Recap Of Baddies: ATL Season Premiere Episode One: “Reunited And It Feels So…BAD”

Okay this is what we fans of “Bad Girls Club” have been waiting for, the return of the original bad girls has been highly anticipated.

Did anyone see the series premiere of “Baddies: ATL”, on the Zeus Network? Well I did, and I will give you my opinion about the show as a whole at the end of this post.

If you are watching “Baddies: ATL” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching the first episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode one. Ready? Let’s get started……

Episode One: “Reunited And It Feels So…Bad”

So first up we are reintroduced to Natalie Nunn who is one of the most famous bad girls and like it or not she is synonymous with the “Bad Girl” brand. She says she is the baddest bitch that ever graced your t.v. and while that it is up for discussion you have to admit she is just as recognizable as a Joseline Hernandez or a Tiffany “New York” Pollard. If you don’t agree you are just a hater in my opinion.

She says her season of Bad girls Club is the only season that is still talked about still this day and I would beg to differ. Season 9 is infamous just for the reunion alone but we all know Natalie has a tendency to get besides herself. She looks good too and now she is a mom, wife and business woman now.

Well she has certainly found a way to keep herself relevant and is on a mission to monetize her fleeting reality star career. She gets it. Nothing lasts forever but she has used her notoriety to the fullest and stretched her fifteen minutes to an hour of fame. Congratulations on the show Natalie when everyone said you would drift into the abyss you have carved out a niche and are riding this cash cow until she runs dry. Well we are along for the journey girl!

Even though she is a West Coast native, something we both have in common, the show is set in Atlanta. And according to her she is about to run Atlanta pretty much the way she ran LA….um okay we see how running LA went for you, let’s see how this new venture will work out but something tells me Ms. Nunn is a one trick pony and let’s just hope it doesn’t grow old.

Next up is our favorite big bootied White woman, Sarah Oliver who is giving me the sinking feeling she is going to get on my nerves this season with the “Karen” routine. She is a native of Georgia, and appeared on three seasons of various “Bad Girl Club” franchises. I like Sarah when she was on “Bad Girls Club”, but what happened to turn her into the new millennial version of an hysterical rich White woman instead of the dingy firecracker she was on the show that made us root for her when she was beating girls faces in. She says she will never back down to house full of people, yes indeed Sarah, and that’s why we all grew to love you on the show.

Next up is the original Voodoo Priestess herself, Judi Jackson. Awww! Judi looks beautiful in her pictures they show as she tells what she has been up too in her hiatus from the now cancelled reality show, ‘Bad girls Club”. She was the star of season seven and definitely had the voodoo for the b****es on her season. Her beat down by Priscilla will go down in history as one of the bloodiest ass whoopins ever meted out on national syndicated television. But Judi took a lickin and kept on tickin, sacrificing her body like Jesus, for the viewer’s carnal pleasure. She says she writes music and is super poetic. She says she’s a world traveler and seems to be in good spirits, but you already know how Judi can be….

Now we are reintroduced to an alumnus of the final season of Bad Girls Club, Seven Craft from Maryland. Season 17 may have been somewhat of a dud, but Seven was one of the favorites of season 17 of “Bad Girls Club”. She says she doesn’t even know how to explain herself half the time. She says she is smart and cute, she enjoys being a mom and going with the flow. Seven looks the same and her body is banging despite her now being a mother. I like Seven and her laid back personality.

Next up is Christina Salgado one of the “thumpers” from season nine of “Bad Girls Club” but she says she has changed her ways a little bit but you still can’t try her. She happens to hate that the fans like that she fights, but if you hate it , why do you do it Christina?

Next we are reintroduced to Janelle Shanks from season 11 which was to me one of the worst seasons of “Bad Girls Club”. She was bullied unmercifully, but I am glad to see her looking very beautiful, I might add. She from Texas so you know I want to see her win since that is where I currently reside, Yee Haaa! Lol. She says the most important thing about her is that she’s that b***h.

Now we are introduced to the notorious Sidney Starr, the only transgendered woman on the show. And surprise, surprise, she was a “replacement for season nine of “Bad Girls Club”, who knew she even tried out? She says she wants the suck a n****a d**k from the back”….

Wait, excuse me?!!

Now we get to meet up with Tanisha Thomas who like Natalie has made her personal brand synonymous with the “Bad Girl” brand. She looks absolutely fantastic in her funeral attire. She looks younger than when she was on the show despite being on season two. Does she really need an introduction? Its been over a decade since she was on the show and she certainly has also done well for herself and kept herself fairly relevant and is still quite popular with the fans of the old show.

