Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Nine: “I Think You Need To Go”

I’m back to recap the ninth episode of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the ninth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode nine. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Nine: “I Think You Need To Go”

The episode starts as it always does, right? We see what happened the previous week and we get the intro to Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life”….. “How bad you really want it what what!” Yep we love this song by now, don’t you cabaret fans?

Get it Joseline! And yes I’m shimmying, “Do it like it’s my b-day”……..

So the episode begins where we were last week, with Joseline ordering security to put Mz. Natural out of the house after Mz Natural has a hissy fit because Yummy P spills the beans that Joseline said she was toxic and she wanted her out. She is telling them she has five minutes to get the eff out….She tells the girls not to come out of their rooms and we see Sapphire and Lexi Blow scurry away back to their rooms, and she tells all of the girls not to come out of their rooms by shouting to an emptied hall way……ummm you girls may want to just listen by your doors because this scorpion is about to sting……

Mz. Natural is now in a bedroom and despite being told to leave, she is not packing, she is screaming at the top of her lungs. Isn’t this the type of behavior Joseline said made you, “toxic”? But despite the irony, Mz. Natural is screaming that she is not toxic, she is actually going through something. We know Mz. Natural, but do you have to scream it at us?

She is screaming that the environment in the house is what is actually toxic, and because she distanced herself from the others, she feels like she is being unfairly called out for being the only issue in a house full of women with issues, basically.

She knows her mental state is not the best so rather than do what she is doing right now, she rather stay to herself.

That’s why when Yummy P saw her sitting there alone, rather than decide it was a good time to talk, I felt Yummy should of just left well enough alone. Choosing to talk to her when she wasn’t ready, led to this dramatic meltdown. I keep feeling the need to add that Mz Natural was a bit buzzed too.

She was just overwhelmed with some strong emotions, added with the frustration of Yummy P seemingly poking the bear…..Mz Natural is all over the place. Yummy should have left her alone.

So, Mz Natural is not packing she is venting to security. Joseline has had enough and redirects some lady named, “Tameka” to have Mz. Natural pack up and leave immediately……Mz Natural stops mid tirade and says, “I am packing up and leaving…..”

Ummmmm where? We don’t see nan suitcase, Mz Natural. All we see and unfortunately hear is you screaming. Are you stalling?

Well Joseline orders everybody, security and camera crew included, out of the room. Without an audience to vent to maybe Mz Natural will pull out a bag and get to stuffing it with her belongings.

Joseline is about to box with Mz Natural if she doesn’t leave soon, and she hasn’t forgot about the manipulative Yummy P, who she orders out of her room to come in front of her. Yummy comes out looking innocent and contrite but Joseline is not buying it.

“Do you see what you done caused? Opening up your mouth? You think it’s a joke? I know everything about you. You don’t fool me. You did exactly what you wanted to do to get her out of this house.”

Yummy goes to object but can’t say a word before Joseline gives her a stern, “Be quiet.”

She continues…. “You got what you wanted but you not safe, you disrespected me, in my own house, b***h I’m paying….you thought by telling her that, that me and you was going to be cool? Did you think that?”

Yummy P shakes her head no. “No ma’am”.

It goes on ……

Joseline wants to know why Yummy P decided it was her place to tell Mz Natural that Joseline said she was toxic. Yummy P apologized to no avail. Joseline doesn’t believe she is sorry and thinks Yummy P is an evil person. And when Yummy hears a noise and jumps…..Joseline says. “And now you scared”….

It goes on…….with Yummy P being berated by a pissed off Joseline who has finally peeped her game….. It ends with Joseline letting her know she don’t eff with her and she is lucky if she doesn’t sic the others on her……


She might send everyone home and just do the cabaret show by herself, thanks to Yummy….she says she should just send them home…..tonight……Joseline says the others will blame her and jump on her, “like hyenas in the jungle”. In her confessional Yummy P says she’s a “goddess lion”.

This chick is corny.

Joseline orders her to go to her room before she lets the other girls mop the floor up with her. She says she will not forgive her for what she did. Yummy goes in her room. Molded.

