Will You Be Watching, “The Real Housewives Of Potomac” Season 6 On Bravo?

Okay I have seen the trailer for the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” and I have to admit, I’m interested. So you know what that means? Yes, I’m recapping the show for all of us fans out there that will be checking in every week on the ladies of Potomac. Did you happen to catch the trailer for season six? Well don’t worry, you know I got you. Here it is, check it out……..

Watch Your First Look at The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 | The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 Video (bravotv.com)

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So what do you think? Will you be watching this season? I just am wondering will there be enough interest that it will be worth the effort to recap every week, so help me out by leaving a comment below.

So it looks like:

There is a new housewife on the scene, her name is Mia Thornton. Apparently she doesn’t come from money, she got her loot the old fashioned way, and she earned it. She seems like she has had a “hard knock life”….she was taken from her family as a child and put into the foster care system.

So she should be an interesting addition to the cast. How do you think she will be received by the other women?

You know they have a tendency to haze the “newbie’s”…..do you think they will try it with Mia? Seems like she is a fiery one….at some point in the trailer we see her throwing something on Candiace Dillard…..so we can already see she is with the drama and I am here for it? But are you?

Looks like Karen and Ray Huger are going through marital problems as their storyline as we see Karen alluding to maybe Ray possibly having an affair? I hope not. You know we don’t want to see any marriages break up especially ones that have lasted decades.

Oh Lord, Ashley Darby is crying, please tell me Michael Darby and issues with possible infidelity is not going to be her storyline, AGAIN. This is so redundant at this point especially since the children keep coming so If Ashley gets pregnant again this season I know something!

It seems like Chris Bassett has dedicated himself to helping Candiace with her singing career and is getting stung by her vicious mouth for his troubles. So I guess her storyline this season is she is going to disrespect her husband for the viewers pleasure or horror, whichever, you pick. Sigh. Really Candiace, aren’t yawl “newly weds”?!

Robyn Dixon is apparently exhausted with her busy life and lounges around in pajamas to the displeasure of Juan Dixon. Well just don’t look because we too busy to primp sometimes buddy! I hope Robyn’s storyline doesn’t end up pissing me off, ya dig?

Gizelle Bryant’s storyline is that she and Jamal Bryant are not together. Well duh……


And on top of that I think the beautiful Ms. Grace is old enough to finally start driving, so we see Giselle suffering through that! Poor lady, but her daughter is gorgeous like her mother.

Poor Wendy Osefo! I think her storyline is that Eddie Osefo may be cheating….I hope not. Well I will be tuning in to see all the drama, of course. Will you?

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