Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Six: “Meet & Greet”

I’m back to recap the sixth episode of “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” appearing on Zeus Network.Once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the sixth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode six. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Six: “Meet & Greet”

The episode starts as it always does, right? We see what happened the previous week and we get the intro to Joseline’s song, “Live Your Best Life” and yes, we are all singing along, “Baby boy life your best life you be trippin on meeeeee! Acting like I give a beep! Where your beep! Gone be. I aint trippin on you, at all, I want you to live it up, want you to be a G, beep! Please put that beep! In me, do it readily, do it like it’s my b-bay”…

Don’t sing along if you don’t want it to be the jam, because baby it is infectious, isn’t it Cabaret fans?


Are you singing along too? It’s on my playlist when I clean up. I am thottin and boppin around the house of course, while I scrub while shimmying, “do it like it’s your B-day” oh I’m the only one? Haters!

So the ladies bonded at the club, a good time were had by all especially Bosstec. And it’s the next day, Chanel Tso goes to Bosstec’s room to talk about the previous night’s goings on.

Chanel tells Bosstec she loves her wig….ummmm yeah. So what is the purpose of having hair Bosstec if you are going to wear wigs…especially wigs like that one? Girl if you don’t find you one of those African ladies they got in Atlanta to twist you up…..This wig is horrible on you, you look so pretty with your authentic hair, but okay. Well at least the bathing suit you have on is cute. Now if only you would put some ringlets in your life.

Chanel Tso has her hair in a bun, and I wonder if she mixed with Asian. She’s a cute enough girl though. It’s strange that she is one of the girls who don’t really shine to me. I just wish she would stand out more because she has potential. She has an exotic look to her and doesn’t really need to do much but somehow I can take or leave her.

Anybody else feel that way too?

They are glad there was no fighting at the club and everybody had fun. Yes, we enjoyed it too. It’s not that we didn’t expect fights, it’s just we want to see some fun things too. It gives us a chance to see the girl’s personalities and root for them. All the arguing should be in moderation because it gets draining when there is nothing else. So thank you Joseline for finding the right balance…..

Chanel is worried about the meet and greet because she knows that the competition is about to heat up. Bosstec doesn’t seem worried. I like her silent confidence. She would be the top for me if her hairs do’s were more flattering.

Why in the world are they showing each other their outfits as if it weren’t a competition?

Meanwhile Joseline is at her photo shoot for promotional pictures for the Cabaret. She has on one of her one of a kind outfits but it fits with the theme. Its pink, and feathery, and a big hat, and glitter….you know, right up the Puerto Rican Princesses alley. She looks dazzling. Joseline is really a beautiful woman with a killer body.

She takes some nice pictures using a sofa as a prop….


Mz Natural is in her room putting on her makeup and getting ready for the night when Big Lex comes in to talk. Mz Natural says she really needed the chance to let off some steam, Big Lex agrees.

Mz Natural let’s Big Lex know she is going through a divorce. Big Lex is surprised and so are we. Yawl, tell me why I just assumed she was married to a woman?

So apparently her husband had a problem with her being an adult entertainer. He stressed her out with all the insecurity and trust issues. Big Lex says she has a “boo or whatever” but she is moving slow with the relationship. Cute, and smart.

Mz Natural says she is dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. Men expect her to be emotionless and have feelings at the same time. Well join the club, lady. If I cry its, “Please don’t do that” and if I go off it’s, “Please don’t do that” and men have the nerve to call us crazy. It’s the catch 22’s for me too. Big Lex is in favor of letting the man set the tone for the relationship and I agree. If you can do it I can too, but you know men aint going for that…..

Let’s move on…..

Lucky Hustla, Sapphire and Lexi Blow, are sitting around talking about the night before as well. They all remark at how Lexi Blow was doing the absolute most, but still a good time was had by all.

Sapphire reveals she is insecure with her body because she had the butt injections so many women in the adult entertainment industry get. She says the procedure is starting to spread and is uncomfortable. She has a lot of regrets and hates her booty now and wants to get rid of it but it is an expensive procedure. If she goes to cheaper doctor she may get butchered….

