Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Four: “Let’s Get To The Bag”

I’m back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? Because if you are you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the fourth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode four. Ready? Let’s get started……

Episode Four: “Let’s Get To The Bag”

So after the intro, we are back where we were last week…..

Natalie and Christina are tussling and security has to break them up. The may lay is so bad that producers have to intervene; I mean someone should, because once again the arguing is pointless. They really are not getting any dam where and we are exhausted even if they aren’t. The b.s has become tiresome.

Natalie has a problem with Christina’s propensity to use sarcasm. Excuse me, Ms. Nunn….

Christina has a problem with the way you are talking to her as well. At this point you have to give respect in the hopes that the other will start to do the same and neither one of you all want to give. You should be ashamed that as grown women, the producers have to step in…..but aren’t you both producers as well?

Christina is a producer and Natalie is of all things, an executive producer, and other producers have to ask that you be professional. It’s nerve wrecking…….knock it off and just talk already!

Natalie is willing to talk if according to her, Christina stops with all the head movements, the rolling of the eyes, and all the extra things that Christina does. Natalie would not be putting any stipulations on me. I would demand she lower her voice, stop trying to boss me around, and really get to the point without antagonizing me as well. But Christina agrees to stop antagonizing Natalie.

Finally… already, Geez.

So the producers are like,

“Bet”……so you don’t have to sit down, let’s just stand here and talk….and they are both like,

“Fine”…… and then Christina goes to attack Natalie again…..WTH!

I can’t.

She tries to get to Natalie and security basically bear hugs her and pulls her back away…..yeah they were ready. Good, because who saw that coming?

Once again, how old are we?

If you all think I am giving this recap a lot of energy? Nope I will give what I get and if you give nothing? The Baddies of Atlanta will not get what I usually give….now back to the recap because these ladies claim to want to get to the bag! Time is money so they are on the clock, ya dig?

They get seprated and then try it again. Yes, my hand is on the remote ready to let the Roku zoom away my irritation. Play with me……

Natalie says she doesn’t have a problem allowing Christina to use her “glam”, just be an adult and give some notice. Christina says she has her own “glam” now, and I would advise every Baddie do the same to avoid the issues that plague the Bumskies of America. God bless the Baddie who has her own! She says she is hurt the way Natalie handled her she thought they were better than that…her voice starts to crack….oh Lord…’s just make-up Christina, really?

Yawl already know the Aquarius in me is like fast forward already…..they agree to put their differences to the side, work together to get to the bag. They hug it out, but you never know so they understand to tread lightly…..

The next morning, Sarah finds Natalie sitting alone so she comes to talk to her privately in nothing but a white terry cloth robe. Ummmm, why? Sarah is so extra! Take notes Sydney, it’s done in such a way all we can do is shake our heads….not want to fast forward……see how that works?

Sarah says she is soooo tired, and Natalie tells her in her deep baritone, “You are always tired.”


Sarah heard all the fussing and cussing that took place the night before between Natalie and Christina so she stayed away from the argument and she hopes that it’s over today. Natalie says she and Christiana have formed a “off the cuff” peace treaty, at least for now, but Sarah is skeptical. I mean it is Christina. You never know when she will decide to let the devil use her, I’m just saying!

Natalie tells Sarah it’s just so they can now stop arguing, thank God, and get to the bag….but Sarah seems a little jealous. She’s like, now you are back friends with Tanisha and Christina?


We don’t care……


Wait….the camera pans the big palatial mansion…..some of these rooms are drab…wait that one is just hideous, lol. That reminds me to ask.

Are any of you reading this post fans of the Bad Girls Club? I have been thinking about doing a post on the Bad Girls Houses……leave a comment if you would be interested.

Now back to this recap…..

Seven is in her bathroom straightening her hair and in walks Sydney…..yes Im fast forwarding……get Zeus if you want every scene, ha! But they boogie asses hop onto the vanity to escape a “roach” but really may be a water bug. But in a house this grand, why are there bugs inside it?

Sydney basically tells Seven she is scared of her and a few other girls, but she still going to try the other girls, including Tanisha. They think the house is haunted and Sydney can’t take much more of Judy….They both have ideas for the meeting that has been called….Sydney has some fetishes………great…..

