The “Famous Twins”, Their Drama, And All The People That Got Caught Up Over The Promise Of $500 Grand, Allegedly…….

This is probably one of the saddest stories I think I have read this year and it is still unfolding! The fallout has been massive. I had never even heard of a rap duo called, “FamOus Twinsss”, but I sure have heard of them now!

They are trending and not for having a hit song either. The story is still developing and it is so crazy, I had a hard time piecing the story together. But I think I have the gist of it and I want to talk about it. So excuse me if I may not have all of the facts straight but it doesn’t take Colombo to figure out that this was a tragedy.

And of course, I’m about to dust off this Sociology degree and inject a few unpopular opinions into this post, so if you came here for sensationalism you may be disappointed. And because I am a Sociologist, albeit a bootleg one, I will ask you to read this post to the end.

And yes, you may not agree with my opinions but so what. The “empath” in me wants to understand. You all know how I am. How did two men end up dead? And let’s not forget there is another woman in critical condition, and fighting for her life. My soul is weeping as I realize that so many people are weeping because so many lives have been affected.

Yawl, his story is beyond jacked up on all kinds of levels…….sigh, let’s just go on and get started……

Sway & Allie…..Who are these girls?

They are twin sisters from Mobile, Alabama who are about twenty years old, who rap. Here they are………

(Posted on YouTube by G3MS TV)

And here is another clip I found of them so you can see their personalities as well…….

(Posted on YouTube by Sticky TV Global)

So they are rappers who are twin sisters. But they are extremely famous on Tik Tok and supposedly have a strong following on Instagram as well……..

The drama, allegedly………..

The story is complicated and convoluted…..but here is the ALLEDGED story that I have put together and if I am wrong? Please forgive me, but it’s sad either way……

Sway caught wind that Allie was supposedly receiving $500 thousand dollars for some reason she felt she was not going to split it with her…..allegedly Allie signed with another rapper and was getting a big pay out supposedly…..Sway and her boyfriend, Henry Stephenson, confronted Allie about the money and a argument ensued.

The drama turned real…….

Allie called her parents, and her dad, James Walters, got into an argument with the boyfriend of Sway, who Sway had allegedly given him her gun…..the reason is up for debate but it may have been for protection or he forced her too, allegedly….the father allegedly had a gun as well and a shoot out took place.

In the may-lay another innocent bystander, a twenty three year old woman was critically wounded and left fighting for her life. The father was killed.

How real was it…….

The father lay on the ground outside the house on the public street, bleeding out while Sway was in the back of a police car hysterical, and Allie was hysterically screaming that Sway their dad killed. Allie can be heard repeatedly telling her dad she was sorry that she called him. I teared up, yawl. May he rest in peace because he died of his injuries.

The fall out…….

The boyfriend of the woman that was shot….allegedly he was so upset approximately an hour later, Deangelo Merrill went to the apartment complex where Sway’s boyfriend lives……he kicked in the wrong door and shot and killed, 74 year old James Jones, may he rest in peace. This poor man was murdered for nothing…..imagine someone kicking in your door and killing you and you don’t even know why?

The twins also posted video of where their house was broken into and ransacked. It is suspected that someone was looking for something and a lot of people suspect whoever broke in was looking for the 500 racks.

Also James Walters was the step father of the girls and that has been thrown out there, but to me it didn’t matter he had been raising them since the age of seven. But of course it became an issue with so many people bringing it up. His family is distraught with some of them blaming Sway.

Sway is getting strong opposition online with many people wishing death on her. She is posting she is suicidal and Allie is a mess, allegedly visiting the scene of her father’s murder and laying in his blood weeping…..

It’s sad.

Okay, here is my opinion and I know nobody asked for it, and I know nobody wants it, but if you do, read on…..

This is a tragedy. First off, this family lost a protector…….

Mr. Walters was coming and fulfilling the role of protector because his daughter called him. That is the story being told, if I am wrong please correct me in the comments. Protectors need to let their vulnerable people know that when they come they just may get killed in the process of protecting you so be very careful what you call them for…….

Deangelo Merrill will be caught eventually and he has also lost his life to prison and that is a tragedy. He will have to face the fact that he took a innocent mans life over a mistaken identity and the person he wanted to kill is alive and well.

The coldest of plot twists is it is speculated that Sway’s boyfriend may never be charged if he can prove it was self defense.

Yes, this is a mess.

Sway alleges she was afraid of her boyfriend no matter what the public thinks. She says her daddy was protecting her that day as well. It’s a tragedy all around.

James Jones was an elderly man who was shot down in his own house. His family will have to mourn that tragedy as well. I feel so bad.

The twins will have to live with the fallout…..I wish them peace and hope they get counseling and support. I’m praying for everyone involved that they get justice and peace. The twins had to set up a Go Fund Me, despite all the drama surrounding money we have yet to see any evidence of it, some say that the money was never anywhere near that amount….(always investigate before giving anyone your money and I don’t know these people but I did locate the info online)…..but here is the Go Fund Me and if your heart moves you, support…………

http://Fundraiser by Allie Jones : Help buried my daddy (

They say they need help burying Mr. Walters. He deserves to be laid to rest.

What are your thoughts?

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