When The Narcissist Meets Their Match, Otherwise Known As Erica Mena And Safaree Samuels

Love them or hate them, but you must admit, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have an awesome knack for trending and staying in the public eye. Say what you want, they are the “it” couple as once again we are focusing on them. They make their money by being in the public eye, but I doubt they understand that their private lives involve innocent children who do not have the choice of whether or not their lives are for the amusement of perfect strangers. They get drug right along with the parents and in this case the parents put it all out for the public to see. And it is so annoying when Erica Mena then berates social media for speaking on something she put out there.

It’s like she is begging to be discussed. Why then does she go off on social media when nobody cared enough to dig so you put it out there and then try to gaslight us into feeling guilty for speaking on it. Well I run a blog so yes, because everyone seems to be talking about it, I will to. But trust me, I’m sick of the narcissistic displays. They are tiresome but what do you expect from a couple who seemingly united for all the wrong reasons?

Well I for one am less than intrigued with them for the reasons they may want. I’m more intrigued with how their behaviors have me thinking they are a couple of narcissists that are trying to do of all things…..be happily married.

Well how is that working out for them?

Since the times these two were “dating” it has been nothing but calamity. I could go on for hours and write a book on their relationship drama but now it’s gone from being annoying to downright sad…..oh don’t act like it’s just me. These two work on my nerves.

Erica makes it hard to feel sorry for her, but I will expound on that later. But first, let me discuss Safaree.  But first watch this video….and after you do, I will give you my opinion on Mr. Straaaaaaight!, himself. Whew!

(Posted on YouTube by Lailah Lynn)

Well isn’t that interesting. So Safaree is in Jamaica living it up while his son is in the intensive care unit for premature babies…….but let’s not forget, that’s what Erica claimed she wanted right? Well in my opinion he is honoring her wishes, period.

Erica is fit to be tied that Safaree is choosing not to be there for their son. Well remember this?

(Posted on YouTube by Dish Nation)

So why is it now he has to be there? This makes no sense. It is the type of catch twenty two’s that I cannot fathom being a part of.

And even before the marriage there were signs that the relationship was toxic. The dynamic was always off. Safaree wanted to be with Erica for years so the power dynamic was unbalanced as he followed her around like a love sick puppy making declarations of love that she rebuffed. We saw countless instances where she humiliated him on television in front of his peers……

So Erica thought Safaree would remain under her spell, in my opinion. She expected to berate and disrespect him and the public would not speak out in droves. So if we are speaking out on social media you notice Erica lashes out for us speaking up and against for the way she treats people, especially her husband?

I suspect Safaree’s friends and family has urged him to resist the disrespect but I doubt anyone saw this coming. Rather than leaving completely, he has become disrespectful to the marriage as Erica alleges he is also cheating on her. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Erica acts like we don’t remember she has also been a cheater, but she will swear she is not a bad person. Well by the same logic…..neither is Safaree.

Erica has a tendency to also lash out at women but also want support from women.

It’s no wonder he is dancing up a storm while she reacts tearfully…..she wants us to have pity on her….but if we say anything? She has the vile mouth she swears nobody can handle…..what man would chose to put up with that? Even if he is enamored with her, the shine wore off and now he is getting his clown on. It seems like Safaree wants to stick it to Erica for all the times she disrespected him, but it seems to me the kids will suffer. And for the record, neither Erica or Safaree has been diagnosed with narcissism, this is just my opinion based on behaviors.

What do you think? You should already be able to tell what I think. The narcissist has met their match…..but Safaree just might be a narcissist. Yes we like him, but aren’t a lot of narcissists likable…..until the shine wears off?

What are your thoughts?

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(59) Safaree Parties In Jamaica While His Wife Erica Is In The NICU With Their Preemie Son – YouTube

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