Recap Of Baddies: ATL Episode Two: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”

Sigh, we are back for another recap of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network. Well I for one am proud of myself for hanging in there like I promised but….they are not giving me much to work with yawl, but any way. We are going to stick with it in the hopes it gets better…..

Are you are watching “Baddies: ATL”? If you are, you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the second episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started……

Episode Two: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”

So after the intro, we are back where we were last week…..

With the foolishness, childishness, pettiness and just plain stupidness.

And side note, why does this show have so many executive producers? That’s just crazy. It’s all over the place, could it be a case of “too many chiefs?”

So Natalie is in Christina’s face screaming, “It’s the Natalie show,” repeatedly and then bam! Christina clocked her. And they start fist fighting and now Natalie is wigless. Security is in between them trying to separate them and a wigless Natalie is swinging over security to get to Christina.

They are locked up, I think Natalie is pulling Christina’s hair but I could not tell with the camera angle. Anyway somebody has the others hair because they are being instructed by security to “let her hair go”.

Why? Why do you all want to go out like this?

Sarah is trying to assist security and another side note, I take back what I said about Sarah last week. Sarah, pink is your color and you should always wear your hair curled like that you looked really pretty…but any way back to the b.s., even Sarah is trying to break them up.

Yawl this is just stupid.

I really wish they would have gave the die hard’s more. I mean we have all grown up! This was your chance to introduce a new set of “Baddies”, who were younger, because the “Bad Girls” have grown up, supposedly.

They could of competed for a spot in a business, say selling one of your products, and the Baddies vets could have been respectable “friends of the show”. They could be the wild cards that help you stir things up.

Geez Louise…I’m trying to get to the cheese, i.e. clicks and views! Well there is always next season, Zeus.

Natalie, I’m trying to monetize this blog, sweetie….help me, help you, to get to the bag dear….your welcome. Cause this is a mess.

How old are we now?

Seven and Janelle are like, what?! Yes, they are fighting even though you just got there. They separate them and Christina throws Natalie’s wig out the window…..She says Natalie has to go fetch it like a dog since she wants to be a b***h.

Sigh. I can’t.

Here goes Sidney wishing she could have gotten in between them, Sidney it is not about you!

I just want you to wait for better opportunities to get camera time, I swear I like you or maybe its I like the idea of you. But you are working that last nerve before I unleash. Your only saving grace is that Zeus is allowing you to be disrespected, PERIOD. So don’t test my patience.

Nobody should be calling you names and picking on you. You represent one of our misunderstood sisters. You are enough, more than enough and….. I happen to like you so I’m helping you.

Wait for better opportunities.

Just relax they will come to you, and then you use your personality to outshine the whole lot of them. They are giving us nothing so it will not be that hard to do, feel me?

You read, slay, get them together, and run behind tables because you can’t hit them and your mouth is so vicious they want to slap you…..

Sidney, you are doing this all wrong…..

I hope the next transgendered reality star in the making is taking notes. If you make it to another season, and I pray that you do, because like I said, I like you, but I want you to do better.

But at least you look good. If anybody says differently, they hatin!

If you really want to be taken serious in a pack of women use the tools that God gave every real woman, her heart, her mind, her soul, her character, her vibe, and her personality to make a mark.

In a sea of followers, a leader will always stand out while others fade into the background. Your welcome.

You can’t use your brawn because of an unfair advantage physiologically, but there are plenty of women who don’t fight and they still make other women respect their own brand of, gangsta.

Remember when Ericka Mena told Peter Gunz, “You can’t handle my mouth?”

If it was ever a time when a man wished he could “Molly Whop” a woman it was then.

Sidney…….Peter can’t hit Ericka, now take notes because i want to see you win. You see those other chicks are not your real friend Sydney… a pro work…..and pay attention!

Take notes. This is a reality star doing what she does best………

Feel free to pay it foward lady I need views! Sidney please get a clue, I’m helping you. I even gave you a visual aid, but just forget throwing plates because I’m not trying to get you put in jail…..

Before the china flew, Peter Gunz is so uncomfortable….if he could of turned his thoughts into bullets it would of been a massacre, Lol.

