Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Ten: “Show Me What You Got”

I’m back to recap the tenth episode of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the tenth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode ten. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Ten: Show Me What You Got

The episode starts as it always does, right? We see what happened the previous week and we get the intro to Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life”. Yep we love this song by now, don’t you cabaret fans?

So Joseline is telling Mz Natural the problem she has with keeping her in the house, which are her attitude and her unpredictable craziness.

Mz Natural assures Joseline she is listening to everything she is telling her but Joseline points out the faces that Mz Natural is making. Joseline aint cutting Mz Natural no slack. Mz Natural says she is upset and is trying to explain to Joseline how her feelings are hurt but Joseline tells her flatly, “My feelings are hurt too.” So now it’s the face off of the Scorpios, I guess. Joseline is sick of how complicated their relationship is.

She says she is not scared of her and Mz Natural is confused to why Joseline is getting so aggressive in her speech. Joseline says because the way she was acting they were going to fight…….

Mz Natural doesn’t think so. She once again brings up the case concerning her kid. Joseline says Mz Natural is upset. They go round and round about their argument the night before. Joseline thinks Mz Natural’s emotions are all over the place. There is a lot going on. Joseline says she haven’t been taking into consideration all the drama going on in Mz Natural’s life.

Mz Natural apologizes for yelling at Joseline. Joseline tells her she doesn’t want her to leave. They have a touching moment where they hug it out. Yay! Ms. Natural is staying. Joseline tells Mz Natural not to let Yummy P throw her off of her game.


Joseline and Ballistic Beats are in the bed, he is in his robe drinking champagne, and she is in one of her one of a kind outfits scrolling on her phone. There is a knock at the door and who is it?

It’s the Cabaret Captain, Sapphire and the ex-Cabaret Captain, Lucky Hustla. They made breakfast for the couple…..hmmmmm, way to kiss up to Joseline ladies, lol. Joseline doesn’t trust them. She suspects they may be trying to poison her to try to keep her man and the Cabaret but no, they are trying their best to secure a spot.

The suck ups leave after their mission was accomplished and the lovebirds prepare to grub alone.

So they pour more champagne and sit down to eat the breakfast, Joseline says although the grits look dusty, she is appreciative. Joseline brings up she knows Bosstec tried to get at him but he brushes that incident off. She didn’t give her permission but no worries, Ballistic gave her advice and sent her on the way. Put your claws away Joseline!

Ballistic is all business. Joseline tells Ballistic about the stunt Yummy P pulled by telling Mz Natural that Joseline didn’t want her in the Cabaret. Joseline imitates the faces Mz Natural was making when she had a fit the night before, lol.

Joseline was sure she was going to have to fight, he chuckles. They have a cool friendship. I like them for each other. Ballistic noticed Yummy P is a trickster and Joseline blames it on her being a Virgo but of course Ballistic disagrees. He aint nothing like Yummy, he’s loyal. Ballistic is like what about you crazy Scorpios? Like Mz Natural who screams and there is no one in the room but her?

Joseline brings up the pool, when she was naked……and the conversation she had with Sapphire. She says she needs help picking the final four. He tells her who he sees as the ones he picked, Lucky, Sapphire, Big Lex and Lexi Blow.


Bosstec, Chanel Tso and Mz Natural are sitting around conversing outside. They are happy Mz Natural is still in the house. She told them that she and Joseline made up. They told her that no one trusts Yummy P anymore because she is a liar and a manipulator and they all talk about the therapy session. They can’t wait to get to rehearsal and the business of the cabaret.

They spot Joseline who has come outside in her one of a kind outfit, and they are impressed. They cat call to her and she twirls around so they can take it all in.


Lexi Blow and Big Lex are playing pool together and conversing about all the craziness that went down the day before when they found out just what Yummy P had been up to in the house. And like magic, in walks Yummy P. They talk while she joins them shooting pool.

Yummy P says Mz Natural made up lies about her and was just making a scene, Lexi Blow disagrees she thinks she was loud because she had things she really wanted to get off her chest. Big Lex is not falling for any of Yummy P’s lies either, she questions her while menacingly holding the pool stick just in case she didn’t like what Yummy was saying.

Yummy P went into a speech about Mz Natural being crazy and negative and never happy……Big Lex interrupts her by clearing her throat. “I really don’t give a f***” she says. Well dam Big Lex.

She doesn’t care about Mz Natural, she doesn’t care about Yummy P. Hell, Big Lex lets us all know that the only person she cares about is Joseline and wants to know if she can even trust Yummy P.