So apparently there has been a lot of beefing online but who are they fooling? We already know a lot of that was drama to drum up interest for the show. She is also a mother, and like us all, is sick of this God awful pandemic.

Natalie is excited to see what the other girls are looking like, how they are dressing, what’s the tea, she says, “This is gonna be fun”. Okay Natalie we are about to see what drama and excitement this show will bring us. Will this series live up to the hype and give us the drama that entertained the die hard fans of the now defunct “ Bad Girls Club?

After the intro…..

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the episode can anyone explain why all of the girls had on black attire and Natalie had on a pink dress that, I’m sorry, was hideous.

The house? Oh my God.

It’s massive! It’s an estate with a tennis court and everything. Yawl say what you want about Zeus Network but whoever gets their locations for their reality shows, be on point. This mansion is beautiful and elaborate. The “ Baddies” house is better than anything they ever had on the “Bad Girls Club” especially that last warehouse on the final season they tried to convince us was an actual house. We know a warehouse when we see one but this is palatial.

Natalie struts into the house rolling her suitcase into the house with a killer white cat suit and white pumps on. Now that’s a whole lot better Natalie!

She is now face timing Sarah because she is finally in the house. While she is talking to Sarah we get a glimpse of her brand of “eyelashes” in boxes, strategically placed in the scene. Natalie is smart. She knows the power of brand recognition.


Sarah says she and Natalie have known each other for a very long time. They fell out when she left her stranded in another country in 2015…well that was jacked up. Natalie says all the girls will be attending the upcoming photo shoot but she doesn’t know if Tanisha will show up. Janelle is stuck in a snow storm so they need to try to get her to the photo shoot as well.

They are in Atlanta and Sarah knows everybody in town so she says its about to be turnt up. Judi arrives at the house with a massive broom. Judi is so extra. She wonders if the house is haunted. She says the broom is because she is a witch and Natalie wonders if Judi is going to be up to her usual weirdo antics, lol.

Sarah arrives with her bag and hugs Natalie. They both tell her how nice the house is. And I agree the house is the bomb. Everybody has their own room but Judi.

{Record Scratch}

Wait a minute Natalie. You mean to tell me inside of this big ass sprawling mansion, you couldn’t find Sydney her own room without Judi? That’s mighty fishy seems like b.s. to me.

Judi wonders who she is sharing with. She doesn’t understand either, I mean the house has a pool, fitness center, all the bells and whistles and is ginormous, but of course she doesn’t put up a fuss. Sigh. Same ole Judi. Sarah has the biggest room in the house, but Judi has to share.

Judi is upset she is sharing a room with Sidney and calls her, “Vienna sausage” in her confessional. Shut up Judi. So you just going to make a transgender slur straight out the gate, huh? I hope this show doesn’t end up pissing me off.

Natalie is confused why Judy is upset she thought Judi and Sidney were friends. Apparently not, since she just talked about her already! Judi alludes to Sidney being an opportunist. Since she is new, according to Natalie, Sidney has to share a room. But despite some of the other girls appearing on the series after her, Judi doesn’t insist that she room with someone else. Sigh. Judi dang it please don’t tell me you are going to be a punk this season.

Christina and Sidney show up and Sidney is super thirsty to be in the Baddies house, she always wanted to be on the original show. Apparently being a “Baddie” is a dream come true. Natalie shows them their rooms. Natalie tells Sidney about the room situation. She is just happy to be there.

Christina likes her room, and Natalie tell us basically Christina doesn’t handle business. Christina ponders what Natalie is up to being so nice to her and giving her, her own room.

Sidney is upset to room with Judi but loves the room. She calls Judi a crazy person right off the bat. Whoa that was random. Natalie says “ Don’t give me no problems up in the room”. Just relax, Sidney you just got there.

Seven arrives she seems excited to see the house. She says her and Natalie are forming an relationship. Seven finds out Tanisha will not be staying at the house. Seven is going to call her, to get her to come to the photo shoot. Apparently her and Tanisha are cool.

Seven had apprehensions about appearing on the new show because she wanted to put the previous show behind her. That is a common sentiment a lot of the girls who appear on the old show expressed in interviews. Apparently the “ Bad Girls Club” show was stressful. But when the opportunity came to be a part of the new show she decided to do it. She saw it as an opportunity to promote her business. Seven will go over to Tanisha’s place and they will attend the photo shoot later.

We next see Seven arrive at the house that Tanisha is staying in. She says she agreed to do the show because of the offer she was given. Seven is glad she is on the show. Tanisha doesn’t know how things will go with Natalie so she is not in the house with the other girls despite being a cast member. She hasn’t seen or spoken to Natalie after a big blow up they had online. They have a long history of drama but she is ready for the photo shoot.

