Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Six: “Even Baddies Need A Break”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the sixth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode six. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Six: Even Baddies Need A Break

So after the intro, we are back where we were last week…..

Seven and Sarah are being pulled apart by security. The other girls are trying to separate them as well, but they both have a death grip on each other’s hair. Like Christina said, Sarah kept talking and Seven got up and just………

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They get them separated and Sarah is going crazy. She wants to be heard…. “Let me talk” she screams. Seven is over Sarah and storms upstairs, and Sarah is upset Seven wouldn’t stand there for her to I guess vent. She tells anyone left downstairs that she has something she wants to say, and she doesn’t want security to prevent her from chasing after Seven…….girl, they are saving you!

Sarah is screaming that her hair was pulled as if she wasn’t pulling hair too. So what it’s your real hair Sarah, you sound and look stupid. So what Seven has a weave! When you yank it, its sewed into her real hair so it hurts the same as when she yanked yours, dummy. Sarah if you are going to be around Black people you can’t keep doing the Karen act………but okay, we are watching you.

Sarah is irate and inconsolable. She claims security held her down……she says it’s because she is of all things, “WHITE”! She keeps screaming it’s because she is White. Shut up, Sarah it’s just plain idiocy at this point because if you would have just kept quiet and stopped making it about you, maybe you would of escaped without a knot upside your head and a plug of hair missing….

But an ass whoopin is not enough to stop Sarah. She goes on and on. She says security is the cause of her ass whoopin and she is pissed. Lol.

Seven is upstairs speaking to some of the others and she lets us know Tanisha told her everything Sarah had been saying behind her back so……technically, did Tanisha contribute to Sarah’s being snatched up? Leave a comment, ha!

Christina agrees with Seven that Sarah is fake and annoying and asked for the knot so Seven obliged and planted it upside her head. Janelle shrugs her shoulders in agreement. And no, Sarah has no plans of letting the issue drop. Seven is like Sarah just got beat up for nothing, and we agree.

They are looking for Seven’s phone, which she had thrown at Sarah before she dove on her to deliver a flurry of punches, he he!

And Seven claims to have liked Sarah….well what do you do to girls you can’t stand Seven?

So Sarah runs upstairs mad that Seven is leaving after she attacked her……but she insists that because Seven attacked her, Seven should go home…..


It’s ridiculous. And of course it goes on, and on and on……Sarah whining to Natalie and everybody else that Seven should be kicked out the house……Sarah dear, Seven wants to leave…..sigh. Yawl it’s dumb, I swear. Sarah is going ballistic and pulling away from security that is preventing her from charging into the room and basically getting her ass whooped again.

Natalie is begging Sarah to stop to no avail. Sarah is determined to get that black eye, very, very determined……

Sarah insists she was attacked……Sarah please just shut up. Her whining is super duper annoying and childish. Only children expect to be disrespectful and not be held accountable for their words inciting a reaction. And no, you should not be hit for your words….but that’s in theory. In practice, someone may just hit you for insulting them. It’s wrong, but it happens.

Sarah is whining so much, I want to slap her myself. It’s called provocation, Sarah. You can’t seriously think that antagonizing the situation is the way to go.

Sydney, not to be outdone, starts calling Sarah out. She is like, you should of known Seven was going to hit you when she started walking towards you…..Sarah is like, shut up Sydney. But Sydney has no plans to be ignored…..yes people it is officially…….


If you thought Sarah was annoying? Sydney is Sarah to the tenth degree. Sarah tells Sydney to get out, and Natalie is like, Sydney, come on. Natalie directs Sarah into the restroom and starts attending to her injured fingernail with alcohol.


Tanisha asks Seven what was going on and Seven lets her know why she molly whopped Sarah. Janelle is explaining the situation from her point of view and so is Christina. Sarah asked for it and still won’t stop begging for it again.

Seven is back in the other room telling Tanisha she needs a break from this madness.

Sarah is telling Natalie she wants to beat up Seven. Natalie laughs hysterically.

Janelle and Christina want Tanisha to see that no matter what the situation; Sarah will find a way to make it about her. Can you guys see that as well? Leave a comment…..

