Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode SEVEN: “You and All Yo BULL”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the seventh episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode seven. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Seven: “You and All Yo BULL”

So after the intro,

We see Natalie is in the Baddies house and she is lifting weights…..hmmmmm that’s why my old ass would not be getting into any tussles. If chicks are out here trying to get their “WWF” on, I will pass on the fighting.

I rather not get body slammed so I will just rather not do any fighting if you do not mind ladies. But if you gonna be out here just “WWF’ing” folks, than take a page out of Ms. Nunn’s book and start dead lifting, whew!

In walks Sarah in a hideous wig that no self respecting grandma would wear let alone a Bad Girl. So this must be how the Baddies are doing it huh? So Sarah you gonna just find the most tacky blonde wig in your great aunt’s closet and have one of your servants hand deliver it after letting it blow outside the car window first?


Sarah you will do anything for attention and it shows but really? Auntie Bessie Jo didn’t have a better wig you could borrow? See, last episode here you are screaming about having long real hair……but lady answer me this…..why a tug in a fight is sufficient for you to be snatched bald enough to resort to this monstrosity you so proudly bop onto our screen’s wearing?

Stop it. This wig got to go ASAP.

Ask Sydney or Tanisha to hook you up with a good Wig-o-logist because this is God awful and it needs to be snatched. Nobody who is your friend would allow you to come on screen like that if they cared.

Natalie knows she wants to let out a snicker. Yes Sarah. The fact that she didn’t tell you that she could help you look better? Maybe you should re-evaluate if Natalie is a good friend to you. I’m sorry but it was horrible. I’m helping you because besides the fact that you take the joke too far I’m trying to still keep liking you but you be trying my patience.

Seek help on the wig choices and stop talking down to other women. I mean you don’t see Seven or Janelle walking around looking like this. Were you doing this for attention?


Sarah got a sling on her finger from the fight…….I am cracking up. The wig in combination with her talking about going to the doctor is hilarious. So her finger is fractured and Sarah is in her full blown Karen mode.

No wonder Seven didn’t want to touch her, Sarah seems like she is building a case for the prosecution all the evidence she is collecting. Now Sarah is this what Bad Girls have evolved into? So Baddies whine about medical reports and fractured fingers?

Why didn’t you get some codeine for the pain and go to sleep like the rest of us? And hide your finger cast from the public instead of waving it around…..Sarah is this a Baddie? Well you suck for that.

I would have just not pushed the issue so Seven wouldn’t feel the need to dive on you like a super hero. You just refuse to shut up. If we have to keep hearing about your hair and your finger I swear!!!!!!

Her fingernail is somehow jammed into her nail bed but rather than get a well needed rest Sarah is on our screen making us want to finish the job Seven started. Sarah please shut up. You basically asked to get molly whopped, dam! And it’s stupid when we all saw you pushing the issue then playing victim. Just work out already Sarah and stop working our nerves.

Now where did I put the Roku remote, because, if you think I’m about to hear Sarah go on and on about ANYTHING let alone her dang gone feelings, finger or hair, on this episode that just started?


It will not happen, Zeus. Now back to the recap, but I promise you my patience is wearing thin with this show again.

Natalie tells Sarah she looks like Judi’s twin in that wig, lol. Natalie says she is texting the girls and today will be fun…….well let’s get to the fun, shall we?


Seven goes to Janelle’s room to thank her for being her friend. They discuss the night before when Seven had her fight with Sarah and they rehash the dealing of the previous encounters she had with Sarah that led up the fight.

Janelle said she thought Seven was Kirk Franklin……the way she was stomping on Sarah’s head.

Good one Janelle.

Janelle is that supportive friend every woman needs because when Sarah was pulling at Seven’s hair, Janelle got her off of her. Seven says she was provoked by Sarah and Janelle agrees. Seven felt Sarah came to the meeting prepared to fight.

Usually Sarah is all glammed up, but that day she comes to the meeting with her hair in a bun with sneakers on, and they are not buying it. They feel Sarah’s agenda was to start drama, provoke Seven and then fight her…..but where her plan went wrong is she was the one that ended up getting beat to smithereens, ha!