Bosstec peeps out of her room and asks “You not gone send us home are you?” Joseline reassures her, “I’m sending everybody home, I’m upset”. She decides to have a conversation with all the girls. She wants them all to get out tonight.

She tells Yummy to tell what she did to the other girls. Yummy lies and say she doesn’t know what happened. Joseline goes off, “so you don’t know what happened?” Ummmm lady, did you remember throwing Joseline under the bus by revealing something she said in private to Mz Natural to hurt her?


You are so full of it. Joseline calls Yummy out and during the tirade, Bosstec wisely goes and sits by Yummy as a sort of buffer between Big Lex who we all know is Joseline’s enforcer. Joseline tells the girls what Yummy did to Mz. Natural. Yummy, who remembers now, tries to give her side. The girls aren’t having it.

Now Joseline fully sees that Mz Natural, while totally wilding out and doing the most, was right about Yummy P all along. She tells the girls Yummy is the reason she decided to at first send all of them home that night. Yummy just keeps saying she was calling Mz Natural’s bluff, if she was going to do something she would of did it. Well vice versa Yummy P. You could have done something as well.

They all go off on Yummy. Joseline is telling the girls Yummy P purposely connived to get Mz Natural out of the house. Sapphire puts on her Cabaret Captian gangsta hat, and warns Yummy P her days in the house are over if she does anything else…..

Joseline leaves it up to the girls whether or not Yummy P can stay and Sapphire decides if Mz Natural leaves so should Yummy. None of the girls trust Yummy P. Joseline agrees and asks the captain to meet her by the pool…..

Joseline says she is stressed and she needs to get back to her…….

They play sex drive……

(Posted on YouTube by Joseline Hernandez)

The Pool Scene

Next we see Joseline casually strolling in a bad ass zebra print coat and white high heels. She takes off the coat and underneath is a matching bakini which she also takes off…..yes you read it right. Joseline took it all off and got into the pool naked. Lol.

Really Joseline?

She gets into the pool. Saphiree strolls out in a bathing suit and is surprised and impressed that Joseline is skinny dipping. Sapphire brings champagne and they chop it up. Sapphire knows Joseline aint slick so she asks where Ballistic is….somewhere lurking……lol.

Joseline wants to celebrate Sapphire becoming captain and she pops the champagne, “oompa!”

Sapphire says she is doing her best as captain. Joseline wonders why nobody voted for Lexi Blow. What is it with Lexi Blow Joseline? Hmmmmmmm! Lol.

Sapphire speaks up for Lexi Blow about her dedication for the cabaret. Ballistic poked his head out of the house balcony and looks below to see a waving naked Joseline and is pissed. He storms back in…..could it be because the camera men a grinning with glee? Or at least I imagine so, ya dig?


Joseline will worry about the Virgin later, right now she is the Scorpion…..harnessing her sexual energy, lol. Ballistic Beats is really pissed. Back to the conversation……

Sapphire thanks Joseline for the opportunity she gives a long speech about having joseline’s back and whipping the girls into shape. You could tell she liked what sapphire was saying because she was basically campaigning to be the bottom bee in my opinion.

Sapphire has Joseline and the cabaret’s back!

Sapphire names her top four, she, Lucky, Lexi Blow and Big Lex. Joseline say Lucky doesn’t even remember the routine and Sapphire assures her Lucky has been doing her thing and even helping her get better.

Joseline doesn’t see it for Yummy P and once again Sapphire reiterates if one go both should go.

Fast Forward…..

There is a knock at the door and Joseline goes to answer it in a bad ass shimmering dress… that look Joseline? I would rock, you did that!

It’s a older gentlemen in a suit and bowtie. “ Hi Dr. Harris”. Joseline called a thereapist to help her with the girls who he sees separately for a session.

Here goes nothing…..

First up? Lucky Hustla……..

She introduces herself and sits down. The first thing she notices is his toupee.