Do your thing Roku…..>>>

The Board Meeting (if you say so, lol)……

So Natalie and Tanisha call a board meeting between the Baddies so they can sit down and brainstorm on how they can get to the bag……

Natalie strolls into the conference room located in the massive house. She is wearing a cheetah print one piece and draped over her arms and shoulders is a black fur. Tanisha is in all black with a light grayish blue fur, get-up, to accessorize…….are they setting a mood? Are the other Baddies showing up in furs too?

They are ready to get down to business….They strategize how they will hold the meeting….They call in the ladies…..

In walks Sarah, our favorite big bootied White woman. I wonder if she will be the wide eyed, deer in headlights, whiny, yet astute, scrappy character we know and love? Well Sarah says she is excited to get to the bag….

Next chill, Seven, prances in and then the lovely, Janelle, graces us with her presence with her big as Texas smile.

Judy walks in…..Um yeah….shut up Judi because WE DON’T CARE. So keep saying it in the confessional and remain quiet as a church mouse before I remember all the mischief you have been causing and let loose….please remain silent in the actual episode dear…..thank you. Just be yourself and be on hush so the other girls can shine….

Christina walks in, dressed in a lovely shade of yellow, smiling and waving… she has not decided to jump off the porch into the meeting and bang, at least not yet, ha!

Judi says, in her confessional of course, she doesn’t fit in with the other girls and is ready to go home….but yet and still, there she sits, quiet as a church mouse, making us look at the wig, for yet another episode. Shut up Judi and leave already, because we don’t care, for real, get gone.

“Who else we got waitin?”, Tanisha asks in her Brooklyn accent we love…..In struts a tipsy Sydney Starr to a round of applause. The thirst is most definitely real, shout out to Ms. Claudia Jordan….I can already tell, Sydney is about to test our patience, but let’s just see shall we?

She gives a dramatic speech….with a party cup full of something in it…..the other girls snicker as Tanisha and Natalie try to reel a wound up Sydney in…..but look at her go! You are going to notice her or else.


Sit yo ass down Sydney and hush it. Look at Sarah…..she is waiting for her cue, so shhhhhhhhh! Watch a pro work if you would just sit pretty……

Karen is waiting to do her thang so zip it before it gets old…..but too late, Natalie has to keep verbally redirecting you to put the liquid courage under the table and sit down so the meeting can start. Giiiiiiirl…….

Sydney, why I bother giving you these helpful gems each week just for you to work my dam nerves consistently? I like you but you really be pushing the issue sis, real talk.

Why can’t you have your wine? It’s a business meeting…..really?!! Duh!

Tanisha now welcomes them to one of the strangest business meeting I ever saw…..just keep reading…..

Tanisha and Natalie let them know they want to get to the bag, and they want them to be a part of it, and they let them know how they plan to do it…..

Natalie suggests, a “Baddie Boot Camp” so that they can all look the part of a Baddie. Tanisha laughs…She is tired of Natalie trying to control her “bellies” lol. Janelle says even though she is the Queen of “Getting Sucked & Plucked” she is down even if she has to fake it. Natalie says they can make it fun and incorporate some twerking…..the Baddies agree. Sydney pips up about being down. She loves to work out because it, according to her, “Be a lot of fine ass n****s in the gym” girl stop.

Tanisha suggests, a talent show to showcase the talent the Baddies have because she says there is so much more to them than just being bad. I agree. Ladies its time to rebrand yourselves and transition from being Bad Girls to Baddies or grown ass women, whichever you all prefer.

Right? It is time.

They love that idea too. Tanisha says she and Natalie will also compete….now we are getting somewhere…..its an all around competition…but Judy doesn’t like the idea….she tells us in her confessional… know what? Who cares….

Tanisha wants to get to know them and the talent show will show the world the real them…..could that be why Judi is secretly not in agreement because under the horrible pink wig? Judi has beautiful hair… the real Judi is not this tacky mess she portrays…..Shut up Judi…..let’s move on and speed it up instead of fast forward, lol.

