Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Five: “It’s About to Go Down”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the fifth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode four. Ready? Let’s get started……

Episode Five: “It’s About to Go Down”

So after the intro, we are back where we were last week…..

Sydney is antagonizing Tanisha who was attempting to understand why Sydney was so upset and just what the heck was going on in the back of the van that is making her call the back of the van “fake”…..Sydney was trippin that what was going on, as usual.

Tanisha is threatening to send Sydney home and lets not forget some guy is involving himself and threatening to put hands on Sydney if she doesn’t start acting like a lady. We can debate if this whole approach to the situation is appropriate or not later. If I were Sydney I wouldn’t push the issue. See, Sydney you about to see how a combative woman is sometimes handled, especially Black women. Some men already view Black women as “acting like a man” so deserving to be “treated like a man” let alone the issues involving some men viewing trans-women as another man. It’s wrong but do you really want to go there?

Im’ma need you to read the room as Janelle would say, or in this case the van….just sit back and chill, dear for real. This can go all kinds of wrong and it is so unnecessary. I mean weren’t yawl just leaving the club to go eat after having an awesome time? Sydney you stirred up some mess, and it is going left so just let it go, dang!


Tanisha is going off. She tells Sydney to stop coming at her sideways…..Sydney despite starting with Tanisha, is now choosing to look at Tanisha as if she is the one trippin… Sydney, you asked for the response you are getting…..but you about to get a lot more than you asked for from Hommie is the front seat if you don’t knock it the heck off, so just keep giving us the facial expressions and remain mute……and cute.

But no such luck, so Tanisha is now up over her seat, turned around with her finger pointing at Sydney, cursing her out while a defiant Sydney refuses to shut up. “I’m not going nowhere” she insists. And it goes on……

Finally Sydney says. “I’m sorry” but Tanisha is worked up and now she is unconsolably angry. She wants to leave so she opens the van door to jump out…..but it is still moving……lol.

Sarah is like, “Tanisha, oh my God!” and grabs a cursing Tanisha by her fur lined shoulders and prevents her from jumping onto the moving street…..Ha!

Tanisha has had enough of Sydney. If the guy threatening her wasn’t enough to let her know she went too far, Tanisha’s reaction was most certainly a clue to a now seemingly repentant Sydney……but she still insists she is not going home…..Sydneeeeey! Lol.

The door is closed now but Tanisha still wants out, but production must be on a schedule or extremely hungry because the van keeps speeding along, lol.

Now Sarah is blocking the door with her body, begging Tanisha to just remain in her seat. Tanisha wants out or she is going to not only pop off she is going to pop Sydney in the eye for being disrespectful. Well Sydney better her, because you asked for it, than the man, because that is just plain wrong.

Girl sit down and hush it. I for one never like to see a woman get the stupid beat out of her even if an ass whoopin tends to change your perspective. Too many trans-women are being attacked by men and people think that is cool. It’s not. But let’s not act like in certain situations if you would just not push the issue you could walk away unscathed. Yes your feeling a bit hurt, but no broken bones requiring facial reconstructive surgery, ya dig?

Yes, you should be able to stick up for yourself…..but don’t put yourself at risk…..these men are not all Gentlemen….and I honestly think dude thought he was truly sticking up for Tanisha……so shut up Sydney, dang! Bring it up later……but for now shhhhhhhhh!.

Tanisha is instructing the girls who are filming with their phone’s to turn the camera’s off…..she is going off on Sarah who whine’s, “I saved your life” but apparently Tanisha wanted to go tumbling from a moving van….you should of minded your business Sarah!

The van is finally pulled over…..Tanisha go out and challenged Sydney to fight…..and of course she doesn’t want to.


So they go eat…….

The next day…….

Tanisha arrives at the house with another bad ass fur draped across her shoulders and she is stomping through searching for Judi and she is pissed. She knocks and enters and asks Judi which one was her bed then instructs her to sit down. Of course Judi does like a good doggie. Sigh. Really Judi?  You just going to let Tanisha order you around in your own room? Mind you, you share the room with Sydney because you let Natalie punk you, but still isn’t it your room?

She asks Judi why the room is a mess? Judi looks at her slack jawed, “You know what forget it” Tanisha doesn’t have time for Judi and all her drama. She will be all day. She is there for more important matters. “What’s the problem?”

Tanisha wants to know why does everyone hate her, especially slack jawed Judi…..she was at a business meeting when she found out Judi leaked the footage of the fight between Tanisha and Sydney that occurred in the van the night before.


Well Judi thought it was okay to record her and post because so many of the other girls do the same, according to Judi, but Tanisha is not cutting her any slack. Judi says she needed proof that Sydney was a problem. Tanisha reminded Judi that they were all told not to record and leak…..Tanisha is upset because she lost money and is overwhelmed. Judi keeps assisting others did it too…

Tanisha says now the gay and Trans community is coming for her based on the footage…..this is a mess and Judi is unrepentant. When Tanisha asks her why does everything have to be such a mess with these ladies Judi says it because they are, bad girls?

Shut up Judi yawl is grown ass women and it’s time to act like it…..

Tanisha wants to pray. She breaks out the Holy water and throws it around the room. Tanisha warns the house any more leaked videos its over for everybody. She goes back into the room to finish with Judi. Judi wants her own room and Tanisha assure her after talking to Natalie she will work on it. We don’t care.

Tanisha prays……

Judi also wants Tanisha to talk to Sydney and to tell her to leave her alone. Judi I know good and dog gone well as a grown woman you recognize it is sad for you to ask this of another woman. If you don’t, let me tell you…..this is sad… can’t be serious!

Tanisha is off to find Natalie but says, “Judi please clean up” to which Judi says, “I will….” Oh hell naw. Judi is better than me.

