Speak up! Why Are People Trying To Cancel Phylicia Rashad For Supporting Bill Cosby? Let’s Talk About It……

Bill Cosby, after a long road fighting the Criminal Justice System has been freed and while I have been tempted, because of my educational background, to dig into the case, there is a more pressing issue I would like to tackle. Why is Phylicia Rashad receiving so much criticism for her recent tweet in support of Mr. Cosby? If this is a topic you would like to delve into with me keep reading……..

First of all, I would like to make the argument, that Ms. Rashad has never been associated with any criminal activities let alone with any that has been attributed to another person. She didn’t do the crimes Bill Cosby has been accused of. So why should she share any guilt.

Second, she knows Bill Cosby. She knows she will be criticized and she still chooses to support Bill Cosby. That leads me to believe she strongly believes she is doing the right thing about speaking out. But let’s examine the tweet in question so that I can fully put my response into context. This is what Ms. Rashad tweeted in response to the news of Bill Cosby’s impending release:

“Finally!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!”


The response was strong in opposition to her views. Some bring up the fact that Ms. Rashad is set to be Dean at Howard University and will be in charge of the well being of students, and that population will undoubtedly include women.


Im so confused to why the response is going this way. I already made the point of Ms. Rashad’s innocence of the crimes Bill Cosby is alleged of committing…..and I do have a very detailed opinion about the case in question but its really irrelevant to this post.

I would like to also mention, that if you read Ms. Rashad’s response, she stated that a wrong had been corrected. Well, the court had just released Bill Cosby. So why is everybody up and arms about the statement?

I would also like to point out the same people who are upset about the injustice that any victims of Bill Cosby’s alleged crimes are also the same people that are calling for Ms. Rashad’s head on a platter. It makes no sense.

Does anyone in their right mind think it is acceptable for men to victimize women? No! That’s why Ms, Rashad also made a statement in support of all women who are victims of the crimes Bill Cosby is accused of. People are so ready to cancel Ms. Rashad despite her being a woman who has earned her lot in life…..why should her accomplishments be taken away because of the alleged actions of another?

I for one hope all the victims of sexual assault get justice, but it must be done in the right way so that if someone harmed a woman they are rightfully convicted. If Bill Cosby harmed the women who have spoken out? He should be punished….but his prosecution must be fair. Why is it that people are no longer in favor of a fair trial when it comes to Bill Cosby?

I want to applaud Ms. Rashad for remaining herself during a very difficult time. You see a lot of people are fair weather friends. Some people are quick to distance themselves from people for less than what Ms. Rashad is facing. She can possibly lose it all just because she has chosen to be a true friend.

Class is dying….but Ms. Rashad will always remain an eternal class act.

So what do you think? Speak up? Do you think it’s fair all the backlash that Ms. Rashad is getting? Do you support the movement to cancel her?

What are your thoughts?

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(1) Phylicia Rashad Gives Honest Reaction To Cosby’s Release, Receives Backlash – CH News – YouTube

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