No Ma’am, This Time The Epstein Victims Will See Justice; Ghislaine Maxwell Will Continue To Sit In Jail After Bail Is Denied A Fourth Time

Ghislaine Maxwell, ex- girl friend to the infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, wants to get out of jail badly. The socialite is claiming that the conditions she is kept in are so bad she needed to be granted bail, and on the basis of her complaint of mistreatment, she was granted a hearing to get bail.

Her request was denied for a fourth time and it makes you wonder what her next move is after all Ghislaine is not your average run of the mill douche bag. She’s a douche bag with the means to escape prosecution. She’s a socialite with connections, I mean she ran with people like Jeffrey Epstein and we all know his connections go all the way to the top of the upper echelons of American society. And her pockets, while not as deep as his, are padded with money.

She was already arrested in a home she purchased with a shell company which means she is able to make transactions without her name being associated to paperwork. No paper trail means you can disappear. The government is not willing to take that chance no matter what Ghislaine is offering as collateral. On April, 23rd she was denied bail only for her to be denied again on these new allegations.

So what are the unconscionable, egregious, horrible conditions that were so awful that Ms. Maxwell needed immediate release on bail? She says the guards of the jail do frequent wellness check throughout the night and it prevents her from getting an uninterrupted night of sleep. That’s it. No news breaking human rights abuses, just the claims of a socialite that is used to getting her beauty rest while her alleged victims have nightmares about the thing they allege she is guilty of.

According to criminal complaints against her, Ms. Maxwell was into some really sick stuff so excuse me if I find it hard to find sympathy for her. Wellness checks? Really Ghislaine, you are going to have to do better than that. I mean Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself while in police custody. Do you really think they could survive the scandal if one hair on your entitled head was harmed? Let alone if you off-ed yourself, no Ghislaine, they are going to watch you like a hawk.

We get it. Ghislaine has been in custody for going on a year after her arrest for allegedly sex trafficking underage girls. A ordinary citizen would have a difficult time with incarceration so we can imagine the distress a privileged and wealthy woman has, poor Ghislaine. Do you have any sympathy for her?

Ghislaine claims she is too tired during the day to effectively contribute to her defense. Okay, she may have a point if it weren’t for the fact that she has legal representation. If I were arrested today, my best luck is with a public defender. No insult to them, but Ghislaine most definitely is well represented. She also made the claims that guards are viewing and then taking her legal documents. Now this claim should be given consideration but why isn’t her cell being videotaped so that these claims are easily checked out. I do not advocate anyone sabotaging her defense. No matter how heinous the crime, or how despicable the person, everyone is owed a fair trial. But that means Ghislaine will have to undergo the very surveillance she complains about.

Well I hope this time the victims get the justice they were denied when Jeffrey Epstein turned up dead from an apparent suicide. The officials seem to be making some decisions that they feel will keep Ghislaine from escaping prosecution. So sit tight Ms. Maxwell. Her trial is set to begin July of this year…..we will keep monitoring this case.

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