excited to see them….especially Mia wink wink. Wendy and Eddie arrive. Mia and Wendy play nice and hug…..The husbands make small talk as Karen lets the ladies know Robyn declined the invite. Well duh, we all know Juan wasn’t showing up to a couple’s event with Robyn.

Karen is happy Candiace is coming…..Ashley shows up very pregnant but without Michael because he stayed home with Dean.  They all grab some food and sit down to have a good time socializing.

A very nervous Candiace and Chris show up. It’s all hugs from Ray and Karen. Karen makes a nice gesture, and offers them to have tea or coffee at a later date to discuss the friendship and Candiace invites her to see her new house.

Classy, because we all know these women can turn out a nice event, and this is supposed to be a nice lunch…..

They all exchange pleasantries, and Wendy show off her new body to an impressed Candiace who also meets Mia. The women sit down to talk, away from the guys, and Mia reveals she had to go back and look her driver’s license to remember she is 36 years old when Wendy again asks her age. Shut up, Mia that is just a stupid thing to say, I mean even your five year old daughter remembers her age. You want us to believe you don’t remember your age?

Mia thinks we are dumb and that is starting to get on my nerves. Mia, are you 36 or nah?

She again gives us too much info about her clitoral-plasty……girl, enough! By now I bet we know more about your body than most men you have slept with and the women keep hinting that you needed the surgery because that vagina gets around…… stop mentioning your body. I personally do not like that they keep insinuating you are some type of “hoe”. But you are not helping things by constantly making stupid comments. We get it, you have had A LOT of work done, and you have A LOT of sex, now can we move on?

After hearing about Mia’s busted vagina, Candiace says she thinks Mia is fabulous…..Mia seemingly unaware of the dig says, “I think you’re fabulous!” to Candiace.


Fake recognizes fake I guess……

Candiace brings up the argument between Karen and Gizelle at the “Nude Interlude” party. Karen says it is not about that, today is about love and moving on. Mia agrees and says that Karen is a real boss. The flip flop did not escape Wendy, who calls out Mia for sticking up for Gizelle and now is big upping Karen. Mia backtracks.

She says she only said Gizelle was a good person before Karen revealed Gizelle wished death on Ray. But Wendy pointed out that Mia also asked for her phone number after finding out that Gizelle wished death on Ray……Mia backtracks again, Ashley calls her out, Mia then gets mad and asks why Wendy is so worried when Karen isn’t?

Mia! We see right through you, you social hopper, you!

She says some googly goob, and they move on. Karen wants them to play nice, because Wendy checks the mess out of a disrespectful Mia for coming for her. One thing for sure, Mia does not back down……but Karen moves the lunch along.

The couples eventually do a “Newlywed Game” type of party game which Wendy and Eddie win. Ashley is the host….it’s interesting that when the question was asked, which one of the housewives would the husbands be interested in besides their own; Wendy threatened Eddie who changed his answer from Mia to none, lol.

Eddie is smart.

Ray put down as his answer…..drumroll….

Katie… I howled. Karen was pissed. Katie better lay low.

The game also reveals Gordon met Mia at the strip club. They say she was a bartender, but the ladies secretly feel she was a stripper. I dunno, what do you all think?

The Love Lunch was a success….. and the episode ends well…..

So did you catch the show? I can’t wait to see the drama next week how about you? Leave a comment and subscribe for more recaps, bye for now!

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