Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Premiere Episode One: “Sisters-in-Brawl”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is back for another season and are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the first episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode One: “Sisters-in-Brawl”

So we see all the drama that happened with the now infamous “Come Back Group” and all the shenanigans that took place in Huntsville the previous two seasons….and the drama between Melody and Martell just keeps escalating. We relive the ends and outs of the 47 acre sale or lack of….we see Martell foretell the demise of Destiny and Le’Berrick…..yes, Huntsville fans we already know Carlos King has a lot in store for us this season….and one thing for sure the reality we see is real. This episode is seemingly going to focus on the beef that keeps flaring up between the sister’s in law…..Kimmi and Latisha Scott…..oh boy, this is about to be interesting.

We loved that they were tight and seemed close at first…but it seems like that is all over as the rift grows.

After the intro, the episode begins with Marsau and his Uncle traversing in the mud up a mountain to view a property and Maurice meets him at the spot that is soon to be “Scott Manor”. Remember they have this land and they would like their family to build homes on it so they can all live among each other? That became an issue when Kimmi expressed the desire not to live so close to her in laws. And Latisha was offended.

They are having a problem building on the property and can’t run the utilities or build the foundation or the driveway. They are running out of time according to Marsau and the things Latisha wants added to the building of their contribution to the building is driving up the costs…..according to him. He once again insinuates Latisha is difficult, she wants the house, it has to be her way, it has to be this, blah, blah….he loves putting her out there to seem dingy, difficult and stressful……Maurice is there to see how the building is going he too plans to build his own home on the land, later.

Marsau wants to know why Maurice is concerned with the building because he doubts Kimmi will allow him to even move to “Scott Manor”, Lol. Maurice brings up the relationship between the sister’s in law’s are strained and Kimmi feels she didn’t do anything to Latisha….let me just say the men on this show are just as messy as the women can be. Marsau seems to be on Kimmi’s side…..hmmmmmm.

Maurice mentions Martell apologized to Melody on the radio……messy like I said. They then discuss Martell and Melody. I can’t.


Melody is in her new home. She says the divorce is final but she is not ready to date, she is still getting back to discovering who she is now that she is single and the focus is on her kids.

Destiny arrives for a visit and they sit to sip wine and talk. They go to toast and Destiny tells her to drink and make eye contact or that it will lead to seven years of bad sex. Melody stares her down with a intensity that would make a porn star blush and they both take a big swallow of their cocktails… bad sex for them!


What’s been going on? Melody reveals she has been learning what she likes and that her tolerance is low……understandable after being humiliated and cheated on for years….. Destiny went to lunch with Kimmi who after they initially didn’t get along are becoming friends as Melody knew they would…..

Destiny reveals she too is recently divorced….


Yes. Destiny was too good of a friend to take away her support for Melody while she divorced Martell. Melody is shocked that Destiny wouldn’t allow her to be there for her because she was in a lot of pain as well. Destiny wants her to understand she didn’t have the history with her husband that Melody did and she knew it was over and was at peace whereas Melody was devastated. Destiny is a good friend.

She didn’t make it about her because it wasn’t as deep……so many friends would have. She was with her man for a short duration and while she is also a single mother, she is faring well. Destiny is the friend we all need. Melody tells her she is here for her and hugs her.



Marsau is working I his office when his adorable five year old daughter video calls him and asks him to bring her some potato chips…..he tells her to look up the name of the specific chips she wants so he can get the right ones and call him back.


Kimmi has stopped by with Marsau meals prepped for the week, yet remember Latisha seems to forget Kimmi is a supportive friend. Apparently Kimmi who is also a part time real eastate agent, a nurse and wife….she is also a caterer! And as if she is not busy enough. Marsau is planning a surprise party for Latisha who is graduating with a second Master’s degree and he would like Kimmi to plan it. LOL.

Kimmi is like …..No!


At the very moment Marsau is asking for the favor…..Latisha is with her cousin in a shoe store…..bashing Kimmi for not being supportive….sigh. We see why Kimmi said no.

Which she explains when they flash back to Marsau’s office….. Kimmi says, all Latisha is going to do is say I am a bad friend so no, I will not go out of my way to plan a party for her. But, she agrees to cook for the party….Marsau understands…..Kimmi says let all the people who bash Kimmi plan the party, but I will do something. lol. Kimmi is a class act.

Marsau says he planned the party for the day Latisha mother Wanda is out of town…..which is mean but also understandable.

His daughter sent him a picture of the chips so he would be sure to get the right ones, lol.


Latisha cousin plans on confronting Kimmi for not being supportive of Latisha at the surprise party that Latisha secretly knows all about. I’m confused.