I’m trying to use your show to get this trifling blog monetized….let’s get the money, dam! My time is money and yawl are wasting it!

Fight back with your brain….you seem like you are smart. You got yourself there… help me out by telling people about this trifling blog.

Back to the b.s….

So they are separated and hurling insults back and forth. Christina claims she beat up Natalie….

Where? Seems like you both did your thing. Yawl it’s just a bunch of yelling and threats. We don’t care, but it continues.

Natalie doesn’t care that her wig was thrown out of a window. Stop it Natalie, you know good and dog gone well you would of thrown Christina right out with the wig if you could, but ok she doesn’t care that her expensive wig is a pigeon target.

There are more where that one came from. Must be nice, Christina would of been scaling the walls to get the wig back up the way it got down there if it were some of us…..

This is tiring me out. I wish they were at a club, business seminar, chess tournament, easter egg hunt, dang it, anything than just staying in the house bickering, for real. This is so counterproductive.

Yawl are turning some of us off because we have evolved past that and don’t want to see women your age, our age, any age for that matter cutting up on TV.

It’s just undignified the way it’s being done.

There’s a careful balance…..It goes on and on. It’s the old show despite it being over a decade for some, and growth has occurred while we can tell who is stuck in the past.

Newsflash, YOU ARE ON A NEW SHOW!!!!

I’m so annoyed, so let me move it along so I can go drink a hot cup of “idgaf”……sigh.

Christina is calling Natalie ugly, bald-headed…..yes, its going there.

First of all we can tell Natalie is far from being baldheaded, and she has a kid which is evidence that at least one man found her attractive, so why is Christina pushing the issue, swinging her locks back and forth saying she still has hair. Ok, she didnt snatch you bald, and?

Yeah, but if you had of had on a wig it would have been snatched….it’s not a win to pull hair when you claim to be such a great fighter, and hold up, wait, thought you didn’t like that the fans wanted you to fight?

This makes no sense. The Aquarius in me is about to go there…..I’m sick of this show already, it has to get better! There I said it. No more Ms. Nice Guy, the devil will now be unleashed……


I truly believed Natalie really was going to just scream in her deep baritone voice, “I run Atlanta” or something else that is her brand of nonsense that has us shaking our head at her entertaining delusions of grandeur. It’s why some of us like her.

One thing I noticed is she gets under these ladies, and I use that term loosely, skin. She makes their patooties itch. Natalie bothers some women and it’s intriguing to watch. Rather than just let her say it, you react with strong opposition. If the b.s. she spews is not true, why does she bug you so much?

It’s like Christina is delusional too, and it’s not entertaining either, whew.

Christina you hit her first….and for no good reason….with a smirk on your face….we see you.

Do you see yourself? Why the hell are you so mad?

Natalie and Sarah go to another part of the house….Finally!

Christina is in her room with Seven still on 10 with no chance of bringing it down to the nine she is usually on.

Lol. This is a really angry woman. Girl what are you talking about, dang put on some dang gone lip stick and some blush and shut up already. She and Seven are talking.

Well mainly Christina is screaming about how she still looks good after being in a fight…..blah, blah, blah, while Seven listens. Seven says in her confessional she is going to get all the “tea”, well thank you Seven. With all the yelling and the overreacting, we are trying to figure out what the hell is going on. so your assistance is appreciated.

Yawl this is a lot. Is all this because Natalie started some drama with a makeup artist to slide camera time your way? And if it comes out you really had the audacity not to pay dude……giiiiiiirl, please tell me we are not treating our make-up artists like the help? Who the hell do you think you are if that’s true, Ms. Christina?

Meanwhile in another room Natalie is with the artist, Fantasy or Freedom, whoever the artist is, and she is telling Sarah, the “tea”. And because Sarah is quiet, we are able to get some sort of understanding from a pissed off Natalie about what the hell may be the issue.

See Sidney, it’s called supporting cast…..Sarah just nods and agrees while sitting pretty and daintily, waiting for her next opportunity to look like a deer in headlights! You already know how she do. She waits for someone to do something even remotely messed up and then she gets weepy eyed and starts whining and complaining, but at least we can see it. Its just makeup.