The Photo Shoot From Hell….

They head to the shoot. The other girls arrive to a studio dedicated to a photo shoot just for all of the Baddies. Everybody is being treated to hair, glam, a stylist and other amenities like a bar and a chef. Tanisha and Seven have not arrived yet but everybody is getting along and for some odd reason Sidney decides now is the time to start some s**t.

She asks Judi if she wants to know why she doesn’t like her. She says Judi did her dirty years ago by calling production of the “ Bad Girls Club” and telling them not to put Sidney on season nine. What? Why would Judi do that?

Judi denies this and also, why is Sidney is so animated? Why all the vitriol for something that happened so long ago and you are on the “ Baddies” show anyway? Why? Because Sidney is extra as all get out that’s why, whew!

She is screaming at Judi and putting her fingers in her face and it seemed like she was way too mad, way too suddenly. Girl calm the hell down! She goes on, and on, and on, and on….never giving it a rest or letting Judi have a real shot at a conversation with her, she just kept yelling.

Eventually all the other girls started ignoring her, and talking to each other despite her irrational yelling. It was just stupid. She wants the other girls to side with her against Judi and like Christina said, it wasn’t their business. But Sidney wont shut up with the contrived drama, girl we see straight through you and its screams of desperation. Do you really want to go out like this Sidney?

Judi says another slur and Natalie tells her not to say that. Judi, don’t push it. We happen to think all women deserve to be celebrated and respected, and trans-women are unique and special. Don’t diss her for being trans that’s just wack. Sidney is standing on a chair screaming at Judi….sigh.

They all start back ignoring her and talking to each other like she was barely there. Sidney says put on a condom because you are dirty b**** and then proceeds to throw a condom at her. I can’t. Sidney shut up, she just goes on. Judy screams back at her and they trade insults. When Sidney says that Judi threatened to boycott the original show if she was on it Judi is pissed. She is eluding it is because she is trans.

Tanisha arrives in her funeral attire for the photo shoot, just in case she has to bury a bitch and she looks casket sharp. Tanisha looks great!

Sarah starts complaining that she has to go last and is making a big deal despite being told by Seven she could go ahead of her but she elected not to go for some reason. I don’t know maybe she wasn’t finished with hair and makeup yet. Now she is irritating the other girls because she is whining that she has to go last and that she always has to go last. Whew, I already see that Sarah is going to tap dance on my last nerve this season with her entitled whining. It doesn’t help that the cosmetic work is giving her face a permanent pout.

She still looks good and has a nice physique, but Sarah may want to lay off with 50 million the facial injections because her face looks swollen like she just got a fresh squeeze of Botox pushed in to pad her face and especially her lips. That is in conjunction with the voice of an eight year old and is highly exasperating my patience. Basically some of these girls are trying too hard to get camera time and it’s way too transparent. So that’s the strategy, yawl are going to just give us a predictable script to follow with made up drama and horrible acting?

She and Natalie begin to argue right away. Tanisha feels threatened despite having a bottle of what appears to be champagne in her hand. They squash it and take the pictures. They all look nice Tanisha thinks they all look a mess. Why is Judi posing with her legs gaped open on the floor?

Sarah is mad because Natalie and the other girls want to face time Janelle who has yet to show up because she is stuck in a snow storm trying to still make it to the shoot. She wants them to stand and watch her take pictures because apparently she needs moral support. Really Sarah?

How would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot and the girls left you for dead and didn’t check on you? Stop it with the “Karen” act, its getting old quick, trust me. They try to check on Janelle, but Sarah keeps insisting they watch her so in the middle of the call, Natalie simply hangs up on Janelle in order to appease Sarah. Well that was rude. Tanisha is shocked and understandably highly annoyed.

They are all drinking while Sarah is shooting. Janelle is back on the line telling the girls she will be arriving soon; Tanisha lets her know they have to get back to Sarah’s shoot. She mistakenly says Sarah was the one that disconnected the call before she could be gotten back on the line, then she quickly realizes the slip and says she meant to say it was Natalie who hung the phone up.

Now remember, Sarah is in the middle of the her photo shoot, but overhears the conversations the other girls are having. She is upset at what Tanisha said despite her correcting herself. Sigh. Yeah this show needs to do better the drama is feeling rather put on so its putting me out.

They take pictures together as a cast, and Sarah is even mad that the photographer positioned her on the end for the cast photo. Giiiiiiirl!

