Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Eight: “Surprise!”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the eighth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode eight. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Eight: “Surprise”

So after the intro,

We see Sidney in the kitchen and it’s her birthday! Well happy belated birthday Sidney Starr! Now back to the recap….

Like I said its Sydney’s birthday and she is in the kitchen video calling Mehgan who finally makes an appearance through of all people, Sidney Starr? They don’t seem like they would be friends, but surprise, surprise, Sidney is an Aquarius like Meghan and Christina. Bye the way, did you remember I am an Aquarius? Now a lot of things that are going on are starting to make sense.

Meghan wishes Sidney a happy birthday and they exchange pleasantries and small talk. Meghan is in town, and Sidney, being messy, invites her to the house knowing that Meghan has problems with dang near everybody in the house, but also says she wants a drama free birthday…..shut up Sidney.

There you go talking out both sides of your mouth……well it will never slide by me, ya dig? You know exactly what you are doing inviting Meghan, and she knows exactly what she is doing showing up, lol.

The Aquarius in me already knows it’s about to be some bull, so Sidney knock it off. But I’m here for it, ha! An Aquarius loves to pretend with you sometimes….Sidney is planning to stir the pot and watch the fall out. Its predictable and tiresome….but we want to see Mehgan, don’t we Baddies fans?

Where the heck have you been Mehgan? I mean it’s week after week and there has been no, Meghan. So I’m glad she finally makes her appearance in the house. Now she happens to be one of my favorite Bad Girls so I hope that her evolution into a Baddie doesn’t make me start to dislike her, like I do some of the cast that I used to like. Now I am here for it only Mehgan is not stuck in a time warp and leaves without having a fight……


Mehgan claims she wants to sit down with the girls she has beef with and have a peaceful resolution…..okay we will see.


Janelle, Seven and Christina are hanging out by the pool bonding and discussing the drama in the house and the fight…..again, sigh. We don’t care.

Here comes Sidney prancing in because it’s her birthday….okay Sidney if you had of saved all of your extra-ness for a day like this maybe I wouldn’t be wary of you. I already know you are about to wear me out, so just remember I wished you a happy birthday first, or better yet, you know what? You should probably not read this recap….just kidding! But not kidding if you about to prance on my last nerve….I’m sick of you and….

NOPE I SAID I WAS GOING TO BE NICE….back to the recap….lol.

She strikes up a conversation, “What are you guys talking about?” The drama in the house…..well Sydney tells them she loves all the drama…..WE KNOW, sigh.

Sidney lies and says not all Aquarius’s are crazy….speak for youself, Sidney Starr! If they could my kids would have me committed but my dude is a Leo so let them try it, lol.

My Lion is convinced his Water Bearer has a good heart…..and I do. But I have a tendency to appear heartless to others especially if they are purposefully trying to bring out emotions that I don’t want to feel. I’m not emotionless, just logical. But yes, I can admit some Aquarius’s are not crazy, they are downright psychopathic…..I’m just saying, lol.

Eventually Janelle confronts Sidney and Sidney admits she picks on Janelle because of her insecurities and jealousy because she is a Trans-woman and Janelle is beautiful.


Sidney is not as clueless as she would like us to believe she is…an Aquarius knows, so if they tell you they don’t it’s a lie. She knows she is annoying, lol.

They bond over booties……Christiana touches Janelle’s and then Sidney to see whose feels better. Janelle won…..

They promise to try to get along and hug it out….well we will see…..she invites them out to the gay club celebrate her birthday…..and she tells them Mehgan is coming to the house and she hopes the differences the any of the Baddies have with Mehgan can be worked out….. but Natalie and Tanisha don’t know she is coming to the house for a sit down.….they know it’s about to get messy…..


Natalie is in a room on a phone call when Sarah interrupts, she needs to talk…..well of course she does. Sigh. No I will not fast forward…..well, maybe I will if I have to hear anything else about her dam hair……..

