It Was Funny To Disrespect Nipsey Hussle And Deface His Mural, Until The Streets Came Calling…

There is a viral video, and I must admit, I will never forget this video no matter how long I live. What’s wrong with yawl? Who is out here posting these death videos? Well the Empath in me wants to understand and find meaning in the suffering, because a family is undoubtedly devastated by gang violence and this death was preventable. If you are easily disturbed please do not read any further.

This is a tale of when keeping it real goes most definitely goes wrong. Want to read another post about when “Karma comes calling” and delivers the coldest of plot twists?

Keep reading because this story is crazy. Let me put into context the drama . I will give the details the best I can piece together.

But let me first say, I grew up in Southern California in the 80’s and have been blessed to live to tell stories. No. I have never been a member of a gang, but that doesn’t mean I do not understand something about how it works in L.A. and it is not quite like places like Chicago.

Chicago has a lot of similarities so people assume they are alike, but if you understand gang culture then you will understand the streets while similar sometimes operate differently depending on the level of violence meted out for disrespect…….

L.A. is just like Chicago and disrespect is not tolerated. Yes. We hear about Chicago and we seem to forget….while Chicago has a reputation so does L.A. But because of the way gang banging is in those cold blooded L.A Streets people will make the mistake of thinking you can move the same way you do in other hoods and you can’t……why? Chiraq is a small place, but L.A. is big…..but still small. Confused? Good, don’t think you can leave the hood and be safe…..

Cali Is Active…..

California is a beautiful place so some may think it’s a beautiful place to gang bang…..but real true street violence occurs all the time. I saw a man take his last breath when I was three years old. It’s nothing to witness extreme violence and by the time I was ten years old I had witnessed three people die in front of me.

I had guns pulled on me once I had to run from a dude with a shot gun just because he knew what block I was headed to. I’ve been shot at a dozen times as a bystander just living my life as a kid. Gang banging in L.A. is not for the faint of heart. And remember I am not a gangbanger. I was your normal everyday nerd from the hood, held hostage by the poverty of my mother, and as a result I have been packed out, knocked out, maced and pepper sprayed before the age of 16. So imagine if I was a gang member?!

California is full of active gang members…..oh yes there is a new trend of telling you who the Bloods and Crips are, but real gang members are not always easy to point out. And surprisingly, Crips wear red, and Bloods wear blue. And, despite California being huge, and L.A. being large, we all move in the same circles.You will see your enemy when you least expect it and then what?

You can be anywhere and retribution will come calling. You will meet your maker in front of your wife, kids, grandma, pastor…..they don’t care.

Those dudes in Cali have no heart….so your best bet is not to bring on the wrath of any active gang member unnecessarily…..but these younguns seem to think L.A. has somehow turned into a place where senseless disrespect will not lead to a situation where you will be dealt with in a senseless manner as well.

You rightfully give Chicago streets respect those dudes don’t play and it’s always a mistake to assume real bangers won’t call shots and have shooters and you will never know who will answer the call when you need to be dealt with. L.A. is no joke despite all the joking around that’s done….banging is serious business.

So what is the deal?

Check this out……it all started when these little n****s decided to chase clout as if they were Tekashi 69. They stood in front of a mural for the late slain rapper Nipsey Hussle and bragged and laughed about defacing it. Oh, yes it was sooooooo funny.

(Posted on YouTube by Doit4thaLadies)

So, some dude named “ Baby Kapone” tagged the mural and the brother of the slain responded and the people in the video are laughing and…..when the video hits the 2:36, pay attention to the one throwing up the gang signs laughing with the long braids…..remember his face because there is another video.

It is disturbing but it illustrates a point in a way no other visual aide can… warned its super duper disturbing……but it’s out there, and I’m putting some context to the video…this young man is a cautionary tale. Beware……..remember him throwing up gang signs and laughing in the previous video? The one who defaced the mural, and one of the ones that was laughing. What happens next is not funny unless you worship evil…..


Whew! So, they guy on the live was the one who allegedly tagged the mural and is allegedly named “Baby Kapone”and he went live and was talking to his friend who is allegedly named “Indian Red Boy”….he asks what “Baby Kapone” would do if he happened to get caught without the gun he had been packing ever since he tagged the mural. Well “Baby Kapone” replies he would use his fists, and then ……..

We hear about seven or eight shots as the car is then riddled with bullets, and then we see the dying man gasping for air with blood on his face, apparently shot in the head but still clinging onto life….the guy he is talking to starts to panic when he realizes the shots he hears is not fireworks. The man is gasping for air and trying to gather his breath but the fear in eyes reveals he understands his impending fate and he asks for help. The friend then asks the critically injured man where he is and he replies Hawthorne. The friend drops the phone.

The friend, who they say is “Baby Kapone” ,the same on who tagged mural, witnessed the murder of his friend and it is rumored retaliation for disrespecting Nipsey Hussle, although no one has taken responsibility as of yet for murdering the young man who died. 

OMG, the Internet is Satan I swear. The video speaks for itself no need for me to describe what your eyes can clearly see….its not funny to me and anybody else who is trying to live righteous. I’m so sorry this baby died like that. That was somebody’s child. People are heartbroken. This baby was only twenty years old.

I am praying for this young man, “Baby Kapone” because no matter what anyone thinks or says, there is no need for anyone to die over stupid pranks. Tricks are for kids and aint nothing funny about any of this.

R.I.P Indian Red Boy, and may his family find peace in Cali……they aint no joke, what happened to their loved one aint no joke.

R.I.P. King Nip….we still hurt behind losing you….Bloods, Crips, Mexicans, Blacks, he gave L.A. love and we all want to give it back. Respect to his memory…..stop it with the dumb stuff and let this man rest. It’s time.

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