Sigh….now I guess they are going to start addressing the issues. Dang it, I can try to fast forward, but you need the info for some of the episode to make sense. Don’t get mad at me if you miss something… me, Zeus is worth the price for Joseline’s Cabaret alone…….that’s why I put it out first that out first this week. But Baddies is getting better. Its just the immaturity, thirst and pettiness is on ten sometimes and Im’ma need them to keep it at a tolerable three…….most of the times.

Tanisha tells Sarah she knows she secretly hates her…..Sarah denies this with an annoying whine……

OMG. Sarah we know, you are a producer. Sarah please shut up. Sarah messy ass asks if Ray J, who is a married man, going to host the talent show. He better not unless yawl want Princess Love tearing up the place…..remember his wife?

(Posted on YouTube by John Szalan)

Whew! Let Ray J be Sarah, we heard the rumors, but Princess don’t play……..back to the recap….

Seven says she can’t sing… They assure her she can come up with something else it doesn’t have to be singing….Christina is nervous despite being able to sing according to Natalie and Tanisha…..Christina can see Natalie is actually trying to make this whole “get the bag” endeavor, work and we can too…..the show is starting to get better……

They are also going to have a therapist to come in and help……they all need some help with their issues…..

Sydney shares her struggles as a trans-woman. It was touching. She almost died for deceiving someone…..she cries. Christina’s mom died three years ago from an heroin addiction. She also at one point addicted herself to prescription drugs after having a tumor removed and being prescribed Percocet.

Sarah begins to cry. Tanisha turn to her. “Sarah what’s going on, what are you feeling”? All the girls urge her to share her painful experience while tears stream down Sarah’s face. “What’s going on Sarah?”……”What’s making you emotional?” They all implore……

Sarah takes a long pause……while she is sympathetic to all of the girls…….she is really affected….aaaawwww! Sarah what’s wrong? She is having friendship problems with Natalie……what?! You mean to tell me everybody is going through some real stuff and you whining about your superficial friendship with Ms. Nunn? But it’s to be expected, lol.

We SEE The Act KAREN……

Girl bye, with the Karen act, Sarah Oliver, we see right through you with the tears and the weepy voice. Sarah feels because she is nice people have taken her voice, ideas and friends….OMG. Sarah we know, you are a producer. Sarah please shut up. You are possessive of Natalie and it is exhausting….and creepy.

Natalie brings up a dog…..Sydney brings up her cat…… Tanisha and Natalie reveal they both had miscarriages…..Seven offers to be a surrogate for Tanisha…..what the hell kind of business meeting is this? Only the Baddies……

Wait Sarah is now smiling and chiming in…….this is a mess, lol. Janelle barely said two words……now they are talking about post partum……

Natalie thiks she may add some more girls like Kat Washington, Amber who is Tanisha’s friend from BGC. And oh yes, Meghan James…..even though she has issues with Natalie….Judi wants someone to listen to her, she tells us in the confessional, no we don’t care.

They are ready to go out to celebrate the progress at the club…..good we are sick of the drama so let’s party!

They go to the club and a good time is had by all……..

They leave the club and in the van, the devil decides to show up……Sydney starts up with Judi…..not now Sydney, didn’t you all just have a good time at the club? Why start up now?

They are sitting side by side in the van, so they are able to put their hands each others faces as they argue, again……

Tanisha keeps turning back around to see what is going on and try to diffuse the situation, while Christina of all people tries to stop the b.s. as well, to no avail. Sydney is determined to ruin the good time that was just had by all….and she just might get her ass whooped in the process, just keep reading……

She keeps on with hr tirade aout Judi being phony… remember although Tanisha cant stand Sydney she is trying to figure out what is making her so upset…..but Sydney starts to disrespect Tanisha who is not there for the shenanigans.

If she were a booger you may not want to pick her Sydney, your nose just may mess around and start bleeding……shout out to Tokyo Vanity. But it’s not because Tanisha is about to bop her one although Tanisha most definitely goes off on Sydney even threatening to send her home…..Sydney manages to piss off a male part of the entourage traveling with them and he threatens to put hands on Sydney in defense of Tanisha……whew!

This episode was a lot better. Told you to have faith the because Baddies are on to something, we think!

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 5!

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