Baddies: ATL ***THE CONVERSATION*** Part 1: Seven Gives Us the “Tea” About “Baddies ATL” On Her YouTube Channel

So as you all know I have been recapping all of the episodes of “Baddies ATL” that have been appearing on Zeus Network? Well they have gone on a mini hiatus until July 11th, so I have been on YouTube getting the scoop on the show……Well one of our favorite Bad Girls turned Baddies has a YouTube channel and she decided to give us some “tea” and it is tasty.

I moseyed my nosy behind over to Seven’s YouTube channel and she and another fav and cast mate on Zeus Network’s “Baddies ATL”, Janelle was giving us all the dirt about the fight that went on between Sarah and Seven on the “Baddies ATL” show. Didn’t catch the vlog? Well you know I got you, here it is…..why don’t you check it out, and then read on to get my opinion……

(Posted on YouTube by Seven)

So what did you think? Well let me break down some of the points she made. But let me give you a quick review of the fight we will be examining…..without mentioning the fight, there is no context to the confusing “beef” between Seven and Sarah, which really isn’t a real beef, lol. Watch the fight and yes, after this I will be giving my opinion!

(Posted on YouTube by Lonnell Johnson)

So now that we have the fight as well as Seven’s “tea”, what is my breakdown of the situation? Here it is……

Janelle and Seven as friends……

I like that Janelle and Seven are friends. They seem to really vibe and because of them the show is tolerable. They said that they saw each other over the years at events for the now defunct “Bad Girls Club” and ended up following each other on Instagram, because they both liked each other’s personality. From there, a real and genuine friendship has blossomed. They went into the house knowing they had a real friend that understood where the other was coming from in there with them. And they both have mutual friends in Texas, and you all know I am obsessed with Texas women! And Janelle is from Texas so no wonder she is so cool.

Their thoughts on Meghan James………

They both like Meghan and understand her presence on the show is going to be problematic, but they both like and respect her. I do too. I know she is finally going to show up and then show out, when the show comes back in July. She apparently has drama with Natalie but who doesn’t have drama with Ms. Nunn?

Does Seven think Janelle is shady…….

Seven doesn’t think Janelle is shady at all because she is blunt and says things to people to their face. We would agree, while she may be quiet most times when Janelle does talk she comes across as outspoken and brutally honest. It is just that a lot of girls on the show are so busy trying to get “camera time” they overlook how real Janelle is. Apparently Janelle questioned Christina’s sobriety, or lack thereof, to her face when some of the others just gossiped behind her back.

Christina made up with Natalie……..

What we didn’t see was that Christina made up with Natalie and then a few minutes after, fought her in the kitchen as if she didn’t! So while we as the viewing audience were surprised when the fight erupted in the kitchen, they were too. This was only further confirmation To Janelle that Christina was struggling with a lot more than alcohol which Christina revealed on the show.

Now Christiana has beef with Janelle…….

Why? It’s probably because Janelle wants to hold Christina responsible in spite of understanding she is struggling with substances. People don’t like when you have sympathy but still want them to do better and I think that is why Christina doesn’t like Janelle. Janelle doesn’t care and I don’t either. Seven says Christina can’t be a real friend because she doesn’t want her flaws pointed out, or want to be corrected. How can we be real friends if I can’t tell you the truth?

They both think Natalie is cool…….

They are not scared of Natalie and wonder why some of the others are intimidated. While some of the other girls have problems with Natalie they don’t. They see Natalie for what she is……and they are both cool with her. I can see Natalie as been a cool chick to have around. They say Natalie has problems with only a certain kind of girl and I can see that too. Natalie wouldn’t bother me and I could see us being cool but not close friends. My nerves are bad.

I have been burned by too many women for the types of games Natalie plays sometimes. But Natalie is far from crazy or a bully like they like to portray her. She is not ignorant, just calculating. When I say I want to see her win its because she does things to put herself in position to win and that’s something I can respect even if she doesn’t always execute, lol. Natalie doesn’t give up and I like that about her so yes even if other people can’t stand her, I like Natalie.

Whew, do not even bother to leave a comment because I am sure I will live to regret those words! But yeah, anybody who can make a career of reality television in my opinion is the absolute bomb and doesn’t get enough credit for what a fantastic feat that is. But yes, Natalie plays games and that’s real talk.

I can see why women would associate with her. I can see why some women would even get close to her, but Natalie is not for everybody. Her personality is way too strong…..I don’t fight and I could see myself punching Natalie and then being mad at myself for reacting……

Sarah is obsessed with Natalie and fake…..

We agree, lol.

They both had a lot of opportunities and this show diminished their brand……

Even though I am recapping Baddies, yes I expected it to be different and understand that they may have been duped into expecting the show to be different because we as the viewing audience expected the show to be different as well.

Sarah nit picked with Seven…….

I can see that. Sarah had a lot of jealous energy for Seven and started a fight with her. We have our good eye on Sarah and not because she is White but because she is manipulative. It’s worst that she has the potential to use her privilege against others though so yes it is because you are White, Sarah, shut up.

The Baddies let the fans hype them up………

According to Seven and Janelle, the women on the show allow the opinions of the fans and social media to guide their reaction on the show. What really is sad that some of the women are living in the past and want to recreate the old show, Bad Girls Club despite being grown women now?

Who won the Sarah vs. Seven fight?

I personally could not tell from the footage but Seven and Janelle say Seven did. Well the way Sarah was whining, crying, complaining and sobbing I would tend to agree.

Is Sarah racist?

They don’t think she is, but she is jealous. We would tend to agree. She sleeps with Black men, and tries to look like Black women……yes. Sarah is a hater but I don’t think she is racist but shouldn’t be surprised if she gets popped in the mouth for her slick comments about Black women. It’s ignorant.

They both think Christina and Natalie will fight at the reunion…….

Sigh, I hope not that would be predictable, tired and stupid. But yes, they probably will. Seven feels like the fans will fan the flames……yeah. Seven is done with Sarah because she keeps making comments behind the scenes so I hope they don’t fight lol. But Seven is on ready!

So was the tea tasty or stale?

What are your thoughts?

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