The shoot wraps up, and Tanisha goes up to Natalie before she leaves and says while she is leaving for now, eventually they will have to have a talk about the beef between them two. Tanisha is tired of Natalie wanting her ass kissed. Natalie says the beef is because they both had conflict from them trying to get the girls back together for the show but they both had different approaches on how they would go about doing that and this led to conflict.

They argue, and of course Natalie over talks her. They agree to talk the next day despite Tanisha feeling messed over, but Natalie feels she is the one that is wronged. She just was trying to make the money. They finally end it with Tanisha walking away because they will talk tomorrow. Natalie cries and has to be consoled by a production member.

She feels misunderstood. She argues with the other girls on her way out, as she expresses her frustration, despite it having absolutely nothing to do with her, Sidney keeps chiming in trying to console a complaining Natalie. Its too much. Sidney seems to think she was the one who got the ball rolling for Natalie and Tanisha’s disagreement. Girl their beef has nothing to do with you. OMG.

Christina you did a good impression of Tanisha in your confessional, lol.

Natalie wants the other girls to understand she is upset that Tanisha talked about her and her family on LIVE, but according to her Natalie did the same thing to Tanisha, and we can believe that. Natalie has the tendency to be a little bit of a hypocrite.

Natalie even said Tanisha told people she faked having the Covid-19. There goes Sidney, interrupting Natalie’s tirade trying to get camera time making it about her. Natalie threatens to beat Tanisha’s ass if she doesn’t get it together and she says this to the other girls before she leaves.

The next day……

They are all getting ready for the event of the day. They are all getting fly for the day in their rooms. Natalie goes to Sarah’s room to vent about the photo shoot and Tanisha. Sarah calls Tanisha untrustworthy. Natalie is tired of the up and down relationship the two have. Sarah feels Tanisha is somewhat fake. She doesn’t know where they stand. We don’t care so let me move this along…..

Natalie is going to have her “glam team” provide her with full make up but only will “touch up” the other girls. Do you see the drama coming? Now why would you get full make up just for you Natalie? Sarah doesn’t care but knows the other girls will be pissed.

Janelle finally lands in Atlanta and gets to the Baddies house but she does not have her luggage from the plane it has been delayed.


That’s my worst nightmare to arrive at a vacation with no clothes but the ones I am travelling in . But Natalie assures her she can have access to her things until Janelle’s arrive and oh since she is so sad about not having her bags, she will make the exception and let her team do her full make up but not the other girls. Do you see the drama being set up?

Janelle says before she arrived she saw that the girls were already online beefing and they had only been in the house a day. She looks dejected. I feel you girl. All that traveling you want to be able to put on the outfits and use the things you selected and packed specifically for your trip not be treated like a charity case while the others have their things. But Janelle looks good, she really is a beautiful girl.

Janelle goes to her room, and Natalie tells her the girls are already all there except that Tanisha is elsewhere. Janelle wonders who Sydney is and Natalie tells her about her, and Janelle calls it charity to have her there.


Christina is pissed that the only girls that get the full treatment is Natalie and Janelle. Surprise, surprise….

She is screaming in the hallway that its messed up. She touches the makeup artist’s makeup without permission according to Natalie. They both get into a screaming match because Christina asks the artist to do her makeup when he is done with Janelle.

Now Natalie is screaming that Christina didn’t pay the guy the last time he did her makeup. Christina tells her to shut the eff up and goes upstairs into the room where Natalie and Janelle are being serviced by Natalie’s team so she could confront Natalie instead of them screaming insults between floors.

Christina now gets into a screaming match with the artist as well about him claiming he wasn’t paid by her. She says he is a liar. They are being pulled apart from getting into each other’s faces and the other girls like Sarah, stand around watching the melee. Christina walks downstairs and complains to Seven about Natalie. The glam team continues working on the two women upstairs.

Natalie is complaining to Sarah now that her glam is done, about Christina. She says the guy had to chase Christina over the 250 dollars owed for make up and comes to confront her when the artist verified Christina didn’t pay the money. They argue again face to face. Christina checks her for barging in her room. Things get heated and they are faced to face arguing. They then start to fist fight. The episode ends…..

Okay in my opinion the show can only go up from now on. We will give it a chance because it is just the first episode and we love the old show so much but the episode was a little dry for me. I expected to see much more growth because the ladies are older now and have progressed in life. But like I said we will give it another chance to give us more next week.

Did you catch the premiere? Don’t worry my Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta recap for the latest episode is coming out shortly. I got a little behind now that I have two shows I am recapping. Feel free to leave a comment and check me out next week for my recap of episode 2!

What are your thoughts?

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