Are You Watching The Netflix Series, “The Upshaws”? Well Here’s Why You Should!

If you have been searching for a great sitcom to watch on Netflix, I found one called “The Upshaws” and if you have a Netflix subscription and you are not watching this show…..why?!! We have all been scouring the Internet, streaming channels and old emails of content, just to find some things to watch. Feel free to share some of the shows you have been watching in the comment section. Well I have been taking advantage of my Netflix subscription, and I found a show that I really got into,”The Upshaws”, have you heard of it? If you have seen it feel free to comment on the show. Do you want to know my opinion? This show is absolutely uproarious.

It stars Mike Epps as of all people a family man. Yes I was surprised too. I was used to seeing Mr. Epps in his role as stand-up comedian and I loved him in the “Friday” movies. But to see him show us his serious side…..he does well at showing the complexities of being a married father named Bennie Upshaw and let’s just say he is a trip.

Bennie works as a mechanic shop owner that is partially owned by his sister played by Wanda Sykes, who is the loveable Aunt Lucretia Turner, and their chemistry is hilarious. The show is actually executively produced by Ms. Sykes who also stars in the show, and she does well as she brings something fresh and different with the introduction of an all Black cast and the show is very entertaining. It was created

We get to see Kim Fields as the mother Regina Upshaw, and boy does she do a great job of being funny but stern as she must navigate through a life with Mike Epps as her partner of thirty years. They have three kids together, but Epps who plays Mr. Upshaw has a child with another woman.

The “baby mama” is played by Gabrielle Dennis who I loved in the CW series, “The Game”. His child was conceived while he and Mrs. Upshaw were on a break…..the child who is a son happens to be the same age as his oldest fictional daughter with Fields….confused?

Well watch the trailer……

(Posted on YouTube by Netflix)

Well as you can see the show is funny, but it also tackles some deep subjects that affect a lot of blended families. The show uses humor to bring attention to difficult subjects like, religion, homosexuality, inner city crime, teenage melodrama, marital separation… name it, and this show brings it to the forefront but with a chuckle.

The show has a lot of stereotypes, but they actually delve deep and give you humor at the same time and I for one appreciated how entertained I was. Even the kids on the show had great comedic timing and the ensemble cast pulled me in.

This is not your Claire and Heathcliff Huxtable, but you can relate to their situations. The Upshaws will remind you of Fred Sanford and the banter he had with Aunt Ester….but in 2021 you will laugh just like you did when you watched those old shows we all used to love. It’s a bit of nostalgia with a twist. There is some foul language and adult situations so I don’t know if it is appropriate for all ages, but its worth the try if you are grown and want a few laughs.

I loved the show so much I binged watched the whole first season and are waiting with high anticipation for the second season to come out. The first season ends with a monster cliff hanger. I actually want to see the next season, and yes I have been considering recapping the next season. Do you think that is something anyone would be interested in? It would be a big investment in time and energy so that is a big indicator of how much I believe in the show and want it to succeed.

So did anyone catch the show? Leave a comment!

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The Upshaws | Netflix Official Site

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