Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Eleven: “The Big Day Is Finally Here”

I’m back to recap the eleventh episode of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the eleventh episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode eleven. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Eleven: The Big Day Is Finally Here

The episode starts as it always does, right? We see what happened the previous week and we get the intro to Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life”. Yep we love this song by now, don’t you cabaret fans?

And we like “Fantasy” too now that we have heard that song a bunch of times as we watch the women rehearse to it for many episodes now. It’s not as infectious as “Live Your Best Life” but it’s getting there, lol. “Fantasy, ghetto fantasy!” Anyway……Back to the recap…….

So Joseline struts into the bedroom she shares with Ballistic Beats wearing one of her one of the kind cabaret outfits only she can pull off. And it’s shiny and leathery, with studs, gold chains basically it’s a mess!

But of course on Joseline it looks bad ass…..she complements it with the reappearance of the green hat with a matching green boa…..what is the Puerto Rican Princess up too all decked out in her cabaret gear?

Ballistic Beats is sitting on a couch waiting with anticipation….did I see him lick his lips?

Ut oh, what’s about to go down?

There is a stripper pole set up in front of the couch and Joseline treats us all to her magnificent pole work……Well you better do that Joseline!

She says this is payment for all the support he has been giving her… we get to see you work it too for all the support we give? Well thank you Joseline….she did that yawl!

Ballistic tells her he loved it when she is done and she grins ear to ear. He tells her that was amazing and for her to go wait on the bed until he calls her to him. She excitedly goes and waits on the bed for her surprise.

When he calls her in he is in the bath surrounded by rose petals you know, a real romantic set up with the candles and everything. Joseline was expecting one hundred grand or maybe a cart full of Gucci, so when he calls her in and she doesn’t know what to expect……

She sees him naked in the tub and I guess he was an okay consolation prize because they proceed to have a full blown sex scene for our viewing pleasure…..this show is a hot mess!


Lucky Hustla, Chanel Tso, Yummy P, Bosstec and Sapphire are sitting around in what looks like to be the Billiard Room and they are dressed in sexy cabaret attire, except for Sapphire,  and drinking. My other jam by Ms. Hernandez is playing in the background……

Joseline Hernandez-Finger Fvck A Check (Official Video) – YouTube

(Posted on YouTube by Joseline Hernandez)

The comments under this video for this song lead me to believe people are really haters. Did yawl give the song a chance? This song goes hard…..I can’t really decide but I think this may be my favorite song of the cabaret….although I have yet to see or attend a show, I do shimmy to this one when I am cleaning my room……anyway back to the recap……

So what’s up with these girls? What are they up to? It’s Lucky’s birthday………

Lucky Hustla has an impromptu party at the house………

Guess what yawl, its Lucky’s birthday and she invited some of the girls to celebrate with her!


Let me clear my throat, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear lucky, happy birthday to you, and many moooooooooore!”

Yes I know I am not the best singer but that is the best I can do.

Chanel Tso is twerking and a buzzed Lucky is lounging on the pool table with her phone on live, waiting for midnight to hit so she can turn up…….the other girls can’t wait either……The only one who is not really dressed for the occasion is Sapphire like I said and she seems like she may be a little down…..but she wants to do shots with the other girls in celebration of Lucky.

Yummy P is thankful that she was woken up to be a part of the festivities. Chanel is surprised she was invited because she and Lucky don’t really hang out…..They do the shot then all run out to the Jacuzzi….except for Sapphire…..

Lucky runs and strips naked and they all get in the water and turn up, and boy do they turn up……Happy Birthday Lucky!

The morning of the big day………

Ballistic thought it was a good idea to whisk Joseline away to a hotel so she could get away from the hectic environment of the house for her big day. It’s the day she is making her pick and performing for her 500 V.I.P. guests, remember. Are you excited? Well Joseline is. This is the finale; this is the day, according to Ballistic.

Ballistic Beats is in the bedroom playing video games when in walks Joseline who is irritated he is in the bedroom playing games. He offers to let her play… No she doesn’t have time and neither do you so put the controller away, orders a jovial Joseline all dressed in her white robe and her head full of curls.

She needs him to be focused, he shuts off the game and goes to pour her some champagne…..they sure like to drink champagne up in that piece, don’t they? I personally avoid the stuff too often because it gives me a headache that is out of this world, but to each it’s own, ya dig?

