Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Eight: “Get That Crazy Bitch Out of Here”

I’m back to recap the eighth episode of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the eighth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode eight. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Eight: “Get That Crazy Bitch Out of Here”

The episode starts as it always does, right? We see what happened the previous week and we get the intro to Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life”, and we may want to shimmy but the mood is anything but festive this week…..This week was sad yawl, despite Sapphire being made Captain of the Cabaret, yay! I think….. But we see the Puerto Rican Princess doing her thing…..

“How bad you really want it”, get it Joseline!

So the episode begins with Joseline climbing the stairs to go visit Mz Natural. She wants to know what was up with her the night before, with the way she checked Yummy P for bringing up that she may or may not have been over talking her while they were both rehearsing with Lucky Hustla.

She knocks on the door, tap tap, “its Joseline”. Mz Natural swings open her bedroom door and surprise, surprise she is naked. Joseline as well as the viewing audience is taken aback. “Why are you naked?”, Joseline chuckles. “I’m always naked.” Mz Natural is completely open to the idea that we all are seeing EVERYTHING, lol.

She swears she is all over the Internet and everybody has seen it all before. Well I hadn’t Mz Natural so I guess I should be thanking you that I didn’t have to go searching for it. Not that I was looking but thanks anyway. Joseline steps into her room and tells her how good it smells in there.

They sit down to talk because Joseline need to find out what’s going on between Mz Natural and Yummy P. Mz Natural has confided in Yummy some really deep and personal things and she felt like they were good friends. So to her, finding out things on Yummy’s end were more superficial, was a slap in the face.

Joseline remarks that their birthday’s are three days apart which make them both Scorpios and Yummy is a Virgo and Ballistic Beats happens to be one as well. Okay, I would like to add that in my experience Virgos are all kinds of strange and contradictory but that shows up different in men. Just remember, Ballistic Beats is a Virgo as well and I will bring that point up later in this recap……

So according to these Scorpio women they are clashing with the Virgos but for Joseline it is understandable. One thing you can expect for a Scorpio to do is to try to understand emotions. They feel things and use emotions to get to the true motivations of your actions.

You can bet a Scorpio is constantly monitoring the way something or someone makes them feel because feelings are way more real to them than most of the zodiac. Be careful what emotions you bring out because it is what a Scorpio uses to get to the truth. Some see, some hear, but Scorpio’s feel the truth and once they feel it….it is real, no matter how much you try to convince them otherwise because more often than not they are right, but Mz Natural your senses may be a bit flawed.

Mz Natural says Ballistic is different in a good way but Yummy P is just plain weird. Well tell us more……

They both agree Yummy has a tendency to zone out. Mz Natural is highly irritated that Yummy is into things like energy. She focuses a lot on the energy of herself, the house and to the irritation of Mz Natural, the energy of the other girls.

{Record Scratch}

Hold up Mz Natural. I seem to remember in earlier episodes you were agreeing with Yummy P about the energy of the house being off……does anybody else remember that? Well put it in the comments, because Mz Natural seems downright hostile about “the energy”, now. I’m confused.

Mz Natural says despite claiming to be positive, all Yummy P does is focus on the negativity and the other girls b. s. I can believe that. Sometimes Virgos can contradict themselves and it can be annoying when they don’t see it. She calls Yummy P, a gremlin, and a troll…..stop it Mz Natural. The name calling is childish and uncalled for.

Joseline tells Mz Natural she came off like a bully. Mz Natural doesn’t see it.


Okay Scorpio women, yawl tend to be passionate. It can cross the line into bullying as we will see later, Joseline wants her to talk to Yummy but remember she is small so stay out of her face…….

Mz Natural brings up Yummy P using her for her weed and “Henny”.


That’s real petty, Mz Natural. It aint trickin if you got it, so do you got it like that, or nah? It’s not a good look to throw up non essentials in people’s faces. If you really didn’t have it to share then why share? But don’t let us find out you are a Bumskie, Yummy P?

Mz Natural agrees to talk to Yummy P but doesn’t like her……


Sapphire and Lucky Hustla are getting ready to practice the routine. Lucky for some odd reason is super duper excited that Sapphire is now Cabaret Captain. She says she would rather it be Sapphire than Yummy but hello, Lucky! Why is it that you seem to not want to be the captain? I can’t with these girls some times it’s like they forget it’s a competition!

