My Top 10 Bad Girls Club Villains: The Bad Girls That Kicked A** The Most Ranked

One of the shows I have been binge watching since this social distancing has been “Bad Girls Club”, remember this guilty pleasure? If you are a fan of the show and watched it religiously like I did then you are sure to have your favorites and they will have their time to shine. That will be for future posts that I am sure to do for all of the BGC fans. This post is about all of the ones that really were about that life. So are you ready to stroll down memory lane with the Bad Girls who really beat up girls? Well let’s get started shall we?

#10 Ty Colliers

Ty Colliers was a surprise wasn’t she? Remember when she put a drunken Ripsi out of her room by slinging her to the floor?

We didn’t know what to expect the first season of Bad Girls Club, but we didn’t expect the epic fight this Bad Girl was in, on a public beach, nonetheless. Ty Colliers came into the house late due to her issues with court adjudication if you get my drift. She came onto the first season trying to avoid violence only to punch out one of her housemates on the beach.

Ty beating Aimee up on the beach is still one of the most epic fights in BGC history. It started with them arguing, and Ty taking her finger and poking Aimee in the forehead, and then Aimee turned up the heat by not backing down only to get boo popped because she was trying to prove she was not scared…….well Ty proved you do not have to be scared to get you’re a** whooped! She beat the snot out of Aimee but still couldn’t shut her up.

#9 Seven Craft

This is one of the chillest of the Bad Girls but don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, she most definitely is about that life. She beat up chicks for real as we can see she is on the new show on Zeus Network and she is still putting hands on women who annoy her. Seven was a fighter on Season seventeen on BGC as well.

We loved when she beat up the annoying Kiki. And she kept doing it too. So now she on the Baddies ATL reluctantly kicking a** on that show too, lol.

#8 Nicole “Nikki” Vargas

This Nikki is not to be confused with the wack Nikki from season six. Season ten Nikki laid chicks out for real despite having a desire to come to the house and make friends. She was always threatening to break someone’s nose or face with the blessing of her mother.

Remember when she effortlessly slung Janae? Or what about when she fought Jenn at the reunion and she didn’t even know her? But what we really loved was when she fought Valentina? Valentina charged down the stairs and got molly whopped by Nikki for her troubles.

#7 Christina Salgado

Christina is also currently appearing on the new show with Seven and is also still going to blows with other women in that house too. Christina is not the only girl from BGC season nine to appear on this list but she is in good company so far……Christina had a few fights. She got into a tussle with Julie the first night in Mexico, remember?

Christina is known for confronting chicks and then mopping up the floor with them when she doesn’t like their answer. Remember when she beat up Julie in the kitchen and then set the hair she had snatched out of Julie’s head on fire on the stove? She beat Julie up a bunch of times too. Dropped Blondie too…..

But when she stepped to Rima outside the house and beat her up by the pool? That was truly epic. She landed so many kicks and blows that Rima had to bite her…..

#6 Natasia “Stasi” Townsend

Okay we all loved Season 7, because of breakout stars like, Judi. But there was a loud mouth on that season that definitely could bite way harder than her bark. Stasi was always jumping into somebody’s face and threatening them. You would think with a mouth that big she would have been all talk right?

Well she warned Shelly……and then she delivered one of the most memorable beat downs ever to appear on television. I bet Shelly has PTSD whenever bleach is mentioned; because Stasi beat the hell out of Shelly for tampering with her contact lenses, remember?

#5 Camilla Poindexter

Camilla did the West Coast proud on her season. She is proof Cali girls just want to have fun but she proved that they will also use their hands and if necessary their feet to get their respect. Well in her season girls were jumped but when they tried to jump Camilla? Let’s just say, she was unjumpable, if that is a word……Camilla took on everybody…..and I do mean everybody.

There is a reason Natalie refuses to have hero the new show…..Camilla is beyond scrappy. She kept coming on the spin offs and other season and each and everytime she cut the girls no slack…….we love Camilla and it’s a shame she is in the middle of this list because she is truly one of the ones that fought for her respect that she had coming to her.

#4 Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier

When this Bad Girl stepped on the scene it was always, “The Jela Show” according to her. Her season in my opinion was one of the worst seasons for BGC but she was one of the ones worth watching. I know what you are thinking…..she hails from Texas so I put her on the list just because I’m partial to Texas women but that’s not true. Jela was not to be messed with not because she is from Texas but because she got them hands. But yes, I liked her style. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, she rocked a many girl’s world. Everyone knows Jela was controlling she even went off on the twins and they were her best friends in the house.

One of the most iconic fight s in BGC history was the one she had in the kitchen with Jenna. Jenna made the mistake of getting in her face and she slid her, lol.

#3 Mehgan James

More proof that season nine was the season of the Bad Girls Club Thumpers, Mehgan makes an appearance on this list. And yes she is another Texas woman who made the list because she really can thump with the best of them. When she arrived at the reunion in chucks, ready to fight? Mehgan became a woman after my own heart.

Mehgan was annoyingly bougie but she had those hands…..and her fights will always be talked about. If she doesn’t make your list, then tell me who does? For some people she would make the list for her fights with Rima…..but she made the list for me, when she beat Rima and Falen so badly that Julie started weeping. Mehgan literally jumped two girls in a hallway then daintily sat down and watched the fallout. Mehgan easily could of made it to number one, so don’t think that her spot at number three means she is not one of the best…….if not the one. She is that one…..but number two will always be an awesome contender for number one as well……

#2  Wilmarie “Wilma” Sena

Let me warn you. Don’t ever ask what a Wilmarie is because you just might learn the hard way when this Bad Girl pits her fist in your face. Wilma was a tough girl with a beautiful face. Wilmarie wasn’t scared…..dont you ever cross her or trust me she will drop kick you with or without her heels on.

She whooped Nikki constantly. But the one she gave her while she was topless? Omg. Wilma could easily be the top because not many women would fight you while their breast were laid bare. Wilma was mentally tough too…..she didn’t care if the whole house turned against her…..she stood her ground and cause an earthquake……

Nikki kept pushing her buttons and kept getting boxed for her troubles……a Wilmarie will beat the hell out of you, just ask any girl named Nikki.

#1 Erika Jordan

There were so many thumpers how do I chose the best? Well in a sea of worthy contenders one stood out and did her hometown proud. If you are on a mission to chose peace? When you see season nine BGC Erika from Chicago? Run the other way. She will beat your face into hamburger and stomp your face into powder. This was the fight that got her sent home……..

(Posted on Youtube by pacamarushakur49)

But this a** whoopin she delivered to Juie at the reunion? Lets just say Julie was a little less stupid after Erika beat some of the stupid out of her!

(Posted on Youtube by pacamarushakur49)

Let’s face it, Julie got one of the worst beatdowns at that reunion and it was by everybody, for real! If anyone is interested in more posts about season nine or any more posts about BGC, period, let me know. Leave a comment and share!

Do you agree with my picks? Who would make your list of BGC thumpers?

What are your thoughts?

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