She is glad they got away from the house. They toast to a successful performance for the day, and Joseline is all smiles. May the best girl win…….

Joseline is afraid…she doesn’t know who she will pick; it’s anyone’s game….. Ballistic gives her support as all ways, she thanks him for being unlike any other man she had in her life…its cute…..


The girls are in the van on their way to the first performance for the cabaret, and they are primping, and applying those last touches or retouches of makeup, and trying their best to get focused because this is it…..but unlike the usual inappropriate van talk before, the mood is rather somber. No, there is no talk of whether or not you like or dislike  “fisting”, just nervous stares out the window……..

Sapphire who is still the captain, asks everybody how they are all feeling……Big Lex says she feels confident and happy and whoever wins the ten thousand dollars, she knows Joseline felt they deserved it so she is happy for the ones who win the spot……

Sapphire is proud of everybody and is proud that she got to be their captain. Sapphire gives a speech and I must admit…….Sapphire, you sound and look defeated already. Your eyes look sad…….so we get it. You have been everybody’s rock… been making sure everybody else knows the routine, and is supported….but it seems like you forgot to leave a little bit for yourself. So now it is the day of the performance, and you are worn out physically but what about your mental state?

She says the girls pushed her to another level mentally but girl you seem like you have resigned to let them have a spot…..NOBODY should get a spot if YOU can’t have one……now rep for Cleveland girl, you said you would!

Sapphire you don’t have the eye of the tiger and its crunch time. I’m nervous for the captain yawl. Sapphire, does Cleveland rock, or nah? Shout out to Drew Carey, lol.

Side note, Chanel your black dress and hairstyle in your confessional was everything, yaaaaaas! I like how you give all these looks using your real hair to give them….

Yummy P says she wants everybody to win in her baby girl voice…..well how does that work Yummy P, when it’s a dang gone competition, how everybody gonna win? I swear it’s like these women forget that…..

Mz Natural is encouraging everybody in the van while she gets a shot of everybody on her Live, but in her confessional she admits she is nervous and just ready to get it over with……

The performance, this is it…….

I’m nervous, are you nervous Cabaret fans?

People are already lined up outside waiting to get into the venue, and in front is a big picture of the Puerto Rican Princess that is promo for Zeus…..

We see our favorite chill home girl, Melissa Scott from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fame, helping set up the venue and she is all business. She is moving things around, setting things up, directing people, taking directions, planning…..Melissa sit down you are making us tired just watching you! But it’s no sweat to a boss….Melissa does it effortlessly. Melissa seems like she is a good person to keep around because you know Joseline can be a mess sometimes……

Joseline is so excited the night has finally come, she wants to break out in tears but she knows she has to stay strong so she is all business as well as she and Melissa discuss the way the show will go on. Melissa listens intently to the rundown of the show…..she is a working in the capacity of a stage manager…’s her job to make things transition in the show, it’s interesting to note Melissa is a Virgo, just like Ballistic Beats.

So for all the down talk about Virgos we see they can be quite conscientious and businesslike when they are focused…..and that’s no shade to Yummy P who is also a Virgo…..

I saw her as having these same qualities, it’s just the negative side of Virgo manifested itself as well…..Virgos have some shiesty ways for real. A Virgo who is channeling their positive qualities is quite capable, competent, loyal and tolerant.

But a negative Virgo is selfish, sneaky, manipulative and sometimes seemingly heartless….but they can never be cruel because inside they are hard on themselves……you gotta begrudgingly love a Virgo…..they stay in your heart!

The Virgin has some hoe ass ways, ha!  But I digress so back to the recap…..

Joseline also is letting Ballistic Beats know the set up as well as Mellissa…so with two Virgins running the show, the Scorpion can put her stinger away for now….the Virgos got her back…….

Joseline puts on her cabaret attire and does a run through of her pole routine to “Live Your Best Life”………..flawless…..

They run through the transition into “Fantasy”…………Joseline does the chair routine……flawless……


The ladies strut up into the building in their full glam, sexy cabaret attire and nervous energy……boss up ladies…..this is the finale, aye! They enter the building……

Ballistic Beats asks them as they settle down, how they are feeling…..They all chime they are good….have you been practicing? They all chime in they have, some for hours…..Sapphire has been making sure the girls have been on the grind…..