Yummy P stammers her excuse for throwing Joseline under the bus and says she feels really bad. Lexi Blow and Big Lex are skeptical. They don’t see it for Yummy P. Big Lex says she will attack if Yummy P does any of her foolishness with her.

Rehearsal ……..

Ballistic is in a glass booth, Joseline comes out in one of her one of a kind outfits and a green cabaret style feathery hat…….she calls the ladies and they strut out prepared to do the chair routine. She compliments them and says they are looking good. It’s crunch time because tonight is the final rehearsal that will show The Puerto Rican Princess who is ready to be in the cabaret.

Joseline jokingly accuses Ballistic Beats of lurking…..he agrees, lol. He assures her he only has eyes for her…..cute.

She reminds the ladies this is the last night of rehearsal, and they all applaud and hoot and holler. Chanel Tso says she is nervous and wants to make the cut. Well we about to see who really wants it. This is the moment that will decide who will be the final four…..Lexi Blow says she plans to bring her “A” game. They all seem nervous. Are you feeling a little nervous for them?

Joseline says Ballistic is helping her pick because it’s hard. She has already had 500 people RSVP for the first ever Joseline’s Cabaret performance……dang, I wish this triflin blog was invited…..hey Zeus, holla at your girl, I would love to cover the performance for my blog! Anyway back to the recap….

She is going to evaluate them in groups of three. Ballistic will dj the music while three do the routine. So who would like to be the first three? Yummy P objects to dancing next to Mz Natural so guess what?

First up, Yummy P, Mz Natural and Lucky Hustla, ha! Yummy P is ridiculous always worrying about the wrong things. I see what Mz Natural was saying. Yummy P is chomping on gum, and Joseline berates her for it. “I know you are not chewing your gum?” Yummy P runs to go spit it out before the routine begins. Joseline rolls her eyes, “Who performs with gum in their mouth? Ewe!” Joseline says she is being hard on Yummy for throwing her under the bus. Joseline directs Lucky to watch out for her hand movements during the performance.

Lucky takes a deep breath, she is ready to show Joseline what she got……

Joseline tells them all good luck and the music starts….and the three dance. Joseline watches them intensely. Joseline stands up. She has Yummy sit on one couch and Mz Natural and Lucky sit on another but she doesn’t tell anyone why she separated them that way……

Next up, Sapphire, Big Lex and Chanel Tso will perform the chair routine. Chanel says in her confessional that Joseline has not really been looking at her during all the times she has been doing the routine before. She says it will be devastating if the one time she really focuses on her, she messes up……

Joseline tells the girls she is separating them for a reason. Her decision is not based on anything other than what she sees and definitely not all the drama that has been taking place in the house…..

Joseline tells Sapphire her posture isn’t right, and she straightens up insisting she is not nervous. The music starts……they dance and when they are done the other girls clap but Joseline asks them if they were drunk.


They thought they did well and so did we. But Joseline insists they must be drunk. Chanel Tso admits to us in her confessional she was in fact drunk…..sigh. Are we surprised? Sapphire wants to do it again. Joseline gives Big Lex pointers. She is over them.

Last up, Bosstec and Lexi Blow will do the routine. Joseline is convinced there is no way in this short amount of time Bosstec has the routine down, but she says she will be watching to see…..the music starts…

Joseline is watching intently…..Bosstec is nervous….but it seems to me she looked like she did well. Lexi Blow is sent to the couch with Yummy P and every one else is separated from them.

Joseline asks Ballistic his opinion and he says the routine still looks rushed by some of the girls. He points out a certain part…..We learn that some of them have learned the dance wrong……and that Yummy P and Lexi Blow did the best.

She gives the girls the critique. We learn even Joseline is doing the routine wrong…….Ballistic has to teach them the move again. The other six girls do the routine again, three at a time. Lucky joins the winning couch……Mz Natural joins them too……

So there is four…..these are the best of the night……Mz Natural, Yummy P, Lexi Blow and Lucky Hustla……

Sapphire is disappointed and so is Joseline…..everyone vouches that Sapphire has been working hard…..and helping everyone to the point she is worn out!

The other four think they have lost the competition but Joseline assures them they are not finished.

She will make her final decision when they perform. They all are happy to get another chance. Joseline sends them off and she stays back to dance for her man, Ballistic……but first Yummy P thanks her for letting her stay in the competition and she apologizes again. Joseline rudely tells her to thank her dancing because that is the only thing that kept her in the house and coldly sends her away from in front of her face, lol.

That’s how the episode ended.

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all excited to see what happens next?

I am….Let’s support Joseline and show her and her show some love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 11!

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