Natalie gets off the phone call as Sarah takes a seat already in full Karen mode, but Sarah you look beautiful like that. The look you are giving works for you. Natalie is ready to give Sarah her full attention. But is this really what Sarah wants? Full attention to Natalie is like having a target on your forehead, Sarah……abort!

Natalie hangs up and immediately tells her, “I know you have something to complain about that’s what you do best…..” and Sarah immediately answers, “No” and then begins to complain…..


Sarah doesn’t like the way Natalie speaks to her sometimes…..

OMG. Sarah, you are not Karen no matter how much you want us to believe you are a delusional, entitled, White woman… play the role well. Why the hell are you trying to have THIS conversation with of all people, NATALIE NUNN? So she is supposed to see your point, then change her behavior based on your friendship with her? Well…..let’s just see how this plays out, baddies fans……

Well Natalie doesn’t see her point….they are talking…and in prances Sidney…..she says she heard them all the way in her room…..mind you she had to prance down a hallway…..Sidney was ear hustling…waiting for her cue with a glass pressed up against her ear and that ear next to a wall……ha!

Sidney needs to talk to Natalie….Natalie says go ahead….

YEAH SIDNEY, go ahead!

Natalie asks Sarah if she could give her a few minutes because is going to quickly talk to Sidney. I cracked up. Ummmm wasn’t Sarah trying to have an earnest conversation with you Ms. Nunn. It’s hilarious. Sidney apologizes to Sarah for interrupting her but Sarah doesn’t leave…..

I can’t…..I’m smiling already.

Now, Sidney Starr, if only you had of been chilling this whole time and then waited for your birthday to come with the shenanigans…..remember that if you get on this show for another season….it gets to be too much when you just start drama for the hell of it as if you were a twelve year old……

I’m helping you even though you are a fellow Aquarian and shouldn’t need it. I could care less if you sick the LGBTQ plus community on me like you tried to do to Judi. But please don’t ….. I’m more of a friend than any of your team has been, and if you repay me with anything but a nice shout out?

I will pull the receipts just like Sarah…..

I got proof, week after week I give you tips and you just refuse to do better. So tell them I’m picking on you…..I will windmill in my comments, unlike you so, get it together. I happen to like you and I swear I don’t know why sometimes… a mess.

But this is entertaining!


Natalie and Sarah start to argue and Sidney is right there……smirking…..waiting for her cue to… already know!!!!!! Stir……

Sarah wants to know what this is all about….her eyes are starting to get wide…the voice on the verge of whining, lol. Natalie starts berating her and telling her all the things SHE has done for Sarah…..something about ordering a cake…..what the hell are they talking bout?

Sarah is complaining because it’s her birthday too …..Natalie wanted to do a joint birthday….Sarah is in a full whine now!!!! What are they, five year old’s? Natalie be trippin yawl. She is like, yeah Sarah I was going to be you a cake, and Sidney a cake and celebrate the birthdays together… Now Natalie and Sarah are arguing again….but remember Sidney is standing there right?

Sidney decides this is the perfect time to tell Natalie that Mehgan is on her way to the house AND she will be attending the birthday party at the club……


It was the worst time, because remember Sarah was trying to have a heart to heart with heartless Natalie……but we all know Capricorn women are big ole softies but will never let you know it because they pride themselves on laughing at you, ignoring what you said….but it’s the over talking that does it for me……you Capricorn women have to talk over people don’t you?

But Sidney gets kudos for knocking the smirk off Natalie’s face the non-violent way.

Natalie looks a little irritated. She is starting to let Sidney get to her…..and never mind she has Sarah also vying for her attention. Natalie says Mehgan is not coming to the house. Sidney says she is coming anyway. Natalie wants to talk to Tanisha first to see if she agrees….Sarah says she doesn’t agree….

Who asked you Sarah, lol.