They hug and discuss the fun day ahead……..Seven feels it is weird she has to now go have a day of bonding with Sarah. Janelle says Sarah does not want any problems…..well she would want to not push the issue, ya dig?


Christina is in the makeup chair getting ready for the fun day ahead, and Sydney knocks at her door and then walks into her room. Sydney has an issue with her glam squad doing Christina’s makeup and such…..well do you own them Sydney? Do you pay them enough that you should be their only client? I’m confused.

If these people are in the business of glam why not branch out and make money by doing the other Baddies as well? Especially when she and Natalie had that whole big blow out over Christina wanting her makeup artist to do her makeup, remember? I thought you were cool with her, Sydney? Why you starting stuff with Christina, it’s stupid.

Sydney says Christina is trying to be her…….nope I’m fast forwarding because I promise you, I do not care.

To sum it up, today at the fun field day, Sydney plans to fight Judi for the room. She says she is going to be the “Martin Luther King of the transgenders” to get her room back……

Sydney stop. Martin just rolled over in his grave, smdh.

Tanisha arrives and Natalie is waiting out front in another bad ass fur and leather accented jacket. What’s up with all the fur? But it looks wonderful.

Tanisha tries to open the sliding the door to the Black van, and Natalie screams, “Are you ready for this sis?” Tanisha can’t quite get the door open and it slides back……Natalie taunts her, “Oh she’s closing the door!” Lol.

Dang Natalie let the lady get out of the van, geez. You can tell Natalie is competitive. Tanisha trying to figure out how to get the hell out of the van…’s going to be a long day, ha!

There is a mechanical bull and “jumpy house” in front of the Baddies house and the production van pulls up with a well dressed and totally unaware Tanisha who has been told there was an emergency at the house…..hilarious.

Tanisha gets out the van with a patent leather full length coat lined with fur color and cuffs and some bad ass suede boots on….now where the hell you going in that? Ummm I think she is overdressed for riding a mechanical bull but okay.

Tanisha sees the “jumpy bouncy house” in front and questions Natalie like what the hell kind of emergency is this? Natalie laughs and her and  proclaims “B***h we about to fight in this mutha f***a”……..

The Field Day at the Baddies House

So Tanisha gathers the girls and they come out front to see what exactly has been planned for the day. And Sydney runs out first…..of course. Tanisha hilariously explains why she is not dressed for the occasion, because she ran out of a meeting thinking anything could be happening at the house……Natalie interrupts and doesn’t apologize she just gets to talking to the other girls, lol.

So Natalie explains the jumpy house is for boxing out your frustration and the mechanical bull is for riding out your frustration. She is sick of hearing about the room situation so Judi and Sydney will put on boxing gloves and fight for the room and if you lose you go into the attic…..

Of course Sarah at some point has to interject and has to announce to everyone that she is wearing a wig as of nobody snickered when they first saw her and we already know they did…..why, because we snickered Sarah, yes we did. Well what was the purpose of wearing it if it wasn’t for a laugh? Because you look like a clown pointing out the obvious….we see you so shut it. We all got the joke. You should sue whoever told you to be the joke now shhhhhhhhhh!

The girls are excited but Judi looks terrified despite Sydney being all mouth. Even Stevie Wonder could see Sydney wasn’t about to do jack but Judi is shaking in her boots like the punk she is. Dang Judi, put on the gloves and just windmill………how dare you let Sydney intimidate you….it’s not a street fight, it’s a child’s jumpy house and you will have on huge oversized gloves, girl bye. Judi stammers out excuses on why she doesn’t want to fight, while Natalie insists that Judi get Sydney out the room.

Judi, the way Sydney has been coming for you in the last couple of episodes you would have thought you would have jumped at the chance to force her to respect the fact that if she keeps trying to bully you will have to chose another way to make her regret that decision, THOSE HANDS….sigh.

I get it though. If you don’t want to fight then you shouldn’t have to fight. I don’t fault Judi for not wanting to box for the room. Nobody should be put in a situation that they do not want to be put in, when it comes to that sort of thing.