In walks Sydney, while the girls are advocating for Seven. She is like do you need any alcohol? Well Natalie sent me in here to see if anyone needs any rubbing alcohol…. She says that the producers felt Seven might need it……Tanisha is like…..what the???

Lol. Sydney has the worst timing ever. Christina questions Tanisha, “so now Sarah is an E.P. huh?”

Tanisha assures us that Sarah is just a producer, not an executive, no matter what she says.

Sarah ties up her hair and goes down the hall way with Natalie trailing behind her. Sarah insists she is going to pack up Seven’s things so that she can leave. Natalie keeps telling Sarah to stop…..Natalie goes in the room with Seven and the other girls and prevents Sarah from following behind her.

Sarah tells Sydney since she wants to be a Bad Girl and initiated into their club so bad, that she should pack up Seven’s bags so she could leave. Seven warns Sarah, “ If you touch my s*** Im’ma really f*** you up.” They argue, of course.

They all argue about Seven leaving and it goes on and on. Sarah wants them to side with her…..nobody does and she keeps whining she was attacked. None of the E.P.s want to send Seven home. Nobody does.

Tanisha is over it and tries to leave but Sydney starts harassing her to stay. It’s stupid. Tanisha keeps asking for just a moment but Sydney refuses.

OMG. She keeps chasing her and refusing to leave her alone. Tanisha finally tricks her into leaving the room. Tanisha then tries to get Sarah to leave with her, but to no avail Sarah wants to still argue with Seven. Sarah says Natalie is a fake friend for not siding with her. Shut up Sarah. Now Sarah threatens to leave and because no one is paying attention to her Sydney announces she is going to go bother Judi.

She walks throughout the house, “Where she at?” ,until she locates an exasperated Judi who was hiding in their room. Sydney proceeds to bully Judi. >>>>>.FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>

Because Judi locks herself into the bathroom and Sydney can no longer bother her, Sydney goes back down the hallway to the other girls announcing, “Everybody won, yawl got the trans-gender out the house”……girl what?!!!!

Because they all just look she goes back down the hallway repeating “EVERYBODY GOT WHAT YAWL WANTED” because nobody cares if she leaves. She finds Christina outside smoking and announces, “They wanted me to leave well….blah, blah”.

It goes on. Christina tries to calm Sydney down. Sarah comes to try to talk to Sydney.


Natalie wants to know what she can do to make Seven comfortable enough to stay. Seven is over Sarah and her idle threats if she wants to fight she will put on her sneakers and they can box. Natalie doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. She happened to be in the way of the first rumble and has a few stories to tell…..Seven wants out.


Back to Sydney and her annoying tirade. LETS FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>>

Tanisha takes the bait and talks Sydney out of leaving, wink, wink. She tells Sydney she is going to figure out the room situation.


Sarah continues to antagonize Seven and whine and make everything about her. Natalie agrees to get Sarah under control. She also agrees to put Seven in hotel for the night so she could get a break. She will also have her bathroom cleaned. She promises no one will bother Seven’s things while she is away. Natalie will also relay the message that Seven is sorry for beating up Sarah, but also it was her mouth that got her punched, basically. She had it coming……

Seven is so frustrated she is crying. She didn’t want to be put in the situation where she would feel like she was provoked into punching someone and here she is on national TV. being provoked by Sarah repeatedly. She knows Sarah is not about that life yet here she is poking the bear, and Seven is about to blow. She wants to leave the situation and we do not blame her. Sarah is trippin and so is Sydney and we are tired of it along with the rest of the Baddies. This is nothing new and reminds us a lot of the “Bad Girls Club” despite them always insisting this is a totally different series, well we can’t tell. This seems like the same ole same ole to us, Zeus.

This whole episode is starting to really get on my nerves…….

Now remember this whole episode has been draining so do you blame me for wanting it to be over?

How does the episode basically end?

Sarah has words with Janelle and all the girls decide to give it a rest for the night……whew!

This episode was a lot better. Told you to have faith because Baddies are on to something, we think! Thank you for rocking with me……

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 7!

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