Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Nine: “It’s Time for the TWERKULATOR!”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the ninth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode nine. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Nine: “It’s Time for the TWERKULATOR!”

So after the intro,

We see Sidney sitting down with Tanisha, Natalie and Mehgan. She starts making a speech about everyone coming together and that being the reason she invited Mehgan. No Sidney, you invited Mehgan to be messy….and you are super disrespectful and trying to talk all soft spoken as if you haven’t been stirring the pot isn’t going to help us forget you are stuck in time. This is a new opportunity to start a brand called, “Baddies”, but you insist on being a “Bad Girl” and at this point it’s beyond stupid.


You are not building a sisterhood Sidney, at this point all you do is bring other women down with all the low vibration activities you engage in….all you can give us is bad acting, bad reads, bad behavior and bad timing. You are a Bad Girl alright……

I wish you would just shut up and let them talk because that’s what you said you wanted right, Big Mouth Almighty Tongue Everlasting? Shhhhhhh!

Natalie says in her confessional that it has been nonstop drama with Sidney, and I agree. She refuses to give it a rest and it’s tiring.

Natalie tells Sidney after her fake unify women speech that she through this on us last minute. I don’t plan to waste a lot of time on this. So lets me sum up what happened at the sit down.

Sidney actually allows them to talk without her usual chiming in and making it about her. Finally!

What was the issue Mehgan had with Natalie? Natalie didn’t invite her to her baby shower. Natalie explained why and the squashed their beef. What was Mehgan’s drama with Tanisha? Tanisha, in her opinion is fake, because she told her secrets. Tanisha accepted her assessment of the situation, and they both agreed to be grown women and get money together.

Let’s move on…..


Seven, Natalie, Christina, Sarah, Janelle, and Sidney go to the club to “party with the gays” and celebrate Sidney’s birthday. Natalie feels like she is the only one that supports all of the Baddies. She mentions Tanisha, but to her surprise Tanisha and Judy show up and a good time is had by all.

But at one point Sidney takes the time to get on the microphone and shade Janelle by yet again calling her a Claremont Twin…..shut up Sidney. You feel free to disrespect other women but want to insinuate a woman is trans-phobic for talking about you. It’s the catch 22’s that will get you caught up and nobody can win with you. You irritate the mess out of me, for real!

You are disrespectful for no reason, Janelle did nothing to you. Just let it go, you can never be her so you hate on her? Who is Janelle that you give her so much power? And despite putting her down, you don’t feel any better about yourself. And she is left feeling like she is all that because you put her that high on your list of priorities. It has the opposite effect yet you won’t let it go. It’s like you are obsessed with Janelle.

And you even shaded Sarah…..Sidney grow up. It’s like you purposely ruined your chance because you wanted to be a Bad Girl so badly you forgot to be a Baddie, whatever that is. If a Baddie picks on other women to make herself feel good then who would want to be one? Trans or otherwise there is nothing groundbreaking about being insulting, crass and mean spirited. This show needs to rethink its direction and if they really want to go out like this……I’m fast forwarding past the party.


They are in the van leaving the party and Sidney’s dramatic ass gonna announce to everyone that Mehgan is not her friend because she didn’t come to the party….she even looks at the camera and says, “Mehgan you a fake ass B****.” See. Its stunts like this that make me think you really are clueless. You just run off half cocked and start talking reckless.

You don’t even give Mehgan the benefit of the doubt because deep down inside you are insecure. You will always feel slighted, left out, or abused. It will always be about you and no, not many people will want to be anything to you but an associate. Real friends say things like. “Maybe she was in an accident or had an emergency”. But not you. You cuss her out, knowing if she was there you’d be kissing her ass. Just shut up Sidney. You are the one that is fake and I’m starting to see that.

Sarah tries to stick up for Mehgan and somehow ends up making it about her. Sigh. Shut up Sarah. Sarah is whining about being Natalie’s best friend…..Sarah how old are we? Who cares?

On the B-ball court……

The next day, Natalie, Janelle, Sidney and Seven are on the basketball court pretending to shoot hoops and talking about last night. Apparently they all had a good time partying with the gays, and enjoying Sidney’s birthday. Seven brings up that Sidney once again insulted Janelle for absolutely no reason. Natalie says she is going to let Janelle pop Sidney in the mouth one day because at this point the disrespect is ongoing…..well if it’s that bad, why is Sidney on the show? You all know that she shouldn’t fight Janelle but you allow her to bully Janelle? This makes no sense.

Seven throws a jab at the Claremont twins……sigh. I can’t. The ladies aren’t even dribbling the balls…..maybe if you all had something to do you wouldn’t gossip so much geez!

Christina screams down to them from the window and Natalie calls to her to come join them…..

Natalie brings up that someone shared the group text she sent to the group with Mehgan and that’s shady. We don’t care. Sarah people pleasing ass comes down to the court with waist trainers she brought for all the girls. Do you think they thank her? Lol.

Hell naw. That’s why they dog you Sarah.

She jumps into the conversation stating to Natalie that she is the only in the house that has Natalie’s back. Natalie rolls her eyes and so did we Sarah. At this point it’s old and tired. Natalie is not your friend. I know you see that.

The girls are making fun of Sarah for having surgery….ummmm yawl all have haven’t you? Christina comes down……Natalie starts berating and clowning Sarah…..

I’m soooooo bored. Let me fast forward………


They have a trainer come to the house. Tanisha and Judi didn’t show up, lol.

They all flirt with him but Janelle took it over the top and Sidney did the most by flashing her boobs at him. Sarah calls it sexual harassment. What do you all think? Leave a comment.

Sarah makes it a point to let everyone know she works out in real like and his is barely a workout for her and blah, blah blah, shut up Sarah because we don’t care. What is sit we want to see?

The Twerk-Off…..

Tanisha comes stomping into the house and she sees a stripper pole set up. The girls come down and take turns stripping. Judi of course is not there, she wasn’t going to participate either way. Tanisha throws money on them. It’s a “twerk off” but for some reason they are all going to split the money so girls like Seven barely tries. I mean why twerk when you are splitting the money either way. Tanisha refuses to twerk. Natalie I felt did the best.

But Sarah goes all out……… I mean she went into full blown stripper mode, whew!

In the middle of Sarah’s one woman show, Sidney gets mad and says she is tired of looking at Sarah. She calls Sarah trash….why? Because no one was paying attention to her and Sidney will do anything to remain the center of attention. No one interrupted her when she was hopping across the stage like a frog….but here she is stealing Sarah’s legitimate moment to shine……Sidney knock it the hell off you are so annoying its pathetic. Its as if you didn’t get enough hugs as a child?

Sarah gets pissed off, as she should and she starts cussing out Sidney. Sidney starts making fun of how Sarah was dancing while Sarah calls her broke. I can’t.……..and the episode ends there.

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 10!

What are your thoughts?

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