We should just respect the fact that some women do not feel the need to go upside another woman’s head. A lot of times if we watch these shows we may assume that women should be quick to fight but that’s not true. A whole lot of women will not get into a jumpy house and box you for a room and I’m one of them.

But for the disrespect Sydney has slung Judi’s way? I would have got in that house and did my best…..but that’s me, not Judi so back to the recap……

Now Natalie tells them she is tired of hearing how this person has a better body and this one can ride the “d” better than the next so if you got the skills prove it and hop on the mechanical bull and show us how you ride it. Judi looks scared at that too…..oh boy, what the heck happened to Judi yawl? She is a stick in a mud in a hideous wig……And yes it is still worst than Sarah’s and that is saying a lot. But all the other girls are excited about this.

Well, Baddies fans are you excited as well? Well I for one just want to see them have fun. Its time because all this fighting has me stressed and I aint even laid a finger on anyone, dang!

Sydney and Judi are supposed to battle it out but Tanisha picks up on the energy and asks who Sydney will be fighting in the bouncy house. Natalie keeps insisting that Judi is duking it out with Sydney……Natalie is tired of all the fighting over stupid things like the temperature of the room and drama between them and apparently it has gotten so bad it keeps up everyone in the house at night.

Who will box in place of Judi?

Tanisha asks if anyone wants to fight for Judi and Judi volunteers Seven who smiles. Stop it Judi and just fight already. Didn’t Seven kick enough behind in the house? I’m just saying, ha!

Why is Judi here?

Natalie keeps insisting that Judi fight for her respect and Tanisha gets tired of it and says that they should fight. She asks Seven to help her take off her high heel boots while Natalie takes off her jacket and the “rollie”, aka Rolex,  to show us what she got in the ring or in this case, the jumpy bouncy house, lol.

Tanisha says it’s what we want to see…..and then she topples the house over, lol. No for real, they climbed in and started to box and just like that it was over.

Literally, the house caved in as she and Natalie were trying to box and even the cameraman went toppling over with everyone else inside. I died laughing. It took them longer to take off all their jewelry, and gear than it took to fight. It took them longer to climb in to the ring and chose the color of their gloves than it took to fight……it was funny.

So now it’s back to the rumble for the room. Janelle who sick of Sydney anyway will fight in Judi’s place and they get in and Sydney gets beat up even with the gloves on. Janelle knocked her down and even did a split on top of her, lol. Judi you should of just got in the house and did your thing. Janelle handled Sydney like it was nothing, don’t mess with Texas. Yay, Judi is ecstatic. She hugs Janelle who is her savior, whoooooop!

Sydney was molded, but took it in stride. Janelle whooped her attention seeking behind…..Sydney “Tyson”? I think not.

Seven next pins Christina down when they fought…….duh.

Now it’s time to ride the bull……

Whoever didn’t box in the house has to ride the bull. Sarah fell off. Sydney fell off. Janelle fell off. Christina fell off. Seven did the best but still fell off… was fun. But Judi did not participate because she is a stick in the mud and yes her wig is still hideous even if it isn’t tossed by a bull. Why did she come?

Natalie is immediately tossed and is not having it so she jumps on again and is tossed. Tanisha has to be helped on by Natalie and Sarah and she still can’t get on the bull, lol. She jumps away from them and said she felt something hard going up her behind…it was Sarah’s finger cast as she tried to lift her onto the mechanical bull, I cracked up.

 A male member helps her onto the bull and when she is thrown off, she begins punching and kicking the bull……

It was fun…..finally!


Sarah goes to Seven’s room and they both apologize after talking it out. Is the truce genuine? Well we will have to see won’t we Baddies fans? And that’s how the episode ended.

Sorry this post took so long to come out……the next episode does not come out until July 11 so I have been using this time to put out some more original content I hope you guys will check out. This episode was a lot better. Told you to have faith because Baddies are on to something, we think! Thank you for rocking with me……

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 8!

What are your thoughts?

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