She waits for her chance to have legitimate camera time. Sarah is a pro, she realizes we need MORE. So she says LESS. I am tired of fussing at you because I like you Sidney. Do better. Take notes and watch a professional work by doing absolutely nothing but listening…..

Natalie is saying, Christina is a broke bumskie in so many words. Lol. Oh I’m wrong?

Well what the hell did she say cause, I’m confused, and at this point I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out with all the yelling my dyslexia is in full swing. I don’t care.

Christina, If you can’t afford to pay the price, do not procure the service. If the price is the $250, pay the $250. The way I understand it, a full face is $250. Dude. I think she said his name is Freedom, but I refuse to watch this episode one more time so its Freedom, gave a discount. So somebody who is willing to pay the price will be induced into coming back more often so he can have a repeat customer. It’s business….

What I can never understand how people will go to a store and pay whatever price required but want to bargain with the little guy….if you can’t afford the price, then it is what it is. You can’t afford the price. So you do your own makeup or something, you don’t insist on a hookup because some people will give you a left hook. Not me cause I don’t fight, I said some people. It’s there trade. It’s the way they eat. You’re trying to starve the little guy while feeding the corporations….it’s silly.

You look like a bumskie, please tell us they lying on you girl!

A classy woman lives within her means and just works harder for the things she wants; didn’t you grow up listening to Beyoncé? What was she doing all those kicks and gyrations for? She was trying to inspire your generation not to be bumskies. You look a whole mess out here…..

Now what I want to know is Christina a bumskie or nah?

Just kidding, I don’t need no issues because I like to clown, and unlike Christina I know better than to be claiming to be a fighter. I just defend myself, and whatever that means to you? It is what it is. ya dig? Now where was I…….

What the hell! It’s only 8 dang gone minutes into the show and despite it being the second episode…’s been all bad…..Forty more minutes to go…..let me move on…

Janelle you made a good point, see that’s why I love my Texas women, muaaah! Natalie may be bigger than Christina, but Christina is crazy, and you can’t win a fight with a crazy person. Or somebody like me. You gonna be screaming, “Get out the car and fight me!” and I just might overreact and run you over….fear is a powerful thing so leave me alone, lol.

Yeah, crazy or extremely rational, you never know with some people. So let me add a little wisdom from this Cali girl, to go along with that gem Janelle dropped on us. The best way to avoid a crazy fighting situation is to avoid crazy people. If I am at a function, I keep up with my purse, because I never know when I will have to grab it on the way out the door. No ma’am no need for me to catch a beat down or even worst a bullet, that is not intended for me, I live my life righteous….

What’s crazy fighting? When after a fight everybody watching and witnessing the mayhem says, “That’s was crazy!” Or something along those lines, yeah some of yawl just look plain crazy fighting…..knock it off silly rabbits. The devil will put you in a trick bag, so while you are like, “Where did I put my purse?” I’m humping it to the car, and leaving behind anybody who wants to go straight to hell with the other demons. Why wouldn’t I? And you should too. I stay amongst the righteous, The Bible says resist the devil, so whenever I see a commotion, I go the other way, ya dig? Even if I walk alone….If I wasn’t so broke and could afford an iPhone, I would ask for a cash app donation seeing how the game is to be sold, not told for free…….Aye! Let’s move on…….maybe when I get this thing monetized my advice will pay off for all parties involved.

What?! Oh heck no.

I know yawl not stealing flat irons are yawl?! They are like 10 bucks at Family Dollar, smh.

Let’s fast forward, If you miss something oh well…..Now when does the episode start to heat up? Because I can’t. I’m already at over two thousand words of straight doo doo…..


Judi’s trifling ass spit on Sidney and lives to tell the story like the punk she is. FOH.

All the riders die on their feet at a young age but this kneeling pig…… Judi will live forever.

Judi you suck. You are a trans-phobic hot mess in a tacky pink wig you, bozo. And since everybody has let you just get away with dissing Sidney, I am going to give you a piece of my mind because I am sick of the dumb stuff. Its ignorant and tired. Stop calling that lady a man you worthless whore.

Judi, shut up. If you ever see me in traffic you will never know it. I will zoom right on past you…..