Sapphire becomes overwhelmed with emotions…she goes in the corner and cries and yawl……my cold Aquarius heart melted…..I almost fast forwarded….no ma’am yawl know I don’t like displays of emotions that bring me to a point of giving a dam. Every time I feel the tears coming, I’m getting mad….

Sapphire what’s up! I know good and dog gone well you didn’t give it all away! You better have saved the best for yourself, dammit. Yawl Sapphire is defeated and I want to reach through the TV. and hug her, and then shake the mess out of her!  Why, because I’m way too gangsta for this. And so is Sapphire because she is an Aries…..its time to bring the energy of the Ram, and head butt the competition. Sapphire baby, you have to snap out of it.

Sapphire can’t seem to be for herself what she insists on being for others and now I want to slap some sense into her. She stands in the corner and cries. And I don’t blame her. That’s what tears are for. Aaaaaaw!

An Aquarius is logical, so I see the purpose of releasing the built up tension. If crying makes you feel better? Girl just let it all out.

It’s healthy to cry Sapphire. Just cry…..but after that? Snap out of it and show us how Cleveland rocks…….cause right now dorky Drew Carey is the only one holding it down, lol.

The other girls start crying….Bosstec is wiping the tears away…..they are exhausted, overwhelmed and nervous……But some of them are quietly focused…….

Its time…..

Joseline is in the front while the girls are in the back and she is impressed with the turnout of people inside the venue. There are still guest in the front waiting to get in…..

The girls line up. What’s on the line, one of them will win ten stacks, and four will be in the cabaret and perform in Las Vegas.

They all look fantastic. Ballistic asks and they all chime that they are feeling good. He gives them words of encouragement and they clap nervously and in appreciation for his support……

He calls for Joseline……they clap as she enters. She compliments them. She tells them the line is around the corner so there is not time to waste. She is going to pick the four that will perform tonight…..are they ready to show and prove?

She picks four to go first out of the eight. First four is, Lexi Blow, Chanel Tso, Sapphire and Lucky Hustla and out the gate, it goes left with just the way they set up the chairs to start the routine! Oh boy.

Joseline scolds Lucky and Sapphire for not setting the chairs up correctly….then Ballistic starts the music.

During the routine Sapphire turns the wrong way……..

When its over the few people watching clap. Joseline congratulates of all people, Chanel! Way to go, youngun from Compton! Way to show why the West is the best…..never doubt our swag…..ya dig!

Joseline makes a speech about Chanel and Yummy P claps for Chanel and Joseline stops abruptly and says, “Why you clapping? You know you aint nobody friend.”


Joseline I didn’t appreciate the slick talk about Chanel……did yawl catch the insults? But yeah she disguised them as compliments and it wasn’t cool. I was confused why she was being nice but nasty.

Next up, Mz Natural, Big Lex, Yummy P and Bosstec so the music starts and they do their thing for Joseline…..

When it’s over Joseline says, “You know how yawl did nobody clapped for yawl”….lol.

She laughs hysterically, and Ballistics and the others clap….because as far as I can tell they did well, but you know Joseline wants perfection…..she dismisses Yummy P….. “Go, go, go, go, go!” she scorns. Yummy scurries away, as she would want to if she doesn’t want to get slung away like a rag doll……She dismisses the others and Mz Natural ends up being the one she felt did her thing so she tells her she did “alright”.…..

Joseline sends the girls to the back so she could make her decision but first she delivers a tongue kiss to Ballistic, for what? Your guess is as good as mine. She was supposed to be asking his opinion and ends up slobbering him down first…..this show is bananas.

The girls are in the back…some feel they rocked it out…others know they will get the ax based on their performance…..


Joseline asks Ballistic if he has an idea of who should be the two girls who should be with Mz Natural and Chanel Tso. He says he has an idea….. Are they ready to choose between the other girls? First up, Mz Natural is placed next to Yummy P so a decision could be made between them two before moving on to pick between the other girls…….So which one of them will be in the cabaret and perform that very night? Drum roll please!

That’s how the episode ended.

So we can’t wait to see what happens when the show comes back July 11th. Are you all excited to see what happens next?

I am….Let’s support Joseline and show her and her show some love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 12!

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