All the while Sarah is doing her Karen act, Sidney pushes the issue….no, no, if Mehgan comes all the way out there she is coming in…….Natalie says she is not…..Sarah co signs…. with a whine of course, “Sidney…she is noooooot!”

Once again, who asked you Sarah?


I don’t care what anyone says, Sarah will not be dismissed and in a way she is sticking up for herself by refusing to go. I like Sarah. Pisces are really sweethearts…but its annoying how they must be heard…listened to….catered to…….you got to kiss their asses and do whatever they say or Pisces will act super bossy.

Name one Pisces woman who isn’t annoying when they don’t get to be your mommy? Sarah….Natalie and Sidney don’t care so why do you? I swear you Pisces have trouble reading the room don’t yawl with your clueless selves…..Sarah you should just leave….but Sarah is focused on being a part of the conversation at all times, why? Because she is a producer too……Sarah knock it off. That’s why you always getting a slap threatened to come your way……

But be careful if you go to slap them… one Pisces woman who won’t fight back and fight back well?

I’ll wait…..but I’m running out of time…so back to the recap…….

Sidney doesn’t see why Natalie has to talk to Tanisha because she already told Mehgan to come.

Natalie is like because I need to talk to Tanisha and she is not coming here. Sidney says it her house as well….She tells Natalie can drink a few drinks and be good in the house….and Natalie has had enough.

Who does Sidney think she is telling her to take a drink?

She begins to check Sidney….who is un-checkable at this point….. Sidney tells Sarah to shut up, and to go…..wait wasn’t Sarah there first….but of course Sarah doesn’t leave….she keeps right on whining that she doesn’t want Mehgan there either…..

Natalie is pissed. She is not scared of Mehgan so she doesn’t need to drink to calm her nerves…..Sidney just may get her birthday licks early if she plays her cards right…..right on cue, Tanisha is calling Natalie’s phone.

Good job production, he he!

Natalie answers the phone tells Tanisha she is coming right over to her house to fill her in on the drama. Natalie let’s Tanisha know there is more drama in the house so she is coming to Tanisha right away so they can discuss what was taking place in the house, and then she goes to hang up…..Sidney is not having it, lol.

She tries to hang up but Sidney insists on taking to Tanisha on speaker phone. She just has to fill her in on all the details of how Mehgan is coming…. Now Natalie cant hang up because Tanisha is responding…..

No, No don’t hang up, I need to talk to Tanisha, she says.

Natalie is all smiles because she knows its about to be some bull and she is highly irritated…..She puts the phone on speaker and Sidney tells Tanisha about Mehgan right then and there.

The look on Natalie’s face…..if she could of slapped Sidney Starr she would have…..

I swear to God Almighty, Sidney….if you would have just did all this now BUT not have done this all the time to the point we are OVER IT? America would have loved the Trans-gendered Diva……

Natalie starts rushing Tanisha off the phone so she can hang up….I’m coming over there she repeats trying to talk over a Sidney who is on a mission to spill the beans…..Sidney  begins rushing the information to Tanisha while Natalie is trying to hang up on Tanisha who doesn’t know what the heck is going on…..

Sarah waves at the phone and sings….”Bye Tanisha” so that Natalie will hang up but Sidney is like, no, no, don’t hang up I’m not finished…….Are you okay, Tanisha how to you feel? About what? Sidney gets out that Mehgan is coming and how does she feel about that?

So Tanisha responds and Natalie can’t hang up…because remember, Tanisha is just finding out and didn’t even know everything yet……..

Before Tanisha can answer Sidney, Natalie yells, I’m going to go talk to her!!!! Sidney keeps right on going like a freight train…. “Right” she tells an exasperated Natalie and continues talking to Tanisha……ha!

Tanisha says she doesn’t want the vibes that Meghan brings to the house and Sidney keeps insisting Mehgan is on her way….. and finally!

Natalie hangs up and leaves for Tanisha’s house…..