He asks he about her time in the house and Zeus replayed her dog walking Blue Face Barbie, lol. She would like to start a beauty and shin care line. He says she is on track by diversifying beyond dancing.

Next, Chanel Tso…..

Chanel says she is a private person and it is hard to let her guard down. She admits to drinking everyday and he gets her to realize that is a problem that is affecting her life and her career with the Cabaret.

Next, Big Lex……

Big Lex has no intention of opening up to the therapist. Big Lex learns she should watch her actions but she says she is still bout that life….

Next, up? Sapphire……..

Sapphire opens up about her experiences in the house and she is focused on being one of the final four. Her family keeps her motivated because she doesn’t want to let them down.

Now, Lexi Blow….

And she lets us know that the Dr, was staring at her boobs, well dam doc!

She says her mom threw her out when she as younger because she was pregnant, but now she has a good relationship with her mom now that forgiveness and understanding has taken place. She admits she was one of the ones that didn’t respect her mother’s ways but now that she is a mother also she sees the situation differently. That’s why we like Lexi Blow.

Next, Bosstec……

Who of course comes to her session with a drink….The therapist says he said he is going to talk to her but it’s a little unethical because she has been drinking…..Joseliiiiiiine, where did you get this therapist?.

Could someone put in the comments what a little unethical is? Lol.

She talks about her drinking, and he assures her she is not alone a lot of people struggle with drinking but she is reaching out for help so she should be proud to try….I like ole Doc Harris, lol.

Bosstec says she is going to seek help for her drinking…..good for you Bosstec. Alcohol is not your friend, but we get it. Everybody does something to get by, just switch the negative out with something positive. Good for you, everybody needs to do better including me so let’s move on……

All the girls seem to be getting helped by the playa, playa, Dr. Harris. He tells her to leave her drink there that he would take care of that, wink, wink and he gives her a hug……

Joseline, where did you get ole Doc Harris from? Lol.

Yummy P,

Comes in and shakes the therapist’s hand to sit down for her session. She is all smiles. She says in her confessional, she doesn’t know who to trust at this point, she feels like Joseline was trying to turn the whole house against her……well she tried and succeeded ma’am. None of the girls see it for Yummy P …..

She says she loves being a part of the cabaret and dancing is her passion but it’s been trying to be in a house with some of the girls, namely Mz. Natural. She feels that there is jealousy involved…..maybe….maybe not. What do you guys think? Are the girls jealous of Yummy? She says she doesn’t argue, that if she is going to do something she will stop talking and do it.

Basically she feels the girls are all talk… what did you want Mz Natural to do? Bop you in the head, so that Joseline can label her a bully? Because the way I see it? You did your slick talking in the confessionals…….yeah you got somewhat rah rah, but a soon as someone stepped to you….you was on hush.

You chose not to do a dam thing, Ms. I get it cracking…….she tells her struggles with dancing and the relationship with a mother who still hasn’t healed her emotional pain so she is an abusive drunk…….

Yummy, you are the child; you are not responsible for your mom. It’s sad, yawl. But let’s move on. Yummy says she is a positive force in the house but she doesn’t trust the other girls.


Is that the positivity you bring? Since when is distrust, positivity? Girl knock it off. Yummy says they all have issues…..yes, we agree, but we do too so we chose to move on, lol.


We see Joseline sitting on her bed reading, and there is a knock at the door. Its Mz. Natural. You still there! Lol.

She comes in. She sits down, and just stares at Joseline. What the hell! She says at the end of the day, what does she say? Well why did you come in there lady? This makes no sense.

Joseline asks her to say what you want to say. She says she feels disrespected……they go over the same talking points…..she is not toxic, she has reasons to be trippin….Joseline doesn’t care its way too much……..basically. Joseline is over the faces, the emotions, and all the drama that comes with Mz Natural. Mz Natural is crying trying to expain herself, but Joseline is not cutting her no slack.

Girl we all got problems.

How does the episode basically end?

Joseline thinks Mz Natural should just go home…………

Well dam……

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all excited to see what happens next?

I am….Let’s support Joseline and show her and her show some love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 10!

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