Oh yes, I will flag her down. Im’ma say, “Hey Natalie I have been writing about you! I run a blog called” and when she says, “Never heard of it, now I gotta go? ” I won’t be offended, because of you. I don’t even want to be associated with you, because you are trash. What am I going to say? I like the show? But Sidney should of strangled you? I don’t advocate women be beaten to a pulp, even if you ask for it. Here I am taking the time to help you get publicity; you not only give me nothing, what little I can muster is some trifling disrespectful karmic demonic bull crap.

Hang in there Sidney. Judi, who raised you to think it’s acceptable behavior to spit on someone for no reason? Gross…..

I’m skipping, skipping, skipping.

PAUSE, <<<Rewind….

But if you ever run across the right one, Judi, if you spit on them, they better be on fire. That way you can justify the beat down you will take for doing something that disrespectful for absolutely no reason.

Did you hear me you cowardly punk, you?

They better had of spontaneously burst into flames leaving you no choice but to spit while bystanders rush to get water, you ding bat. Any self respecting woman would rather wind mill or throw a weak punch than go out this sad.

What’s wrong with you Judi?

Sidney is another woman too. The concept is groundbreaking. It’s suppose to be inclusive not devisive, you dummy. It’s suppose to be trendsetting……I can’t. It’s just plain ignorant. It’s a chance for yawl to get the gays, the guys, the dolls, etc. to tune in, and not boycott!!!!!

Are you trying to get the money, or sabotage the whole operation?

Yawl Judi is an idiot.

Just get rid of her next season, kick rocks Judi, cause you suck with yo wack ass. Keep going>>>>>>>>>>

Whew! Where else can I press go? My time is money, I could be putting out the Joseline’s Cabaret post because she understands beef is a broke B’s sport, but hell, if you knock it out the park, and are a heavy hitter consistently? The die -hards and the cult following psychos bring the money with the LOVE>>>>>>>>>FAST-FOWARD>>>>Oh yes, STOP, go back a bit, yeah I think we will end it here……

Tanisha Sits Down With The Baddies…….

They all sit down to talk it out. So you know what that means…..

YELL, OVERTALK, DEFLECT, PLAY DUMB…..did I miss anything?

Tanisha, at least you tried girl. It’s a train wreck that keeps getting derailed anytime they make progress…..

Christina is wasted, I suspect they all have been sipping on that “brown” but she is on another level. The beef is dumb. I’m ready to write a letter to Zeus Network with an invoice for all the FREE ADVICE……

It’s hair and make-up yawl! Start a go fund me for the bumskies and get it together.

They decide they need to work things out and need some leadership, accountability…..try some wisdom, kindness, and understanding mixed in with the ass whoopins! It’s hard to decipher…..

Whatever I missed I don’t care. I’m holding out hope the show will get better. I love all these women, real talk. But we haven’t partied once just fighting. I hate these women lol. Love or Hate is all I got. The in between went out the window when you allowed Judi to spit on another woman, and low blow her by calling her a man. It’s over for you Judi, and you were my favorite and I used to root for you because I thought you had a heart. You fooled me, and that is a rare occurrence.

Everybody told me to not recap this show but I LOVE the Bad Girls… disappointing you are still acting childish especially Judi. So if won’t nobody else hold you accountable I will. Stop disrespecting Sydney or Im’ma drag you by your stiff, “Party City”, pink wig all up and down this blog because I always try to choose peace, but your disrespect is insulting to my sense of decency. Our transwomen are being targeted and I refuse to let a woman stand alone like they do us…..We stand in solidarity with ALL women especially the ones that are being hunted and killed. There is enough hate without you adding to it. Now don’t make me go off again, TRANS LIVES MATTER, you dumb ass. Knock it off and grow up.

Could you all please hire, Bolo? Shiiiiiiit…..yawl should of had Porsha Williams on the show…..some of yawl just refuse to have fun…..

I was bored hope this post made the suffering easier. So we can’t wait to see what happens next week, it has to get better. Are you all watching the show? I am….Let’s support the Baddies! Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 3! Hang in there die hard’s I have faith in my fav’s, don’t you?

Well don’t leave me for dead, WE FAMILY! Check in on me from time to time…’s lonely supporting this show….

What are your thoughts?

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