Martell goes to visit Destiny at her beauty supply she owns, and he has a box of products he would like to place in her store for her to sell. They do small talk about the kids and she mentions she saw the post he made where he mentioned the child he had with another woman outside of his marriage to Melody.

I know Destiny is a good friend, but that was none of her business. Martell gets defensive and says no matter what anyone thinks he is going to claim ALL of his children. Destiny feels it is hurtful to Melody, but excuse me…they are divorced. It is un-empathetic, but the child didn’t do anything to be ignored…..Melody is grown and moving on!

Destiny questions him and finds out he is selling the products for someone else he has yet to sign a contract with. He says he looking to have a percentage in the company. She asks what is he waiting on and why has he not signed the contract. He tells he he was waiting for his divorce to be final as if it was any business of hers. She tells him he needs to sign a contract and blah, blah, blah…..Irritated with her nosiness he ask her, so how are you and your husband. She reveals they divorced.

He goes to tell her how important in marriage it is to put the work in. She asks him if he put the work in to make his better and he snaps at her, that’s why your ass is getting divorced…..well she kind of asked for it…..

He repeatedly had to go back and forth as if you were his woman and that was stupid. I don’t know any man who will do that, narcissistic or not. Destiny needs to evaluate if she has a antagonistic side because…..CALM DOWN, that is Melody’s fight not yours!

They go back and forth when he tells her he has a problem with her mouth….and she continues to argue back……she says she is speaking her opinion and he can’t handle it. She says she has been respectful and he is the one that has been trying it.


Destiny you have been combative from the start now stop it! We don’t like Martell but fair is fair. Isn’t Martell is supposed to be your friend and here you are picking sides…..what you should of done is said you were not friends and then your hostility would make sense… are not neutral enough for these conversations. You even threaten him with a stiletto in his forehead…..enough!


Melody is in her office on a zoom call with her young toddler daughter sleeping in her arms while she works. She reminds us of her hit single, “Tell Tale Signs” a song she put out about her bout with Martell and his infidelity and  that did so well that she has gone on tour to promote it….

Melody is becoming a mogul outside of her marriage and divorce to Martell and it is awesome to watch her rise after the divorce and continue being a success. She is busy…….she is meeting with her team about her brand when Chris Fletcher “the Come Back Group” realtor buddy, pay her a visit. She gets off the call and he and her chat. He brings an offer to her to build her own custom homes to sell on the 47 acres. He also tells her how well the office looked. And Melody has a glow even though she is the one watching her own kids while she works, she seems happy. She is not complaining or stressed.

Melody doesn’t have a problem making money by building on the land but she wants to know if Martell will be a problem so Chris says he will mention that Melody will be a developer of the land as well….he will get back to her o what he says. What is your guess that Melody being in on the deal will be a problem?

The Surprise Party for Latisha That She Always Knew About

Although Wanda did not get to come to the party she was there in spirit as Latisha’s family grilled Kimmi and kept insinuating she has a lack of loyalty to Latisha. Sigh.

Latisha is too grown to sick her family on people and expect to have grown relationships with other women. I find it hard to believe she doesn’t see why Kimmi does not want to be around her that much…..she is childish as all get out. But congrats on the second master’s it’s quite the accomplishment, now grow up.

Latisha shows up and thanks her family especially Martell….he gives her a Rolex, a Presidential……they all sit down to eat. Melody congratulates her and they play nice.


Latisha’s family now confronting Marsau about the comment he made about he and Latisha being from the wrong side of the tracks….they surround him.

He once again explains the comment was really a dig at himself not her and not them…..sigh. Her family is a whole lot. He might as well had of invited Wanda. There was no way with a bunch of busy bodies there was not going to be drama. If I were Kimmi I would of declined to come.

Kimmi takes Latisha to the side…..since her family is busy with Marsau maybe its safe to try to talk like grown women, whew!

She tells her she loves her and gives her a chance to once again state her problem…..OMG.

Latisha felt Kimmi wasn’t there for her when she fell out with Melody and Martell. She always wanted a sister but that was not the relationship she got with Kimmi. Kimmi still doesn’t understand why Latisha needs so much support…..when nobody gave her support when she was having her drama with Maurice’s ex……Latisha is finally quiet…..

Kimmi says Latisha is spoiled……..well duh. And a tad bit overly sensitive. But I do at least think she does a good job of explaining her point albeit childishly.

It goes on and on…..Latisha cries. Kimmi tells her she will not always agree with her. Kimmi feels like she is not being understood…..Latisha only hears what she wants to hear…..she is hell bent on being the victim that everyone must defend and she is hurt that Kimmi has the nerve not to fall in line. Shame on Kimmi for having a mind of her own and the backbone to say, “no”. It’s stupid. Not everybody will do what you say, so get over it! Do you think Latisha has a point?

The episode ends….

So, do you like the season so far? Catch me next week for episode 2!

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