Well Sapphire is glad that the house voted her to be captain, too. She is going to whip these girls into shape. Lucky is proud and so are we. So Big Lex and Lexi Blow come in for the first practice the so called, “top four” will have. They all are happy Sapphire is captain. She tells them she wants them to be the final four and their strategy is to tell her their weak spots so she can help them work on them. She has been going over the footage to see where they are not lining up so they go over the routine……

Sapphire coaches them through it….they still need to work on it but at least they are all on the same page.

She sits down and the four of them talk. She wants to know how the other three are doing and what challenges they may be having. They all seem focused. They all have each other. Sapphire is noticing the other alliances or “friendships” between the others starting to break down especially with Yummy P and Mz Natural. And others are fighting demons like Bosstec.

Lucky does a imitation of Joseline, “please don’t send me back to the strip club”, okay Lucky don’t get too cute…..if Joseline hears you, you may just get slung down the front steps like she did Blue Face Barbie’s luggage, remember?


Yummy P, Chanel Tso and Bosstec are chilling in the hot tub, smoking and in the case of Bosstec, most definitely drinking. Bosstec asks Yummy P if she was feeling better after the shenanigans that took place the night before and she says she feels better. She was trying to help the girls as well as compete and it was too much so she got some much needed rest. She felt people were unappreciative of her efforts as captain.

Chanel Tso calls Yummy P a gremlin in her confessional……..ummm yeah. I guess the girls are in agreement with Mz Natural…..this is juvenile, but okay. Speaking of Mz Natural, Bosstec asks Yummy P about the tension she has with her.

Yummy P feels Mz Natural was overly emotional about the whole thing and I tend to agree to a point. Mz Natural is going through it. The drinking is not helping her deal with things better it seems.

Yummy P says when they first got to the house Mz Natural offered them to smoke and she was the only one that took her up on her offer. Yummy P says she just wanted to get along but I see how that can be considered, self serving behavior.

I think what could be happening is that Mz Natural mistook Yummy’s “agreeableness” to mean she was genuinely forming a friendship……and Yummy was just putting herself out there in the hopes to get to know the other girls and gradually get to know them and decide if they are friend material as she goes.

Bosstec is noticing Yummy P may really be out for self…and may be a little fake just like Mz Natural is portraying her to be.…

The conversation moves to the issue of Bosstec and Chanel and the issue between them is brought up again. Chanel surprisingly once again sticks up for herself and moves on from the issue. She just wants to squash it. I like that. Her and Bosstec squash whatever it is they may have, that keeps them with an issue like grown women. Chanel wasn’t scared and Bosstec wasn’t trippin……



Bosstec has on her pink bathing suit and flowing sheer pink robe and goes to pay a private visit to Ballistic Beats who is working on some music downstairs…..what the heck is about to go on?

UT OH!!!!

She comes in and closes the wooden French doors behind her, bopping to the music, “I like that” she says with a huge grin on her face as she plops down onto the desk seductively…..but no worries, Ballistic is all business.

A Virgo remember?

But unlike Yummy P who swears she is focused and on the grind? Ballistic is intent on dodging drama and staying mixing this track and he would want to. Does he need a reminder on how Joseline handles a man who likes to be disrespectful when he strays?

(Posted on YouTube by CameronBGC)

Yeah well we remember that! Ballistic directs Bosstec to cop a squat in a chair so they can talk.

If, we liked Ballistic before? We looooooove him now!

He wasn’t swayed a bit by Bosstec’s booty…..his eyes are only for the bah- dunk- a- dunk of the Puerto Rican Princess, baby, lol.

Remember he said if they ever needed to talk to someone besides Joseline? Well Bosstec, who happens to be sipping on a cocktail, has gone to him about her drinking…..He gives her some solid advice, encourages her, and keeps it business…….nice try, Bosstec….good job conscientious Virgin, no need to have a pissed off Scorpion stinging you to death……let’s move on…..


We now see Joseline on the pole practicing for the lovely, Rachel and of course she has on her one of the kind outfits…….why wouldn’t she, we just love to see her in her sparkly tassels don’t we cabaret fans?

Ha! Stop hatin!