As she is stomping off, Sidney tells her that Meghan is still coming, but Natalie is like, no she is not …

As Natalie is exiting the room she just walks off without acknowledging that Sarah had originally been the first on to come to her to talk.

Sarah points out how Sidney stole her attention from her once again, and Natalie says in her deep Baritone voice, “What are you talking about Sarah?” Sarah is like, I am a friend to you, I would never just let someone do what Sidney just did but you always let her do this…..

Natalie stomps off to the van shooing her away, basically, lol. Sarah, square up already….Call Natalie out for dismissing you and taking your friendship for granted….GET MAD PISCES……

But no, Natalie leaves without acknowledging she treats Sarah like dirt. I mean yes, she is annoying…..but Sarah really is one of the Bad Girls who kept it going….she was already popping before Bad Girls, during and after…..she could of easily been an executive producer because her following is just as big and she has worked hard to push her fifteen minutes of fame to notoriety too.

Yes Sarah wears ball gowns during the day and whines about her hair…..but that doesn’t mean that she should be treated badly in my opinion. …..but Sarah….when are you going to act like you are just as popping as Natalie?

How dare you let her just talk to you and treat you any kind of way like you are her lackey? I mean you are Sarah Oliver! You really are a Karen now or are you going to get down? Is this Baddies Sarah? Well she sucks.

In the van Natalie is on the phone filling Tanisha in on just how messy Sydney is because apparently Sidney took a flyer that Natalie put out for promotion and put Mehgan’s face on it. Mehgan is making an appearance on the show but is not an official member of the cast…..okay, Sidney is not a producer but……

Why can’t Mehgan be a part of promotion? This makes no sense other than Natalie just doesn’t like Mehgan. Too many words have been said and Natalie is like, Mehgan is coming on some b.s. agenda…..

At Tanisha’s house she fills her in further…..the end result of the visit? Neither know what the real issue with Mehgan is so…

They will meet with Mehgen to see what her problem is. Tanisha doesn’t have a problem and doesn’t really care that Mehgan has one. But since she is coming to the house supposedly to talk to them like a lady, Tanisha will meet with her because it’s about the bag at the end of the day. Tanisha is amused that Natalie, despite the fact that she is the one who is always about the bag, can’t seem to get pass her feelings about Mehgan in order to get the money.

Natalie is like it’s about the disrespect and the going back and forth on social media that has pushed her to the point that its whatever…… and if Mehgan is coming on some rah rah…..she already is on some rah rah…..and Tanisha is like well let’s just see first, dang!

Natalie is like let’s go then and let’s see then b****…

Mehgen arrives at the house with a big bunch of balloons for Sidney’s birthday. Aaaaaw! See, Aquarians really are nice people…..deeeeeeep down inside we understand feelings that’s why when you try to make us feel,  we will resist your company…..and hurt your feelings in ways you never thought possible.

Beware of the Aquarian brain……we can and will spend hours plotting revenge….it just depends if we feeling petty enough to give a care and mostly we just don’t give a f**k so people never even knew we contemplated causing them some grief. And that’s Mehgan….she is so unbothered by all the drama, but she aint running from it. She just doesn’t want to be around but she is here for Sydney.

Sorry, its true. Aquarians just don’t care enough to do you harm… don’t make us care. Because we invented the wheel we will crush you with, ya dig? Mehgan aint no joke…….


Christina meets her outside walks her in while filling her in…..She exchanges happy wishes to Sydney and has some small talk before getting down to why she showed up….Mehgan just wants to know if she is about to get double teamed in some way and Sidney assures her she has her back and Mehgan assures her she got her own back. She just wants to know what exactly is the deal before she sits down with Natalie and Tanisha so she is on ready for whatever.

Eventually we get to the point where Tanisha, Natalie and Meghan sit down to talk……..and the episode ends there.

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am…. Let’s support the Baddies and always show love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 9!

What are your thoughts?

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