And I thought you said the mess was Sydney’s, huh Judi? If it is not your mess why are you be scolded to clean it up? If it’s not your mess why are you agreeing to clean it up? Foh. Judi thinks we are stupid.

Tanisha goes to Natalie to tell her about the conversation with Judi. First of all, the hot pink sweater ensemble Natalie has on is fire…back to Tanisha……

She orders Natalie to sit down…and she does after protesting….see Judi that’s how that works, you don’t just barge in and don’t get some sort of resistance albeit it wasn’t strong because Natalie is tired of the drama. She sits down and Tanisha unleashes her frustration…..

Judi leaked the footage, she is doing the most blah blah blah……She stops mid tirade and points to a coffee… this mine? Yeah, says Natalie. You did something to it? Tanisha asks……Natalie is like what? Tanisha is like I got my good eye on you and Sarah, and Natalie and her both burst out laughing. But seriously, is this my coffee? Lol. Tanisha is on one tonight. She says everybody is wilding….she needs help getting the girls together. Natalie sees the problems too and agrees it’s out of hand so she wants to get it together too.

She tells Tanisha about Judi spitting on Sydney. Natalie already had to go off on Judi about that. So when Tanisha went off she understands why, Judi has that affect on people with her trifflin ass. Tanisha wants to take the phones away to prevent the leaks…..Natalie is looking like, I dunno sis…..the phones? Tanisha is like, “Yes the phones!” Lol.

Tanisha want Judi moved but Natalie insists Judi has to stay in the room with Sydney. Tanisha presses the issue, “Why does she have to stay in the room with Sydney, Natalie?” Natalie says there is no more rooms…Tanisha is like….in this big ass mansion?!

That’s what we said Tanisha. Natalie knows she is full of cock and bull. She relents. So maybe there is room… the attic……what? Whatever we don’t care. Tanisha is livid……the attic Natalie, really?

Natalie is like; she spit on someone…..duh Tanisha. Uncivilized people shouldn’t object to attics, but we get it. Natalie is trippin.

Tanisha  switches gears and brings up Sarah and her obsession with Natalie from the point of view of everybody else…..Tanisha feels Natalie may be stirring the pot with the whole friendship business and who has known who the longest, b.s……we don’t care, let’s fast forward.

Later that night……

Tanisha and Natalie are going room to room checking in on the girls and they go to talk to Seven. Seven is upset that she has waited and can’t do things because of the other girl’s drama. She also brings up her bathroom was a mess because of another girl…..there is red hair and a black and mild…..she misses her son.

She didn’t come here for this……we feel you Seven. Seven wants to leave. She misses her loved ones and her life back home. She lives her life waaaaay different and this is like the “Bad Girls Club” experience. She is miserable… oh, the two E.P.’s want to call a house meeting. They all know that the experience on “Bad Girls Club” was not a good one for a lot of the alum.


The Impromptu House Meeting…….

They call all the girls to a meeting downstairs. Now remember this is Seven’s chance to finally express how she feels……..keep reading.

Natalie wants Seven to take the floor, after they all curiously sit down, to explain her side of things, finally. Seven didn’t even want to say nothing but since they are all there, she begins to express her frustration with the house…….

She agreed to do “Baddies ATL” after much soul searching and apprehension only to be back into the BGC house, basically. And she didn’t know these girls but as she gets to know some…..she has nothing in common with them. She is over it. Her baby is young, her circle is small but tight…..they aint even about the bag, so rather than waste anymore time away from her bomb ass life…toodles. In a nutshell……

Then she shows a picture on her phone of the mess left in her bathroom and the b.s. starts……

First of all…..I don’t really care about sharing spaces with others but I rather not with some women. So Seven is coming off boogie to boogie ass Sarah……shut up Sarah. See its one thing if I want to be filthy, but what if I want to be clean?

How dare you decide to come into a shared space, forcing me to be nasty with you? Cleanliness is next to godliness…….don’t let the devil use you…clean up after yourself or go meet your maker with some roommates, others will clean it up for you. Seven decided, she rather just go home……that’s why we like Seven…..she realizes, rather than forcing yawl to adopt righteousness, she will just go home and assume her life away from heathens…..

Seven is calmly pointing out it’s Judi’s hair and backwood in the bathroom which Judi denies……Judi claims she is being set up….but Sydney later admits she did it to make Judi look bad……..but that’s later…..first Sarah points at Seven as if she is petty and calls her out for complaining about the mess…….but if it was purposely made?

Then of course the mess that is left will be bad…….let’s get to the point……..Christina sees that Seven has some good points…..Seven is over-talked and ignored as others act out especially Sarah……….Seven is hurt Sydney involved her in her beef with Judi…..Janelle has words with Sydney for pettily setting up trifflin, Judi, Sydney say she is jealous…….Remember….the point of the meeting is Seven who is ignored…..Sarah has a problem with Seven leaving…… Sarah tries to state that Seven  shouldn’t complain about the bathroom because after she cleaned her room the girls messed it up….she lives down the street so if she wanted to she could leave too blah blah…..someone stole from her…..crumbs on the floor….bleach missing…….a water leak……blah blah….

Seven wants to leave. Tanisha tries to convince her to stay. She starts to cry, she feels she is failing the girls…….it’s about Seven, guys!

Christina stick up for Seven but Sarah buts in…..she keeps saying Seven is worrying about the bathroom as if it wasn’t purpsosely designed to make her annoyed…..shut ups Sarah….but Sarah knows what she is doing….Seven gets annoyed and calls out Sarah.

So how does the episode end?

Seven and Sarah have words……Seven dives on Sarah…….

This episode was a lot better. Told you to have faith because Baddies are on to something, we think! Thank you for rockin with me……

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 6!

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