Rachel is telling her how much better Joseline has gotten on the pole in such a short time. Joseline is telling her how much she needs her to help her with the crazy ladies she has picked for the cabaret! I don’t know why Joseline didn’t just ask Rachel to be in the show when I see her glide around the pole expertly.


We now see Yummy P catching Mz Natural alone, sipping on something brown, on the couch so she decides this may be a perfect time to talk….well……that clear bottle and its contents may decide you should of waited, let’s just see…..

Yummy P asks, “how you feeling” as she cheerfully plops onto a couch across from a seemingly buzzing Mz Natural. She side eyes Yummy and says, “You want the truth?”


“Oh I’m fine” turns into a drunken, screaming, and long rant where despite Yummy patiently trying to work things out…..Mz Natural aint having it. Even if it was an insincere attempt, Mz Natural was highly combative either way. It goes on and on with her screaming and making threats……eventually Joseline comes on the scene….bout time!

Somebody should have been intervened I mean it was crazy…….the way Mz Natural was talking and acting wasn’t no way in hell they were working out a dang gone thing, ya dig?

I mean it’s ridiculous, her being pissed off about of all things…..weed and liquor…..something about her confiding in her about her son…..somebody died…..somebody is now captain……fakeness….balloons….who knows and who cares?

It’s stupid, and getting mean spirited….the stings she is hurling ……girl really?

I think if she wasn’t stressed, drunk and just plain feeling hella down, I don’t think Mz Natural would be giving this issue so much “ump”.

But foh, she would’ve had to get out of my face at some point, and I’m not any type of fighter…….

But, jumping in my face repeatedly after threats, spittle flying, and attitude? Yeah I would of ended the conversation and hopefully was able to walk away before my body started shaking from the rush of adrenaline……some people do that to me.

I can be trying to talk some crazy person off the ledge only to end up snatching their hand so we can both jump……if I’m fleeing it is best to just let me go……I’m running from my rage and I promise you… will leave me alone….. or wish you had of just let me go…..

Because that is an unnecessary and avoidable reaction, some people refused to be bullied quietly…..THAT”S ME.

Ha, just kidding. But seriously, Mz Natural was trippin. She could of easily got socked up by someone who doesn’t play that bullying routine…..if it wasn’t bullying what was it? You tell me in the comments because if it looks like a bully, acts like a bully… my opinion, it’s a bully or at the very least bullying behavior.

Oh but, Mz Natural is not done yawl…..Joseline comes on the scene right?

She is like, okay, okay its enough….but Mz Natural has just begun. She continues her verbal attack on Yummy…..and continues to be combative….Joseline is trying to calm down the situation…..wrong move because to hurt Mz Natural, Yummy says, and no one really wants you here……she says to Joseline……”You said the other day you wanted her to leave”……..

Whoooooooop! The look on Joseline’s face it was like……..

{Record Scratch}

Wait what I got to do with this?


Now tsk, tsk, Yummy why you being a little sneaky snitch? It was petty and unprofessional because she overheard Joseline say that to her “glam” team, not directly to her. Now Joseline is pissed. She goes off on a contrite Yummy. This is a mess….

Joseline is far from stupid….she has her good eye on Yummy P now… she was thinking she was a little sweet lady who just wants to dance and will slice your throat or do voodoo for a spot on the cabaret……yeah Yummy P is a little bitty surprise…….she is full of tricks and Joseline aint falling for the innocent act…….

Well apparently Joseline said that after witnessing a prolonged period of Mz Natural having an emotional episode……she didn’t really mean she didn’t want her there so for Yummy to say that was petty and mean……Joseline is livid……

She tries to explain her point to a Mz Natural who is now hurt and on the defense and may I remind you……seemingly intoxicated…… goes left fast……Joseline feels misunderstood, attacked, ambushed, and heated while she is over-talked by a drunken Mz Natural who is ready to go out in a blaze of glory.

Don’t worry Mz Natural Joseline is happy to ablidge you…..sizzle, sizzle….BURN!!!!!!

How does the episode basically end?

Mz Natural has a tantrum to which Joseline orders security to….. “Get That Crazy Bitch Out of Here”…..

Well dam……

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all excited to see what happens next? Yawl pray for Mz Natural….lol.

I am….Let’s support Joseline and show her and her show some love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 9! Don’t forget to subscribe…..

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