They all talk about the pressures to get procedures to stay competitive. She cries.

Poor Sapphire, we all see what women like you and K. Michelle go through too. Sapphire you are an inspiration to some young girl who will risk her health or life for a big behind. So you didn’t go through this for nothing to make sense. If it helps just one person then it is worth it right?

While I’m blessed in the derriere department, thank you mama, I have never had much boobage, thank you mama, lol.

I can say it really bothered me at one point. But men just never tripped so I just moved on to being insecure about other things, but that was me.

I couldn’t imagine trying to be a flat chested stripper. I think I would want a boob job. So I can’t judge.

Lucky says she is insecure with her skinny body, Lucky, trust me. You will not have that body forever. Eventually the weight will creep on up. I would bet money you will still be beautiful….

Lucky and Lexi are encouraging Sapphire. It’s touching but we too gangsta to cry so I’m moving on…

The ladies are all getting dressed and fly for the night……

In Van On The Way To The Meet & Greet…..

Lexi asks the girls if they were excited and everybody is. The vibe is good.

Finally! Now please don’t anybody kill it, for real, for real.

We see Melissa Scott again getting things ready for the meet and greet. The girls arrive to flashing lights from press set up for the night. They pose in front of the promo screen set up in their sexy gear in sexy poses.

Big Lex said she felt she was looking cock eyed in some of her pictures because of all the flashes so if you didn’t get any good pictures don’t post them….lol. Good one Lex.

Bosstec starts twerking……great promo. If you shake it they will come….

Some of the photographers knew who Bosstec was and were high fiving her. She’s the viral queen, period.

Joseline arrives with Ballistic Beats in hand looking mighty sexy as always. She looks really happy too. She compliments the girls and she is happy so many people came out to support. She loves us….we love you too Joseline! You rock!

Joseline works the room taking pictures. Now the Melissa introduces the girls one by one. They pose and twerk of course. Then they introduce Joseline and she owns the room. Did you think she wouldn’t?

She tells us in her red suede confessional, “This is my show. I’m here now.” She is looking good and feeling good in her gold contraption of a dress but if you cackle, you hatin!

She drops it down low…..

Do it Joseline! Girl you did that!

The crowd goes wild with flashes…..Joseline is feeling herself can’t nobody tell her nothing….

The girls all scream for her……

She shows her video to the crowd, we didn’t know it would be a video unveiling too Joseline!

Well since you showed it, I might as well show it too.

Here it is yawl……

(Posted on YouTube By Joseline Hernandez)

Told you it was a bop.

Aye, “Do it like it’s my B-day” , wait a minute, hold up.

{Record Scratch}

Why the hell was Blue Face Barbie in the video? Joseline, you trippin!

{Back to the jam}

“Every time he comes around I ride it like a cowgirl” Aye……

I love the video……

Yaaaaaaay! Joseline is back in the “A” and on top of the world as the crowd chants “Joseline, Joseline!”

Joseline introduced the cast and they come on stage to cheers. This is the final 8…..we got rid off the trash…..

They all titty twerk, some topless…for the camera’s……now Joseline what part of the game is that?

Im’ma need you to make up your mind is this classy or nah?


They pop it and drop it, and spread it wide…….the camera’s flash….

“Atl hoe, Atl hoe, Atl hoe!”

The event was a success. All the hard work paid off. Joseline meets Ballistic by the bar when the festivities are over. They kiss….she is happy. Melissa did a good job, we knew she would, next time it will be even more grand, we are happy for you, blah, blah….fast forward……

Let’s see….where can I end things?

All the girls are discussing the success of the meet and greet and the good vibe.It’s good in the hood, according to Lucky.

Joseline comes in they cheer while she twerks. She compliments them on the night. They all thank her for the opportunity.

She already has a feel for who will end up performing with her in the Cabaret. Now while she still loves Lucky, and she is her baby, 10 toes down………she is stripping her of her crown……Dunt dunt dunnnnn!


Yummy is now Cabaret Captian…..


This is about to be some, you know what, and I’m here for it!

So we can’t wait to see what happens next week are you all excited to see what happens next? I am….

Let’s support Joseline and show her and her show some love! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 7!

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